Published: September 15, 2014

    How Can Water Affect Blood Pressure and Cholesterol?

    Since our bodies are mostly comprised of water, regular hydration is critical for warding off an array of dangerous ailments. Insufficient water intake can quickly result in dehydration, which leads to several adverse physical reactions that can negatively impact our long-term health.

    Water’s Impact on Cholesterol

    When our bodies are dehydrated, they increase the production of cholesterol, which helps to keep cell membranes pliable and moist, allowing tissues to efficiently exchange waste and nutrients. Unfortunately, too much cholesterol can have a negative effect on our health by accumulating in our arteries and restricting blood flow.

    In addition to increasing cholesterol levels, low hydration can also reduce blood flow, which could increase the risk of blockages in the arteries. While further research is needed to determine exactly what level of dehydration can negatively impact our bodies’ cholesterol, it’s clear we can reduce our risk by drinking more water.

    Water’s Impact on Blood Pressure

    Hydration can also impact blood pressure in two very different ways. Some research indicates that regular dehydration could increase hypertension, although the reasons aren’t completely understood. Likewise, because some blood pressure medications act as diuretics, they can force our bodies to use more water, resulting in a pattern of dehydration that could trigger other health issues.

    At the same time, other research has found that water can also be used to increase blood pressure when it gets too low. A study out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that ordinary filtered water increases the activity of the body’s fight or flight nervous system, which can raise energy, improve alertness, and increase blood pressure. By diluting blood plasma, water was found to provide a short-term reduction in salt concentration, resulting in a temporary blood pressure-raising effect. These findings were so compelling, the American Red Cross has conducted its own study using water as a natural remedy to reduce fainting responses during blood donations.

    Promoting Good Health

    By regularly staying hydrated with filtered water instead of sugary sodas and other beverages, you can promote weight loss, which is directly linked to lower blood pressure and decreased cholesterol levels. Start today by purchasing a Pelican drinking filter and accompanying sports water bottles at PelicanWater.com!