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In April of 2017, California governor Jerry Brown ended the state’s drought emergency after years of water-cutting measures. Low snowfall, limited rain, and record-setting temperatures suggest that any relief the state enjoyed as a result may have been short lived. According to a report by the U.S. Drought Monitor on February 1st, 2018, forty-four percent […]

Water is such a basic need that we often take it for granted. If you live in a community with exceptionally high water quality or if you rely on a whole house filtration system to deliver fresher, cleaner water to your tap you may not realize that water quality is far from guaranteed in other […]

The presence of lead in Pittsburgh water lines is an ongoing problem, with the latest water samples reported by the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) demonstrating the city’s water is once again in noncompliance with the federally-mandated threshold of 15 parts of lead per billion. An Ongoing Problem The report, released on 22 January […]

Residents in Jacksonville may find themselves confused regarding the water quality in their sprawling city. Many local citizens complain about the subjective water quality of the tap water, assuring local news outlets like News4Jax that the often strange smell and the metallic taste of the water convince them to either go with bottled water or […]

When you read the news about the latest lead contamination or bacterial infection in a local water supply you may start to believe that every municipal water supply is questionable. Here’s some good news for a change: some cities in North America have remarkably clean tap water! Throughout America and Canada some cities go beyond […]