Published: July 12, 2016

    Camping Food and Water Hacks

    We live in a society that’s constantly plugged in. When you and your family are surrounded by screens and connected to the web 24/7, sometimes you need to unwind and get away from it all. As the warm months of summer settle in, taking a camping trip and enjoying what nature has to offer is the perfect antidote.

    Whether this is your family’s first time out camping or if you’re seasoned pros, nothing makes a camping trip better like ingenious food and hydration hacks. Follow along for great tips and tricks for easy-to-make meals and drinks in the heart of the wild.

    Pre-Scrambled Eggs – This nifty camping hack makes morning breakfast mess-free and stress-free. Simply crack all the eggs you’ll need and whisk them together in a large bowl. Transfer the eggs into a sealable plastic bottle and keep the bottle in your cooler while hiking and exploring.

    With pre-scrambled eggs you can add all the seasoning you like in your kitchen for easy cooking at camp. Be sure to mark the bottle as “eggs” so no one mistakes it for juice! Your kids can join in the fun of making breakfast, and you don’t have to worry about eggs cracking during your excursion.

    Hand-Washing Station – Make proper hygiene fun and convenient with this helpful camping hack. Clean a large water jug and fill it with filtered water. Once you get to your campsite, place the water jug on a table or elevated surface. With bungee cords you can fasten paper towels and a paper towel holder atop the jug.

    Add some foam hand soap and place a wash bin below your station so your campsite doesn’t become muddy. This convenient hand-washing station safeguards your family from bacteria and contaminants, and is a breeze to set up.

    Fruit-Flavored Water – Many campers forget to stay properly hydrated amidst all the excitement, especially children. Add some flavor to water as an activity during mealtimes to ensure everyone is drinking enough H2O every day out on the trail.

    Bring some fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, lemon – the sky’s the limit!) and a handy Pelican Water sports infuser water bottle. While preparing your food, fully fill a water bottle for each family member then infuse fruit for a unique taste. Bring enough variety so you can all try a different fruit for each meal.

    Easy-Make Pancakes – Another delectable breakfast meal you can make without a mess. Camping doesn’t lend itself to easy meal preparation, but as long as you have a pan you’ll be in luck. Before you leave your home, fill a quart-sized plastic bag with pancake batter and tie off the end so it resembles a carrot (with two ends total).

    When you’re ready for your delicious pancake breakfast, simply cut the end of the baggie with scissors or a knife. The bag then becomes a piping bag and you can fill your pan with batter (without hassle). Keep multiple baggies in your cooler if you can’t get enough!

    Arm yourself with a few new tricks to impress your family and make the most out of your next camping trip.