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Unless you work in the tech industry or live in the UK you probably don’t know what the acronym NFC stands for. In fact, even if you live in the UK you likely have no idea what we’re referring to, so let’s provide context: NFC, or Near Field Communication, is an emerging technology that allows […]

smiling women in the fall

We just covered the best ways to combat the dryer, colder weather of the fall for your hair, and now we’re diving into the changes you need to make to your skin care routine to avoid flaky, irritated, dull skin. At Pelican Water we’re big fans of water, and as the summer ends water is […]

The water quality in the town of San Angelo, Texas, was compromised last month when an abrupt water main break on the south side of town caused one of the tanks in the public water system to completely drain. The scale of the water line rupture allowed the water pressure within the system to drop […]

The hot and humid days of summer have all but vanished, and as we head into the chillier months of fall expect dryer air and dryer hair. You need to reevaluate your hair care routine and make some changes in order to maintain soft and strong locks that will survive the winter. But don’t worry […]

do not drink water

Detroit Schools Fear Heavy Metal Contamination Lead contamination in drinking water has been dominating the headlines for years, and now another Michigan city other than Flint is experiencing widespread confirmation of heavy metals contaminating public drinking water. To the horror of parents across Detroit elevated levels of copper and lead have been detected in dozens […]