Published: June 24, 2015

    Bottled Water Company Recalls 14 Brands Due to Possible E.Coli Contamination

    The environmental cost of disposable plastic bottles, the potential leaching of chemicals from plastic into water, the often dubious claims made concerning water sources, and the sheer price leave us thinking a water filtration system is a greener and more reliable source of purer, cleaner water. A recent bottled water recall has done little to change our minds.

    On 22 June, 2015, Niagara Bottling issued a voluntary recall on fourteen different brands of water due to possible E. coli contamination at one of their spring sources. E. coli is spread through human and animal fecal matter, and can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea and vomiting. The fourteen brands included in the recall include:

    • 7-11
    • Acadia
    • Acme
    • Best Yet
    • Big Y
    • Morning Fresh
    • Nature’s Place
    • Niagara
    • Pricerite
    • Shaw’s
    • Shoprite
    • Superchill
    • Wegman’s
    • Western Beef Blue

    The recall affects bottles with product codes beginning with the letters A and F, and with Best By dates of 08DEC2016 through 16DEC2016. Niagara Bottling recommends consumers either boil water in affected bottles for a full minute, or avoid drinking the water altogether. As for the source of potentially contaminated water, Niagara will no longer be using it as “the spring source did not notify us in a timely manner.” So far, there have been no reported cases of illness.

    The recall reminds consumers that they cannot assume water’s purity just because it comes in a bottle. Whether or not the microbes were present in the spring source, the issue suggests the water underwent inadequate filtration and purification between the source and the consumer.

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