Published: October 16, 2018

    Best Fall Home Renovation Projects

    School may be out of session and you may have plenty of time off work during the summer, but the sweltering heat and high humidity aren’t ideal conditions to roll up your sleeves and complete those home renovation projects you’ve been eyeing. As the temperatures begin to fall and a gentle breeze starts blowing through the autumn leaves you can begin to tackle those renovations without worrying about heat exhaustion.

    Here are the best home renovation projects that we recommend for the fall:

    • Insulating the Attic — Doing any type of work in the attic will cause you to sweat profusely in the summer. Wait until the heat has cleared so you can work in less strenuous conditions. Installing new insulation in your attic will reduce the heating bill in the winter. Plus, if you replace insulation in the fall you will be able to feel drafts in the spaces that need improvement, making the job easier.
    • Painting the Exterior — Touching up the paint along your siding and trim or changing your paint entirely is a logical project for the fall. Paint needs to be in temperatures higher than 45 degrees Fahrenheit to dry effectively, but painting in high temperatures causes problems as well. You can also apply a fresh coat of sealer to any surfaces that will be covered in snow during the winter, like your roof and paneling.
    • Washing Your Walls — Use a power washer to remove muck and grime from your home’s exterior and windows. In addition to cleaning your house for a sharper look using a power washer will prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. Make it a fun family project that you can complete in an afternoon.
    • Cleaning the Gutters — Keeping moisture away from your home’s foundation is crucial for long-term maintenance. Gutters that are clogged will hold ice during the winter and cause significant damage. Clean all gutters and check your downspouts to ensure that water is draining away from your house. If substantial repairs are necessary contact a professional.
    • Organizing the Garage — For many homes the garage becomes a dumping ground for a hodgepodge of outdoor items, including beach gear, bicycles, mowers, and more. Invest in modest organizing systems like shelves, cabinets, and hooks to store bulky items on the walls and in drawers to clear up space for your vehicles when the winter arrives.
    • Filtering Your Water — If you’ve been waiting to install a whole house filter and softener now is the perfect season to do it. If you order a Smart Combo™ system from Pelican Water our licensed professionals can handle installation themselves, or you can install the system using our in-depth manuals and guides. Once you have it installed your family can enjoy crisp, purer filtered water free of many common contaminants that won’t cause scaling on appliances and plumbing.

    Get the entire family involved in your renovation projects to complete major upkeep while bonding and teaching important skills to your kids. If you make time in your schedule to handle these important home renovations you can enjoy a warm, sturdy home through the winter without a care.