Water in the News

Announcing Our Connected Salt Level Sensor

When scale build-up, appliance breakdowns, and soap scum take their toll, you decide enough is enough. It’s time to reduce the minerals in your hard water and kiss that calcium and magnesium goodbye. Many homeowners turn to the ingenuity of a salt water softener to exchange the mineral ions of calcium and magnesium with sodium. […]

Find Your Ideal Water Quality Solution

After you shower, your skin feels dry and flaky. You may smell chlorine that accompanies the steam. You sense that something is “off” with your water and that you may need a water filter to resolve it. Another homeowner is consistently finding hard water scale on their fixtures, dishes, and inside water-using appliances. Would you […]

Tips for Getting Your Vitamin D and Staying Hydrated if You Work Remotely

“Being a remote worker is amazing,” you tell yourself as you take another conference call in sweatpants. But when you’re comfortable at home, you may neglect essential parts of your health, from getting enough sunlight to drinking plenty of H2O. Here are our favorite creative ways to help you stay hydrated and productive while working […]

5 Fruit-Infused Water Recipes to Try This Summer

A simple walk around the block with Fido has you sweating and turning red. Those dog days of summer are upon us and, with them, the need to cool off. We preach the importance of staying hydrated at Pentair Pelican Water, and one creative way to replenish your fluids is to try a few of […]

Can Filtered Water Improve the Taste of Cocktails?

Shaken, stirred, on the rocks — your favorite cocktail, whether it be a standard Old Fashioned or a classic margarita, wouldn’t be the same without its signature ice. As you savor your cocktail over dinner or while catching up with friends, the diluted ice can roughly make up 25% of what you’re drinking, according to […]