Published: March 1, 2011

    Champion Canine Frisbee Champion Gets ‘Paws’ on Combo System

    Living in north Georgia we have some of the hardest water in the United States. The average water hardness with county water or city water ranges from 10 to 25 on the hardness scale. However, my local area in the counties water comes directly from a local spring and or hardness is 155. After living in my new home, which we built over 10 years ago, it has been a consistent battle with a tremendous build-up and white crusty scale on everything from the tile shower floor, shower glass doors, and sink faucets in the bathroom, kitchen, and shower. The build-up was so great that it has to be scrubbed, scrapped and flaked off the faucets, shower nozzles, and even my tile show floor and drains, which takes hours of back breaking work.

    As a professional dog trainer it is important that the water that my canine athletes drink water free of harmful contaminants and bought bottled water when traveling. Since my dog’s travel all across the USA I had already been using filter water for my dogs when traveling and performing, but never considered the benefits of filtering our own county water for my own house because there was no signs of red iron stains which I was used to in the well water in Michigan where I grew up.

    After switching to the NaturSoft® and Water Filter Combo from Pelican Water the results were amazing for me, my husband, and my dogs after drinking and bathing in the water for as little as just 60 days. My dog’s coats are even softer, shinier, fuller, and the dry flaky skin, even during the winter months, all our symptoms have diminished drastically. Since my canine athletes are consistently on camera performing Canine Disc, Dog Agility, Dock Diving, and Dog Obedience it is extremely important that my dogs’ coats look as healthy as possible and they are healthy for traveling. Well, it worked my dogs coats are so shiny, full, and soft with no dry flakey skin. So, no more dull unhealthy coats for my dogs or even me for that matter.

    My itchy sever dry skin, especially during the winter months, has become so much easier to manage with just a basic lotion. Before I had been visiting my dermatologist, about every 2 weeks for sever itchy, dry, flaky, skin. Every winter my hands would actually chaff because they were so dry. The sever itching and dry flaky skin had been so bad that my medicine cabinet was filled of every over the counter and prescription moisturizing lotion on the market. All of the prescription strength moisturizing lotions only helped some, but boy after switching to the Water Softener Alternative NaturSoft® and Filter Combo from Pelican it was like night and day to all of our skin and hair. We switched in mid-winter and it is truly amazing how now my skin seems even healthier and the dryness is nearly gone and now easy to manageable. The positive effect of the NaturSoft® Water Softener and Filter Combo has all of the benefits of a salt water softener, without the additional monthly cost of adding salt. It does not even use electricity to run the softener and filter, which also saves money compared to the average salt softener and water filters. What is great is you can take a show without the slimy salt feeling of never being able to feel like you have rinsed the salt off. Of course, it is even better that now you can even drink the water without worrying about the salty taste, besides helping the environment without releasing all of that salt

    Thank you Pelican Water because just after using the Pelican Filter and NaturSoft® Combo for 60 days now, my husband has no signs of gout returning, which has been a constant battle for several years. Now, I can comb my hair without gobs and gobs of conditioner. The hard water crusty white build up has disappeared and cleaning my show, shower door, and faucets are a breeze and takes 75% less cleaning time.

    So, thank you for one of the best family house investments we have ever made to better our health, my dog’s health, and yes, no more dry flaky skin in my house.