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Shower Hacks We Can't Live Without

If you’re completely honest with yourself, you probably spend a solid 10 minutes daydreaming in the shower before hurriedly washing and conditioning your hair and lathering with some soap. Maintaining a healthy, efficient shower routine is a great way to conserve water, but staying on task in the shower can prove difficult. Not to mention […]

How To Detect Dehydration and Its Impact on the Body

Depending on your age and weight, the amount of water in your body could be anywhere from 50 to 75%. That means you’re mostly made out of water! Water, or your ability to stay hydrated, is the single most important factor in maintaining good health. Sadly, most Americans are chronically dehydrated and aren’t able to recognize […]

pink tap water in a jar

In the first week of March, 2017, the hashtag #pinkwater began to trend on Twitter along with images of what can only be described as neon pink water pouring out of taps. Photos and videos of the fuchsia-colored water originated in Onoway, a small town of 1,000 residents in central Alberta, Canada. The town’s residents […]

Practical Cleaning Tips to Kick Off Spring

March 20th marks the first official day of spring, and though it may have felt warm for a few weeks we’re betting you haven’t rushed to do your spring cleaning. With the new season officially beginning, now is the perfect opportunity to do a deep-scrub of your home and clean each room from top to […]

warning sign

Arizona’s geology is rich in a wide variety of minerals, metals, and radioactive elements, making the state a gold mine (often literally) for mining companies. This richness comes at a cost. Contaminants dissolve into groundwater, where they can have serious effects on water quality and health. Add in agricultural runoff and industrial waste, and the […]