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Thanksgiving Sides

When preparing for the annual Thanksgiving feast, it’s tempting to rely on staple dishes in your repertoire to make a reliably tasty meal. But your family is bound to tire of the same casseroles and side dishes if you eat the same things year after year.

Whether you’re a home-brewing expert or a first-time dabbler in do-it-yourself beer, you’ll know that water is an integral part of the brewing process. You may not realize, however, how drastically different your final brew can taste based on the type of water you choose to use. Most people that set out to brew their […]

Sure, the holidays have come and gone, but while it’s still cold outside you have every reason to spice up your winter wine with a fun mulled wine. Mulled wine recipes, with their warmth and signature spicy kick, mix the pungent aromas and flavors of cider, hot cocoa, and rich wine to deliver a unique […]

steaming pot and cooking pot

Steaming and boiling are both basic cooking methods that come up time and time again in the kitchen. Certain foods, primarily vegetables, eggs, and seafood, can be boiled or steamed with seemingly similar results. As many recipes specify while others leave the choice up to you, the question becomes: Which is healthier? Steaming or boiling? […]

plates of food made from winter recipes

Hearty oatmeal, cauliflower, and beetroot meals For most of the US, when winter really knuckles down and gets to work it’s time to make some healthy, hearty meals to warm us up. With this in mind we’ve selected three hearty meals to keep the frosty winds at bay—even the salad beats the winter blues with […]