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A new report issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) demonstrates that over 77 million people were served by water systems that violated at least at least one aspect of the Safe Water Drinking Act during 2015. The types of offenses ranged from arsenic to coliform bacteria to lead, but every single state was […]

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Arizona’s geology is rich in a wide variety of minerals, metals, and radioactive elements, making the state a gold mine (often literally) for mining companies. This richness comes at a cost. Contaminants dissolve into groundwater, where they can have serious effects on water quality and health. Add in agricultural runoff and industrial waste, and the […]

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Lead, copper, and other elements have been consistently found in overwhelming levels in the drinking water around Louisiana over the last couple of months. Last month, In Saint Joseph, the new mayor Elvadus Fields learned that approximately 22 percent of the city’s homes contain drinking water with a toxic level of lead. The water system […]

Corpus Christi Residents

An incident in Corpus Christi, Texas, has led to the contamination of the entire community’s water supply. First recognized by an industrial plant worker while washing his hands, the contamination lends a shining, shimmering quality to the tap water in the region. The contamination could directly affect more than 300,000 people along the Gulf of […]

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What chemicals and compounds are in your water, besides water? Regular readers of Pelican Water’s blog know that we take water filtration very seriously. 10% of Americans get their water supply from private wells, and the vast majority of remaining citizens drink the water provided to them by public utilities. Unfortunately, several hazardous chemicals can […]