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Many of us take our daily morning routine for granted. When you get into the habit of washing your body the same way for years and purchase the same hygiene products over and over again, you likely aren’t spending time wondering if your shower routine can cause health problems or expose you to pathogens or […]

Hair Myths Debunked

We all spend plenty of time washing, conditioning, drying, and treating our hair. Your hair serves as a fashion statement and a natural extension of your personality. In recent years, many hair myths have started popping up, making people question their tried-and-true hair care methods. We’ve all heard by now that some people experience great […]

DIY Face Mask Recipes

There’s nothing quite like a facial treatment to rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling completely refreshed. But spa visits are quite expensive: you can’t afford to get a professional facial every weekend. Luckily, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line spa facials. In fact, you don’t even need […]

Pelican Water Systems, the market leader in affordable and environmentally friendly water filtration systems, was featured on a recent episode of “ This Old House,” the second half of “The This Old House Hour.” In episode #1521, entitled “Water Filter; Fire Pit; Wood,” Richard Trethewey assists a homeowner whose drinking water tastes “low tide-y” and […]

California's Weird Water Laws

As far as water is concerned, California has been through some rough years. Coming off of a devastating five-year drought, many areas in the state experienced unprecedented rainfall in the early winter months of 2017. This excessive rain on top of dry soil unable to properly soak in the water quickly led to flooding, mudslides, […]