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After reading about the incredible technology behind Pelican Water’s filtration systems I couldn’t wait to train using their filtered water. It has been 3 months since I’ve been drinking Pelican Water’s refreshing filtered water, and I have to say it’s been nothing but rewarding. Two weeks ago I returned home from Spain, where I always […]

Pelican Water Scholarship Winner Entries

After the success of our photo submission contest in the fall we decided to expand the scope of the spring 2018 College Scholarship Contest. We know many students read or hear about the benefits of water conservation, but we wanted our scholarship winners to provide actionable steps and inspiration for a new generation of conservationists. […]

You’ve likely seen some horrific images, whether in commercials, documentaries, or on social media, of a helpless bird or sea creature tangled in a web of plastic. Plastic and chemical pollution are among the leading causes of our oceans’ frightening drop in biodiversity, and the problem is only poised to become worse. According to a […]

In the wake of the ongoing lead contamination crisis in Flint, MI, many families have become increasingly aware of the harmful effects of lead and how much lead appears in the natural world and in our homes. Before the full extent of lead’s toxicity was known much of the population was exposed to lead through […]

By John Arias As a professional cyclist for over ten years, I’m always searching for new ways to improve my cycling performance as well as my personal health. Sometimes, there is only so much you can do to control what you put in and perhaps on your body. This time, I was looking beyond my […]