Water 101

New Investigation Reveals Concerning Levels of Arsenic in Bottled Water

Arsenic — popularly known as an odorless, tasteless poison in literature and lore — is a chemical element that is popping up the last place you’d expect: in bottled water. Consumer Reports Sounds Alarm on Arsenic in Bottled Water Consumer watchdog organization Consumer Reports recently released bombshell reports that are sadly unsurprising to water quality […]

Fruits and Veggies with the Most Pesticide Contamination

For families around the country a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle is to avoid processed foods and eat more produce. Salads, fruits, vegetables, and natural foods contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help fight disease and keep our body working properly. However, due to the way farms grow and harvest produce many […]

Can the Water Infrastructure in Phoenix Outrun a Drought?

Droughts happen all the time, but the persistent drought in the American Southwest is historic. A combination of climate change and patterns in arid areas has placed populations in desert cities in vulnerable positions. The city of Phoenix is facing dwindling water supplies, and is trying to act fast to avoid a future without water. […]

How Often Should I Drain My Water Heater?

Draining a water heater is imperative if you want your water heater to deliver the best performance. The reason why we must drain water heaters on a regular basis is simple: sediment and minerals like lime and calcium collect at the bottom of the water heater over time. What Happens If I Don’t Drain My […]

How to Safely Turn Snow & Ice Into Drinking Water

In the winter we are surrounded by nearly drinkable water supplies in the natural world: snow and ice are everywhere! Mountaineers and hikers exploring cold environments should master the essential skill of converting snow and ice into drinking water to remain hydrated on longer journeys. Is It Safe to Eat Snow or Ice? A small […]