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Contaminants Lurking in Arizona’s Water Supply

Arizona’s water situation becomes more perilous with each passing year. The desert state is in the midst of a drought that has spanned nearly two decades. Reports indicate that by 2019 the water level of Lake Mead on the Colorado could drop below 1,075 feet. This water level would trigger compulsory cutbacks in water usage […]

Do Californians Have Radioactive Water?

If you live in California you probably won’t see glowing fluorescent water emitting from your tap. But just because your home’s drinking water isn’t glowing green doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink. California’s water woes over the last decade have been also as prominent as those in Flint, Michigan. With a brutal drought spanning years […]

The Strangest Items Found Dumped in the Ocean

The sheer amount of waste that finds its way into the ocean each year is hard to quantify, and harder still to comprehend. To get an idea of how much human waste is damaging the vital ecosystems of the ocean look no further than Ocean Health Index compiled with data from Ocean Conservancy. Every year […]

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A new report issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) demonstrates that over 77 million people were served by water systems that violated at least at least one aspect of the Safe Water Drinking Act during 2015. The types of offenses ranged from arsenic to coliform bacteria to lead, but every single state was […]

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Arizona’s geology is rich in a wide variety of minerals, metals, and radioactive elements, making the state a gold mine (often literally) for mining companies. This richness comes at a cost. Contaminants dissolve into groundwater, where they can have serious effects on water quality and health. Add in agricultural runoff and industrial waste, and the […]