Published: April 15, 2015

    Customers Care About Their Home Filtration

    An industry leader in high-performing, eco-friendly water treatment solutions, Pelican has established a well-deserved reputation for delivering quality, reliable products and service. If you want to get a sense of Pelican’s dedication to quality and service, look no further than our customers. Check out the following comments from some of our satisfied customers and see why Pelican stands out from the competition.

    Great Product! – “We love our new unit and it has cut down on the work I have to do to keep the calcium deposits off of sinks, glass shower doors, and inside toilets. Having a Bed and Breakfast I do a lot of cleaning and I would recommend the Pelican Water System to anyone who has hard water.” – Jackie Hall, Merced, CA; Mar 12, 2015

    Great Filters! – “We are very pleased with both of our whole house filters- fluoride and carbon. These filters are an exceptional value and quality, easy to install and great technical support. Thanks for everything!” – Tom Usakowski, Grand Rapids, MI; Mar 08, 2015

    Great Household Addition! – “We’re very satisfied with our whole house carbon filtering. We didn’t want to shower with chlorine and wanted to do everything we could to insure the purest water both for ourselves and our daughter and grandchildren. We live in a duplex and now have peace of mind re. water quality. We also purchased the Pelican RO system to remove fluoride. I installed that system under our sink. The installation of both units was straight forward without any leaks. I would recommend buying the fitting accessory kit along with the PC600/PC1000. It made things a lot easier.” – Paul Seifert, WI; Mar 05, 2015

    Great Experience! – “I called to purchase a whole house system and the salesman was knowledgeable and informative. I was presented with options and helped to make the right one.” – Juan, Round Rock, TX; Mar 05, 2015

    Frameless Shower – “We recently updated our main bath and added a tempered glass enclosure that turned out absolutely beautiful, but we were concerned with water spotting due to the municipal water supply. The Pelican system has more than met our needs and was simple to install.” – Chet, Endicott; Feb 24, 2015

    Entirely Satisfied! – “I am happy with my new filter system. It is less work that the water softener and does a better job throughout my house. It is better for the environment.” – Ginny Seabrook, Green Valley, AZ; Feb 24, 2015

    Best Product Out There! – “Have had my whole house system now for over 2 years. It’s been working perfectly, as I have expected. There is no other system like PELICAN.” – Jim Nelson, Roseville, Mn; Feb 21, 2015

    Great Customer Service! – “I received an email about your one day sale so I called the number in the ad. Richard Steele answered my call. I had several questions about your product which I had researched and he was extremely helpful. I told him that I could not afford to do the whole house combo which was my first choice, but I was interested in the whole house filter to start with. He explained to me how to add the softener later when I was ready. He had several suggestions and explanations on the installation and care. He was very patient and very helpful. I very much appreciated his help.” – Richard Kahler, Phoenix, Arizona; Feb 21,2015

    Products You Can Count On

    At Pelican, we maintain an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction. This high standard is reflected in each of our high-performing, top-quality products, which provide cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions to common water problems. At the same time, we also provide exceptional customer service from an attentive staff of professionals, who go the extra mile to provide guidance to each and every customer.

    Let us provide you and your family with clean, safe, delicious drinking water. Invest in a Pelican home filtration system and see why our loyal customers are talking so positively about their Pelican experience.