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Drinking Water

Tap water faucet in dry area

The groundwater aquifers that your private well taps for your water supply cannot be easily monitored, which means a summer well water drought can strike at any time, especially if you have a shallow well. During prolonged summer droughts you may feel uneasy, assuming your well could dry up any day. Groundwater levels naturally dip […]

People dancing at a music festival

New festivals spring into existence every year, packing every weekend of the summer full of opportunities to work on your tan and rock out to the some talented musical acts in the summer heat. Even if you’re not a musical festival fan you’ll likely attend at least one outdoor summer event this season, whether it’s […]

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, can be a sensory overload. As your body goes through changes and you experience morning sickness and other telltale signs you may start to panic, but your path to good health remains the same: eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, rest, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and do your […]

We all know that newborns should start out breastfeeding or drinking formula, but the transition into drinking water and eating solid foods is more of a mystery. Water is essential for human health, but when exactly do babies need to start adding water to their diet? We’ll share the best practices for keeping your baby […]

As we honor those who fought for our country and spend quality time with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend we also celebrate the beginning of summer. As it starts to heat up staying hydrated should be your top priority while slaving over the grill in the summer heat. Keep everyone cool and refreshed […]