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Map of Rivers

Research published this year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that the nation’s streams and rivers are becoming collectively saltier at an alarming rate. The study used data collected from 232 U.S. Geological Survey monitoring sites over the course of the last five decades to analyze changes to the acidity and […]

long road with grey clouds

As climate change continues to shape our future a storm is brewing in California, both figuratively and literally. Researchers and climate change experts have determined that California’s weather will seesaw between extremes regularly, leading to prolonged periods of drought followed by lengthy periods of rainfall according to the New York Times. This deadly combination will […]

Water Based Softeners

Water hardness is a common issue that can plague homes with problems ranging from broken down appliances to scale on plumbing and dishware. Treating hard water is simpler than ever with modern water softening technology, but common water softeners that are salt-based have an overall negative impact on the environment. At Pelican Water we pride […]

Man Standing Next To Water

You likely learned at a young age that human beings cannot drink salt water. Whenever you go for a swim in the ocean inevitably some bitter-tasting salt water will get into your mouth, and you’ll understand the aesthetic difference between refreshing, pure drinking water and salt water, which carries a strong briny taste. For scientists, […]

Bouquet of Flowers in Water

Presenting your sweetheart with flowers or surprising your mom with a big bouquet on her birthday are kind and moving gestures, but nothing can dampen the mood faster than your carefully arranged flowers wilting days or even hours after you buy them. Luckily there are many simple methods and tricks you can employ at home […]