Published: July 13, 2016

    7 Products to Turn Camping into Glamping

    Camping is a summer tradition. Sleeping on the floor, cooking over a spluttering fire, not bathing for a weekend, and living like early pioneers really—hang on. I’m supposed to enjoy this? That sounds more like a poorly-planned game of Oregon Trail than a fun weekend.

    For those of us who love the great outdoors but can do without the restrictions of roughing it there’s glamping. Glamping—or glamorous camping—proves you can enjoy nature’s beauty without turning into Bear Grylls for a weekend.

    Go Big or Stay Home
    Size matters when you’re glamping. Let other campers squeeze into two-person tents. Glamping’s all about comfort, so give yourself some room. A ten or twelve-person tent allows you to create a mini-room with chairs, a bed, and bedside tables. Speaking of which . . ..

    Inflatable Furniture
    Permanent commercial glamping sites feature tents with luxurious wooden beds, chairs, and other furniture, but DIY glampers have to make a few sacrifices. Instead of trying to transport a king-sized bed into the woods, pack an inflatable airbed. You can also buy sofas, chairs, and other furniture, all inflated by battery-powered motors.

    Heavy cloth windbreaks serve multiple glamping functions. They offer shade and protection from the weather while also providing privacy and establishing your camp’s boundaries. You can choose from a range of fashionable colors and styles.

    Solar Systems
    Depending on your needs, you can purchase solar power systems in a range of sizes and prices. Small models will be enough to keep your phones and music systems charged, but with a larger model you can run electric lights and power small fridges, laptops, and wireless routers.

    Answering the Call of Nature in a Civilized Setting
    If you’re glamping in an established campsite you can probably access some form of public washroom. Whether a permanent structure or a portapotty, the condition of these facilities is questionable at best. And if you’re glamping off the beaten path, your only source of relief might be to take the bear in the woods approach.

    Or you could use a portable glamping toilet with its own privacy tent and carrying bag. They’re much more hygienic, and carry significantly less risk of exposing yourself to poison ivy.

    Portable Showers
    If you’re going to glamp, you should be able to enjoy a shower at the end of the day. Portable camp showers use the sun to heat water during the day, and use gravity or battery pumps to provide water pressure. They’ve been used by campers for years. Get the full glamping experience with a privacy tent deigned for showering.

    Kitchen Centers
    Cooking over a fire’s fun if you’re roasting marshmallows or hotdogs, but if a dedicated glamper needs more complex fare. Fold-out propane-powered cooking centers allow you room for storage, preparation. Be sure to include a sturdy water storage system filled with filtered water from your Pelican Water home filtration system.

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