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The infamous and addictively sweet ingredient known as sugar can contribute to many conditions like obesity, tooth decay and diabetes. Knowing that unchecked consumption of sugar is dangerous for their health many families have tried to cut out sugar altogether or turn to sugar alternatives. Skipping the sodas and drinking a fresh glass of filtered […]

If you’re wondering what temperature water provides the most benefits to the body, first congratulate yourself for choosing the most healthy drink option – water is great for staying hydrated and maintaining optimal health no matter what the temperature. Of course, when it comes to drinking a glass of filtered water some people prefer crisp, […]

In April of 2017, California governor Jerry Brown ended the state’s drought emergency after years of water-cutting measures. Low snowfall, limited rain, and record-setting temperatures suggest that any relief the state enjoyed as a result may have been short lived. According to a report by the U.S. Drought Monitor on February 1st, 2018, forty-four percent […]

Residents in Jacksonville may find themselves confused regarding the water quality in their sprawling city. Many local citizens complain about the subjective water quality of the tap water, assuring local news outlets like News4Jax that the often strange smell and the metallic taste of the water convince them to either go with bottled water or […]

Exercise is much more appealing when we’re preparing for beach season and the warm sun is shining as we go for our morning run or do yoga on the lawn. But as the snowy winds of winter roll in many athletes and fitness enthusiasts take an extended break from exercise and retreat into a more […]