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  Florida school officials in Pinellas County alerted families last month that the water at Azalea Elementary in St. Petersburg tested positive for dangerous levels of lead. As a precaution the employees at the school switched to bottled water for all consumption after the discovery was made. An email from district spokeswoman Lisa Wolf explained […]

Where adults and governments fail stalwart younger generations lead the way. An 11-year-old with a love for science proved to be the driving force behind the halting of raw sewage from flowing into Nova Scotia’s LaHave River. Stella Bowles lives in a home bordering the LaHave River on the south shore of Nova Scotia, and […]

California is a vast stretch of land, and much of it does not receive enough rainwater for adequate groundwater repletion. Early in 2018 reports indicated that 44% of California was experiencing moderate drought conditions, even though the drought scare had rotated out of the news cycle. Southern counties are typically the worst hit, but their […]

Map of Rivers

Research published this year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that the nation’s streams and rivers are becoming collectively saltier at an alarming rate. The study used data collected from 232 U.S. Geological Survey monitoring sites over the course of the last five decades to analyze changes to the acidity and […]

long road with grey clouds

As climate change continues to shape our future a storm is brewing in California, both figuratively and literally. Researchers and climate change experts have determined that California’s weather will seesaw between extremes regularly, leading to prolonged periods of drought followed by lengthy periods of rainfall according to the New York Times. This deadly combination will […]