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raining during a drought

Droughts happen all the time, but the persistent drought in the American Southwest is historic. A combination of climate change and patterns in arid areas has placed populations in desert cities in vulnerable positions. The city of Phoenix is facing dwindling water supplies, and is trying to act fast to avoid a future without water. […]

a bird with water heater

Draining a water heater is imperative if you want your water heater to deliver the best performance. The reason why we must drain water heaters on a regular basis is simple: sediment and minerals like lime and calcium collect at the bottom of the water heater over time. What Happens If I Don’t Drain My […]

a cup of snow

In the winter we are surrounded by nearly drinkable water supplies in the natural world: snow and ice are everywhere! Mountaineers and hikers exploring cold environments should master the essential skill of converting snow and ice into drinking water to remain hydrated on longer journeys.     Is It Safe to Eat Snow or Ice? […]

herbs in glass jar

Yes, you can stop by the local supermarket once a week to load up on your favorite herbs, but with a bit of ingenuity and care you can grow a selection of your favorite herbs right in your own kitchen, no soil required. In the right environment many popular herbs flourish in water (known as […]

Map of the Globe

In the developed world, many people don’t give much thought to the water they use for drinking, preparing food and bathing. In underdeveloped parts of the world, 1.7 billion people have access to clean water today due to joint efforts between government and nongovernmental organizations that started back in 1992. Still, every year, millions of […]