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In the developed world, many people don’t give much thought to the water they use for drinking, preparing food and bathing. In underdeveloped parts of the world, 1.7 billion people have access to clean water today due to joint efforts between government and nongovernmental organizations that started back in 1992. Still, every year, millions of […]

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We just covered the best ways to combat the dryer, colder weather of the fall for your hair, and now we’re diving into the changes you need to make to your skin care routine to avoid flaky, irritated, dull skin. At Pelican Water we’re big fans of water, and as the summer ends water is […]

The hot and humid days of summer have all but vanished, and as we head into the chillier months of fall expect dryer air and dryer hair. You need to reevaluate your hair care routine and make some changes in order to maintain soft and strong locks that will survive the winter. But don’t worry […]

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Whenever your body sends the signals to your brain that you’re thirsty you can simply get up, walk to the tap, and pour a refreshing glass of filtered water whenever you like. For our furry friends, however, hydration isn’t so easy. It’s up to us to care for our dogs and provide adequate nourishment and […]

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Many families assume that the water from their faucet is completely safe to drink unless there’s something noticeably wrong with it, whether it’s a reddish-brown color or smells like fish. In 1974 the Safe Water Drinking Act was enacted, creating a uniform set of water quality standards that all local water municipalities in the country […]