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school water fountain

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has begun testing schools throughout the state for potential lead in drinking water. Once screening ends, over 14,000 drinking water samples from 7,000 school buildings will be tested. So far, only 118 schools have been tested in a pilot project, but the results are concerning. According to the DEQ, […]

pink tap water in a jar

In the first week of March, 2017, the hashtag #pinkwater began to trend on Twitter along with images of what can only be described as neon pink water pouring out of taps. Photos and videos of the fuchsia-colored water originated in Onoway, a small town of 1,000 residents in central Alberta, Canada. The town’s residents […]

warning sign

Arizona’s geology is rich in a wide variety of minerals, metals, and radioactive elements, making the state a gold mine (often literally) for mining companies. This richness comes at a cost. Contaminants dissolve into groundwater, where they can have serious effects on water quality and health. Add in agricultural runoff and industrial waste, and the […]

contaminated water

Lead, copper, and other elements have been consistently found in overwhelming levels in the drinking water around Louisiana over the last couple of months. Last month, In Saint Joseph, the new mayor Elvadus Fields learned that approximately 22 percent of the city’s homes contain drinking water with a toxic level of lead. The water system […]

Public outcry continues to increase in north Florida, and dissenters around the state grow in number as drilling for the Sabal Trail Pipeline moves forward. The proposed natural gas pipeline will be 515 miles in length, and will require tunnels underneath sensitive wetlands, forests, ranches, and multiple lakes and rivers. In addition, a portion of […]