Water Testing

Hundreds of Homes in Chicago Tested Positive for Dangerous Levels of Lead

The general American public has become increasingly aware of the dangers lurking in their public drinking water systems following reports around the country of contaminated water. Lead, which is considered one of most dangerous and potentially lethal water contaminants, has been plaguing Flint for years and continues to surface in more and more cities around […]

Major Bottled Water Brands Test Positive for Plastic Particles in Bottled Water

In a large scale investigation Orb Media has revealed that more than 90% of the name brand bottled water samples they tested contained a significant amount of microplastics. An average amount of 10 plastic particles per liter were found in the 250 water bottles purchased from 9 different countries. For this measurement, each particle counted […]

Virginia Public Schools Will Now Be Required to Test Water for Lead

Lead has become a national concern – more research is focusing on the degrading water infrastructure in the United States, and we are quickly realizing how harmful the lead pipes installed in the early 20th century are becoming. As CNN reported last year, 5,300 water systems across the country currently violate lead rules that protect […]

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DEQ Testing Reveals Lead in Water of 20 Percent of Arizona Schools

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has begun testing schools throughout the state for potential lead in drinking water. Once screening ends, over 14,000 drinking water samples from 7,000 school buildings will be tested. So far, only 118 schools have been tested in a pilot project, but the results are concerning. According to the DEQ, […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Well Water Testing

Do you know what’s in your water? Municipal water users in cities and towns generally have access to their area’s annual water report, which breaks down the levels of contaminants and minerals present in the local water supply. If an issue is found, generally the public is alerted immediately and steps are taken to resolve […]