Published: April 22, 2015

    Be Your Own Handyman or Handywoman: Pelican Whole House Installation Kit

    A Pelican Whole House Water Filtration System provides a wealth of benefits that leave our customers smiling. Among the most popular, however, is the simple installation process that puts cleaner, safer drinking water within easy reach.

    Intuitive, Fast Setup

    Installing long-lasting, effective home improvement equipment can be intimidating; however, Pelican instruction manuals make it easier than ever. With the Pelican Whole House Installation Kit, you’ll never have to deal with the frustration and mess of pipe cutting and glue. Convenient and simple, this installation kit uses John Guest Quick Fittings that allow you to easily assemble without any headaches. Simply bring the incoming and outgoing water lines to the John Guest fittings and make a solid connection.

    There’s no confusion and no fuss. You’ll find everything you need in clear, concise steps that require no professional experience of any sort. What’s more, our attentive, knowledgeable Pelican Water installation experts are available at 877-842-1635 in case you need a little extra guidance for whatever reason.

    Small Effort, Big Rewards

    Pelican’s Whole House Water Filtration System is a convenient, affordable way to provide your family with cleaner, safer drinking water. At the same time, it also provides a number of other major benefits that make it a great investment. These include:

    • Great tasting tea and coffee
    • No drain required
    • Softer hair and skin
    • Bacterial Static Media – inhibits bacterial growth
    • Better than bottled water from every tap in your home
    • Does NOT waste water
    • Requires NO electricity
    • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
    • 5-year performance guarantee
    • Limited Lifetime warranty on tank and parts

    Best of all, thanks to our clear, intuitive Pelican Whole House Installation Kit, you can enjoy all these benefits without having to spend hours poring over confusing manuals or paying a professional to do the job for you.