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On September 18, 2018, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) released a statement that drinking water at Robinson Elementary School in Grand Haven, Michigan tested positive for elevated levels of PFAS. After the discovery, students and staff were provided with bottled water. In late October, follow-up tests found PFAS levels of 171 parts per […]

Miami Water Pollution

According to a recent in-depth news report, the city of Miami will face serious water problems in the not-too-distant future caused by an interplay of factors. First, the highly managed and fragile system residents rely on for clean water would likely be upset by a rise in sea level. The low-lying neighborhoods in Miami and […]

The water quality in the town of San Angelo, Texas, was compromised last month when an abrupt water main break on the south side of town caused one of the tanks in the public water system to completely drain. The scale of the water line rupture allowed the water pressure within the system to drop […]

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Detroit Schools Fear Heavy Metal Contamination Lead contamination in drinking water has been dominating the headlines for years, and now another Michigan city other than Flint is experiencing widespread confirmation of heavy metals contaminating public drinking water. To the horror of parents across Detroit elevated levels of copper and lead have been detected in dozens […]

  Florida school officials in Pinellas County alerted families last month that the water at Azalea Elementary in St. Petersburg tested positive for dangerous levels of lead. As a precaution the employees at the school switched to bottled water for all consumption after the discovery was made. An email from district spokeswoman Lisa Wolf explained […]