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Unless you work in the tech industry or live in the UK you probably don’t know what the acronym NFC stands for. In fact, even if you live in the UK you likely have no idea what we’re referring to, so let’s provide context: NFC, or Near Field Communication, is an emerging technology that allows […]

do not drink water

Detroit Schools Fear Heavy Metal Contamination Lead contamination in drinking water has been dominating the headlines for years, and now another Michigan city other than Flint is experiencing widespread confirmation of heavy metals contaminating public drinking water. To the horror of parents across Detroit elevated levels of copper and lead have been detected in dozens […]


With the arrival of fall comes the opportune window of time to take care of your yard and prep the lawn properly to survive the frost of winter. We recently covered our top lawn care tips for the fall, with the first and most important bit of advice being to fertilize your lawn. The general […]

  We spend our days at Pelican Water filtering, purifying, and protecting the planet’s most precious resource: water. The “go green” initiative at Pelican Water was born from our passion for the environment and conservation. As we developed our products we sought methods that would save energy and eliminate salt and chemical discharge while softening […]

drinkable water

Water is our planet’s most precious and vital resource. If you read the Pelican Water blog you’ll run across this maxim countless times, but how much do you really appreciate pure, filtered water? In developed countries around the world we often don’t think about the immense amount of planning, treatment, and work that goes into […]