boating activities this summer

    Published: July 15, 2016

    7 Boating Activities to Soak Up This Summer

    Boating is more than just a fun hobby; for many people, it’s a passion. There’s just so much to do on a boat, from the excitement of waterskiing to the joy of relaxing as you listen to the gentle bob of the waves. Whether you’re looking for adventure, romance, or just a quiet day surrounded by nature, we’ve got a boating activity for you!

    boating activities this summer

    Fishing is a summer tradition for many families. Kids rarely forget the moment they reeled in their first big catch, or being taught how to cast by an attentive parent or grandparent. The quiet moments in between catches make ideal moments for quality time as well.

    Swimming in a lake or the ocean is entirely different than taking a dip in the community pool. In fact, jumping off the edge of a boat into clear, blue water pretty much sums up summer fun. Add some inflatable toys, snorkels, and other water toys into the mix, and you’ve got a day full of laughter.

    Water Skiing
    Water-skiing’s exciting, looks cool, and isn’t nearly as difficult to learn as you might think. If you’ve got younger kids, knee boarding lets them get into the fun without challenging their balance quite as much.

    Tubing is water-skiing’s relaxed, carefree cousin. Unlike skiing, where you need to hit a certain speed to make the activity possible, tubing can be adapted to the comfort level of the person on the tube—nice and easy for those who find high speeds uncomfortable, and faster for those who want to a bit more action.

    We live with so much light pollution that the night sky’s almost impossible to see properly in urban areas. If you’re comfortable boating at night, it’s a great way to see the stars and moon in all their glory—and more than a little romantic, too.

    Wildlife Watching
    Whether you’re boating on a river, the ocean, a lake, or one of the nation’s many reservoirs, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to see birds and wildlife. Pack a set of binoculars next time you’re in the boat, and scan the shoreline for deer, beaver, bear, and waterfowl.

    Learn to Sail
    Puttering around in a motor boat’s plenty of fun, and we’ll be the first to admit there’s plenty of skill involved in maintaining and driving such vessels. Still, there’s something primal about sailboats. Learn to harness the power of the wind, and you truly become one with the water.

    Whatever you choose to do on the water, be sure to practice proper safety. This includes monitoring the weather and other boaters, wearing correctly sized lifejackets, and obeying all relevant laws. In addition, be sure to pack your boat with everything you might need, from a first aid kit to snacks and, of course, plenty of filtered water. It gets hot out on the water, so it’s extremely important to stay hydrated.