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What Happens When Outdated Salt Softener Technology Is Replaced With Salt-Free

Most Americans (approximately 89%) deal with hard water in their home. The standard solution to this predicament has long been a salt-based water softener. But, as concerned families may know, many areas of the country have effectively banned salt-based water softeners as a health and environmental hazard. Right away, this raises questions: what properties of […]

7 Signs You Need A Water Softener

89% of Americans are currently drinking and using hard water. If you’re unsure what hard water is, you’re not alone. Hard water is tap water that has a high mineral count, hence the term “hard.” Water with a high mineral count can cause damage to appliances, dishware, and more. Worse, the mineral deposits that can […]

what size water softener do i need

It’s a question Pelican’s customer service staff field with some frequency: What size water softener do I need? It’s also a fair question—you don’t want to purchase a water softener that is insufficient to the task, but you don’t want to pay for a softener with unnecessary capacity. To understand how to go about sizing […]

At Pelican, we’re often asked why we’re so proud of our salt-free water softeners. We offer several answers. Salt-free softeners are better for the environment, produce no briny wastewater, and are less costly to maintain because you don’t have to purchase salt to regenerate the water softener tank. This leads to another question—exactly how much […]

I hate hard water mineral deposits with every fiber of my being. That’s not an exaggeration—I loathe the dirty brown stains that develop on my faucets and in my sinks, mocking me with their stubborn refusal to budge. When it came time to choose a water filtration system for the home, I selected a point […]