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Being pregnant, especially for the first time, can be a sensory overload. As your body goes through changes and you experience morning sickness and other telltale signs you may start to panic, but your path to good health remains the same: eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, rest, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and do your […]

We all know that newborns should start out breastfeeding or drinking formula, but the transition into drinking water and eating solid foods is more of a mystery. Water is essential for human health, but when exactly do babies need to start adding water to their diet? We’ll share the best practices for keeping your baby […]

Proper hydration and clear pores are the foundation of radiant skin. Facial steaming is one of the oldest and most effective methods of keeping those pores healthy and free from clogging. When was the last time you took a few minutes to steam your face? We know you lead a hectic, busy life, but facial […]

A team of researchers from North Carolina State’s Center for Human Health and the Environment provided updates to concerned citizens during an event in Wilmington, NC, last month. The event focused on the ongoing issues of GenX and other fluorochemicals finding their ways into the drinking water in North Carolina. We previously reported on this […]

The general American public has become increasingly aware of the dangers lurking in their public drinking water systems following reports around the country of contaminated water. Lead, which is considered one of most dangerous and potentially lethal water contaminants, has been plaguing Flint for years and continues to surface in more and more cities around […]