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You use tap water for drinking, bathing, brushing your teeth and cooking your meals. What do you do if it suddenly smells horribly? What if the water coming out of your kitchen sink is green? Residents of Melbourne, Florida are dealing with this unwelcome reality due to blue-green algal blooms spreading rapidly across Lake Washington. […]

Most Americans were shocked when the full extent of the Flint, Michigan lead contamination crisis became public knowledge. Flint, however, is far from an isolated incident. The overall water infrastructure of the United States currently holds a D rating from the American Society of Engineers. As pipes and lines continue to age, cities around the […]

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Citizens of Trenton, New Jersey have plenty to be worried about — for the third time in four testing periods, samples of water from homes around Trenton have tested positive for high levels of lead. In fact, the amount of lead found in certain samples far exceeds the federal action level. The most troubling sample, […]

A recent op-ed in the Palm Beach Post highlights one of the overlooked contributing factors in South Florida’s worsening water quality problem: the lack of knowledge among its residents of the soil systems in the area and how human behavior and development has impacted them. As Rachelle Berger points out, the soil and water systems […]

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Many residents in Austin, Texas, submitted complaints to the city in the first week of February complaining of foul-smelling water. After completing routine water testing Austin Water released an official response that zebra mussels were likely present in a raw water pipeline at the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant. These invasive mussles are to blame for […]