Published: June 13, 2017

    How to Combat Florida’s Increasing Water Shortage Issues

    Florida’s chronic water shortages are only projected to worsen in the coming years. According to a new study entitled “Water 2070” as the population of the booming state rises from 20 million people to 35 million people more effective methods of water conservation and usage are required to avoid dire circumstances.

    Water consumption across the state is projected to reach 8 billion gallons per day by 2070. Peggy Carr, a University of Florida professor who contributed to the study, stated, “If we continue as we are, we’re going to have some severe problems, some severe shortages.” The increase in population is only one aspect of the problem – currently Florida is experiencing a devastating drought that has left many wells and water sources running dry.

    Florida is in the middle of the worst wildfire season it has seen in six years. The extreme drought throughout Southwest Florida has caused more wildfires to spread, which in turn necessitates a greater usage of water to limit damage and combat the wildfires directly.

    If Cape Coral or other municipalities in Southwest Florida decide to switch to a different water supply the costs for families would increase by 400 to 500%, according to Cape Coral Water Production Manager Andrew Fenske. The worsening drought in Florida reaffirms how important water conservation practices are for all households in the area.

    As summer ramps up, consider implementing these easy and practical water conservation tips:

    • Turn off water during tooth brushing -This can save 30 gallons per day in a household.
    • Only use dishwashers and washing machines for full loads. Also, do not pre-rinse dishes, as this also wastes water. Lemi Shine Dishwasher Detergent can be used to boost the effectiveness of your dishwasher. With a clothes washer, do not use permanent press because this adds five gallons for the added rinse.
    • Add weight to your toilet tank. Putting an inch of sand or pebbles in two plastic bottles can reduce water waste. Fill the bottles to the top with water, and place in the toilet tank. This can save up to 10 gallons per day, per toilet.
    • Install a water-saving showerhead that uses 2.5 gallons per minute or less. These drought-conscious options are easy to install. Our Pelican Premium Shower Filter saves water, and removes harmful chlorine. Also, set a timer so you only shower for 7 – 10 minutes.
    • Replace your salt-based water softener with a modern water softener alternative with salt free technology. Salt-based softeners waste approximately 150 gallons of water per week. You can conserve a substantial amount of water with a Pelican Water water softener alternative, which generates zero water waste.
    • Don’t water your lawn during the day. Many cities and counties throughout Florida have outlawed daytime lawn watering, as it wastes a great deal of water due to fast evaporation. Water your lawns once a week, and do so early in the morning or after the sun has set.
    • Invest in low-flow appliances that naturally conserve water. We just published a guide to the best conservation-friendly appliances on the market. Read it here.

    Take these steps today to help Florida conserve as much water as possible.