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Drinking Water

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Many families assume that the water from their faucet is completely safe to drink unless there’s something noticeably wrong with it, whether it’s a reddish-brown color or smells like fish. In 1974 the Safe Water Drinking Act was enacted, creating a uniform set of water quality standards that all local water municipalities in the country […]

Pharmaceutical drugs — they help our headaches, treat our upset stomachs, and allow us to sleep at night. But they also are contaminating our water supply as what the Environmental Protection Agency classifies “contaminants of emerging concern.” A contaminant of emerging concern is a natural or manmade compound that scientists have recently proven to have […]

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As a professional cyclist the most important aspect of my training is to hydrate well. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) failing to drink enough water throughout the day and especially during training can lead to more problems than dehydration. Running low on water can cause heat illnesses, muscle fatigue, energy loss, […]

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Water is our planet’s most precious and vital resource. If you read the Pelican Water blog you’ll run across this maxim countless times, but how much do you really appreciate pure, filtered water? In developed countries around the world we often don’t think about the immense amount of planning, treatment, and work that goes into […]

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You likely learned at a young age that human beings cannot drink salt water. Whenever you go for a swim in the ocean inevitably some bitter-tasting salt water will get into your mouth, and you’ll understand the aesthetic difference between refreshing, pure drinking water and salt water, which carries a strong briny taste. For scientists, […]