Published: August 30, 2012

    Bacteria in the Bathroom

    Learn about Bathrooms and Bacteria Invasion – Pink or Orange Staining

    High humidity areas in the home are the ones that require the most attention because they’re the ideal locations to promote bacteria and molds.

    Sink drains and tiles are particularly prone to invasion. Although a natural occurrence in our environment, these microbes can quickly grow out of control and impact household surfaces that you want to keep as clean as possible for the children and pets in your home.

    The best prevention is consistent maintenance by both cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the slime that can be formed by microbial growth on these surfaces. Some of this bacteria-created slime may appear orange or pink which indicates the presence of environmental bacteria like Pseudomonas and Flavobacterium.

    Various types of molds can not only be harmful if inhaled over a period of time, but can cause permanent stains in tile grout and caulking and even act as irritants to sensitive skin. Wiping down wet surfaces like tile after a shower helps to keep the grout clean and does a great deal to retard future growth.