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Celebrate World Environment Day with Positive Environmental Action!

June 5th is World Environment Day(WED)! This special day is an effort by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action for our precious environment.

Over the years, WED has grown into a global outreach program that is marked in more than 100 countries. It also is ‘the people’s day’ for taking positive action for the environment. By taking individual actions collectively, all world citizens can have an exponential, positive impact on planet Earth.

World Environment Day 2014

Make a Stand for the Environment With a Pelican Water Salt-Free Water Softener

This year on WED, take action in a way that benefits the environment and family simultaneously. A great option is the Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener System. This high-tech, no electricity, whole house softener system removes the minerals from solution and prevents hard water scale…the calcium and magnesium that builds up as ‘scale’ inside dishwashers, washing machines and hot water heaters. These deposits damage appliances, reduce their effectiveness and waste electricity (not to mention clog showerheads and faucets).

Pelican’s leading salt-free system softens water without dumping environmentally-harmful salt brine into the local water supply. This salt brine is so harmful to the environment; some local governments have banned salt-based water softening systems. This salt-free system uses no electricity, wastes no water, and requires no salt. It prevents harmful hard water scale from the water without any salt or chemicals, by taking varying amount of minerals from solution through precipitation as well as reducing the water’s surface tension

The result? ‘naturally” softened water throughout the house that leaves hair and skin soft, and improves the efficiency of water-using appliances, including water heaters, while leaving beneficial minerals in the water.

The affordable Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener System is an excellent way to celebrate World Environment Day, and provide the whole family with green-friendly naturally softened water.

Also Consider A Pelican Water Whole House Water Filter System

Another excellent option for WED is a Pelican Whole House Water Filter System. This no water-waste, no-electricity system filters harmful chemicals and waterborne contaminants from the home water supply. It provides the whole family with cleaner, delicious filtered water. Water with reduced chlorine leaves skin and hair softer and is healthier to drink.

A big environmental advantage of a Pelican Water filtration system: It cuts down on the need to buy bottled water! Used water bottles pollute the precious environment. And by the way, a typical $1 bottle of water often contains purified tap water, and costs dozens of times more than the equivalent amount from a home water filter system.

So whether you invest in a salt-free water softener system, a water filtration system, or even a Combo system, you can take action this WED in a way that is both environmentally and family friendly.

Pelican Combo System Salt-Free Water Softener Whole-House Water Filter