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Whenever your body sends the signals to your brain that you’re thirsty you can simply get up, walk to the tap, and pour a refreshing glass of filtered water whenever you like. For our furry friends, however, hydration isn’t so easy. It’s up to us to care for our dogs and provide adequate nourishment and […]

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Many families assume that the water from their faucet is completely safe to drink unless there’s something noticeably wrong with it, whether it’s a reddish-brown color or smells like fish. In 1974 the Safe Water Drinking Act was enacted, creating a uniform set of water quality standards that all local water municipalities in the country […]

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School may be out of session and you may have plenty of time off work during the summer, but the sweltering heat and high humidity aren’t ideal conditions to roll up your sleeves and complete those home renovation projects you’ve been eyeing. As the temperatures begin to fall and a gentle breeze starts blowing through […]

September 22nd marks the official start of the fall season. The amount of mowing you’ll need to do will actually increase from your summer regimen as temperatures cool, and your lawn requires additional attention and care to remain healthy as the leaves change colors. Here’s how to keep your lawn happy and vibrant during the […]

Pharmaceutical drugs — they help our headaches, treat our upset stomachs, and allow us to sleep at night. But they also are contaminating our water supply as what the Environmental Protection Agency classifies “contaminants of emerging concern.” A contaminant of emerging concern is a natural or manmade compound that scientists have recently proven to have […]