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Many Tampa residents received a notice in the mail a few days ago alerting them that the city is temporarily changing their disinfecting agent from chloramines to chlorine. The notice, which you can read in full below, claims that this procedure is merely routine maintenance and that the water will still be safe to drink. […]

Local communities in Plano, TX, are now aware of an ongoing water quality debate in their city. Recently, famed legal expert and environmental activist Erin Brockovich became involved by actively reporting on the Plano water quality problem. Brockovich posted publicly on Facebook to call out the water quality in Plano and the surrounding areas of […]

We have recently covered the water quality and water shortage concerns in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding Florida area. A booming population and ever-shrinking supplies of fresh water have limited Tampa’s ability to deliver consistently high-quality drinking water to its citizens. At least once per year Tampa citizens report a bad smell or rotten […]

The term “GenX” may not mean much to you if you live elsewhere in the United States, but residents in North Carolina have been dealing with the fallout of the known contaminant since the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality first discovered its presence in waterways last year. Here’s a quick summary of the current […]

If you call Tampa or St. Petersburg home you’re aware that water is a way of life in Southwest Florida. Whether boating in the bay or catching some rays at the beach water seems to be everywhere, so it may surprise you to learn that, according to a recent study, Florida actually has one of […]