Published: April 22, 2014

    Celebrate Earth Day in Your Home: Switch to a Water Softener Alternative

    planet-earthWater is vital to life and crucial to keeping our people and planet healthy. Earth Day is a great opportunity for us to examine our household water habits and the impact they have on the environment.  For example, it is important to look after your health and the health of your family by filtering your drinking water.

    Pelican Water is the market leader in water softener alternatives and as such is firmly committed to creating products for your home than not only allow you to have cleaner, safer water for drinking, but our products are all environmentally friendly too! A big part of this is our NaturSoft® water softener alternative and water filtration systems.

    Did you know that other conventional water softeners use certain chemical salts that can lead to pollution? The salts are added to the water while removing beneficial minerals.  In fact, several cities across the country have launched efforts to regulate or ban salt-water softeners, while others have introduced a range of incentives to discourage their use.

    There are also issues with salt-based water filtration systems.  The salt tank is flushed to restore it regularly, generating brine wastewater that is subsequently dumped into sewers.  This process wastes between 70 and 300 gallons of water every week, plus the byproducts such as calcium carbonate and sodium can also decrease the effectiveness of water treatment plants.  That means salty water can escape proper treatment and is fed into local aquifers where its high salinity makes the water dangerous when used for irrigation.

    If Earth Day has motivated you to make your home a little more eco-friendly, a water softener alternative can help you stop the production of salinated wastewater without giving up softer water, cleaner dishes, tastier mineralized drinking water, and brighter laundry. Salt-free, eco-friendly water filtration options such as those developed by Pelican Water filter your water so it’s safer for drinking, preserving the essential minerals in natural water that help keep your body and bones strong. It also softens hard water to reduce residue on dishes and keep your clothes from getting dingy.

    Healthier water that is better for you and doesn’t dump thousands of gallons of wastewater full of briny pollutants that harm the local ecosystem every year – that’s what converting from a salt to a water softener alternative and filtration system offers. If you want a simple, low-maintenance, cost-effective change for your home to make it dramatically more Earth friendly, check out the products at Pelican Water today!