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Water Based Softeners

Water hardness is a common issue that can plague homes with problems ranging from broken down appliances to scale on plumbing and dishware. Treating hard water is simpler than ever with modern water softening technology, but common water softeners that are salt-based have an overall negative impact on the environment. At Pelican Water we pride […]

Nothing can complicate your monthly trip to the store quite like a 40-pound bag of sodium or potassium chloride. Lugging these heavy bags to your home is a complete hassle, and refilling your brine tank every week is a chore that eats up hours and hours of time during the lifespan of your salt-based water […]

When you opt to purchase a salt-based water softener you aren’t simply going to pay for the unit. Over the average 10-to-15-year life cycle of your salt-based water softener you will also incur three primary expenses: salt bags, routine maintenance, and the additional cost of paying for your water twice (once as it enters your […]

What Your Salt Softener Company Isn't Telling You

Why did you buy a water softener? Chances are you’d either read about or experienced the negative effects of hard water. Scale buildup leaves residue on your water heater, appliances, and on your plumbing fixtures. Soaps and detergents become less effective. The high count of minerals in your drinking water caused multiple problems, and you […]

Bottled Water: How Much Are You Really Paying?

If you’ve read any of the blogs here at Pelican Water you’re probably aware of the negative impact bottled water has on the environment. Over 38 billion water bottles (108 times the US Population!) are thrown away (not recycled) in the United States alone every year, generating an almost unfathomable amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste. […]