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For both men and women, heart disease is the leading cause of death for residents of the United States. Heart disease and poor heart health are responsible for more deaths per year annually than ever before, but with proper diet, exercise, and regular checkups, heart disease is largely preventable for most people. February is Heart […]

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Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express how much you love and appreciate your special someone. Many couples, realizing it’s only a few days away, will inevitably scramble at the last minute to get a gift. While we have nothing against chocolate, a box of confections and an oversized stuffed animal may not be the […]

Pelican Water received several eloquent entries for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest, but Martin Coleman’s essay Preventing Crisis over Crisis Reaction: The New American Model stood alone in its meticulous research and its impassioned plea for community education. Using his experience as an environmental engineer, Martin outlined a plan to help communities directly engage with […]

Pelican Water Scholarship

Many students around the country submitted urgent and thought-provoking submissions to our College Scholarship Contest, but few entries hammered home the severity of the issue more ardently than Zainab Agboola’s timely essay. Her appeal to utilize multiple platforms of advertisement and communication to convey the gravity of our national lead problem earned Zainab 2nd place […]

Countless rousing essays were submitted to Pelican Water for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest, but Keith Fell’s direct and powerful essay that cuts to the core of the messaging and funding issues inherent with water treatment awareness grabbed our attention immediately. Keith’s essay encouraged innovative thinking to properly inform the students of today how their […]