Published: August 13, 2018

    Back to School Essentials

    We know you’ve already got your kids’ backpacks loaded with everything they need for their first day of school: pens, notebooks, calculators, chargers, and folders. But while you’re organizing your children’s path to success don’t neglect the basics — keeping them hydrated and well fed throughout the day. Many lunch boxes and storage containers generate tons of plastic waste, and many students don’t drink nearly enough water between bus rides. Help your kiddos succeed in the classroom with these essentials.

    Reusable Bottle

    During class your children will be far away from a water fountain. Keep them hydrated throughout the day by gifting them a reusable glass and silicone water bottle they can easily refill during breaks or lunch. The screw-on lid is spill resistant, and the wide mouth opening makes the bottle easier to drink from and easier to clean.

    Our brand new water bottles meet all FDA requirements and feature a silicone sheath for stronger grip to prevent spills and slips. Note that our water bottle is not recommended for hot water use, but for water and other cold beverages it’s a great choice.

    Hydration Calculator

    You’ve probably heard the old standby of “eight glasses of water per day,” but everyone’s recommended hydration level will vary based on age, weight, and physical activity. Before school starts use the hydration calculator as a family activity so you can all learn your recommended daily water intake.

    Once your children know how much water they should be drinking per day work with them to determine how many ounces of water they should consume while in school. You can even help them plan when to refill their reusable bottle in order to hit their target. Make it a fun game that they win if they drink the recommended amount of water.

    Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes

    You may think it’s the best option to send your kids to school with a healthy packed lunch, but if their lunch box is going to impact your environmental impact it can negate all of your good intentions.

    Some basic online research will point you toward some terrific eco-friendly lunch boxes that are made of durable yet biodegradable materials and are machine washable to increase the products’ lifespan. The PlanetBox comes with stainless steel containers for various foods and is dishwasher safe. Browse online to find the perfect lunch box to keep your kids satisfied and the planet happy.

    Reusable Sandwich Bags

    One of the great scourges of the Earth is single-use plastic. We recently reported how dire our plastic problem is becoming, and with school lunches one of the greatest contributors to plastic waste is the sandwich bag.

    You can pack a meal without plastic by switching to reusable bags that are colorful and exciting for children. You can fashion some yourself or simply head to your local Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a few. It’s like switching to a reusable water bottle — once you make the transition you will be floored that you didn’t make the change sooner.

    With these essential items your children can remain hydrated, full, and alert throughout the school day without creating waste that endangers the planet. When you take the time to make the responsible choice everyone wins!