Published: February 12, 2018

    Is Cold Water Better for You Than Room Temperature Water?

    If you’re wondering what temperature water provides the most benefits to the body, first congratulate yourself for choosing the most healthy drink option – water is great for staying hydrated and maintaining optimal health no matter what the temperature.

    Of course, when it comes to drinking a glass of filtered water some people prefer crisp, cold ice water while others swear by room temperature still water. Is either option significantly better for your health? As with most scientific questions, the answer is “it’s complicated.” Choosing cold water versus room temperature water will vary based on the situation.


    If you’re going to be breaking a sweat at the gym and want your core body temperature to remain stable for as long as possible bring a reusable bottle full of ice cold water. It may seem intuitive that cold water will help you cool down faster when exercising, and this logical assumption is rooted in science.

    Your body expends energy when “warming” cold water to be used throughout your bodily systems. This process releases energy in the form of heat and helps your body self-regulate when you’re undergoing a grueling workout. A sports nutrition study published in 2012 determined that drinking cold water helped maintain core temperature longer for nearly half of the participants.

    Weight Loss

    Because your body uses energy to bring the temperature of cold water closer to its internal temperature many people believe that drinking cold water will assist in weight loss. Technically, this is true, but the amount of calories burned is only 8 calories per cup of cold water.

    This means that if you consumed all cold water for one day (at least 8 glasses worth) you would only burn 64 more calories than you would if you consumed room temperature water. That said, drinking any type of water aids in weight loss because water contains zero calories. Switching from fruit juice or soda to water during meals will have a drastic effect if you’re trying to lose weight.


    Here we have clear winner: room temperature water is better suited for aiding digestion in the body. Cold water can make your blood vessels shrink, which restricts your body’s ability to digest food. For this reason you should opt for room temperature water during meals, especially if you have digestive issues like IBS or constipation.

    Room temperature water breaks down food in the stomach faster, keeping your digestion going at a steady pace. Drinking a room temperature or warm glass of water can also help your headache go away faster – stay hydrated and avoid cold drinks when you have a migraine.

    Water Is Always the Best Option

    While some situations demonstrate a clear need for one temperature over the other, most of the time you can decide based on your personal preference. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day provides plenty of health benefits no matter the temperature.

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