Published: October 25, 2017

    Alternatives to Water for Staying Hydrated in the Colder Months

    As the leaves begin to change color and we gleefully anticipate the first snowfall our drinking habits begin to change too. The hot, balmy months of the summer cause us to sweat constantly, but most people stay properly hydrated because they are trying to cool down from the heat. Between water, juice, lemonade, and sports drinks the summer is full of options for people to stay properly hydrated.

    In the winter we naturally want something hot and flavorful to warm us up. But straying away from water and water-based drinks can lead to chronic dehydration, especially when we’re not sweating and actively aware of the water weight we’re slowly losing.

    For instance, there’s nothing you’d probably want more than a piping cup of coffee in the morning. Throw in a cinnamon stick or some pumpkin flavoring and you have yourself a seasonal favorite! But how effective is coffee for hydration?

    Caffeine is often cited as a diuretic, and depending on your tolerance to caffeine a beverage like coffee may make you more dehydrated. But the other elements of drinks like eggnog lattes or hot cocoa include an elevated sugar content and a lower percentage of water overall. Drinks full of sugar, caffeine, and calories are tasty treats, but are not nearly as effective as filtered water for staying properly hydrated.

    That doesn’t mean you should stick to plain tap water – we know you’d prefer your favorite autumnal beverage in a mug by the fireplace! But consider going with these water-based drinks that will keep you warm and fully hydrated.

    Hot Tea – We know what you’re clamoring to ask: why would we recommend hot tea, which depending on the variety may be rich in caffeine, while denouncing coffee in the same article? In truth, caffeine is not the sole indicator of a good hydrator.

    You may build up a tolerance to caffeine and reduce its diuretic effect on the kidney, and regardless, caffeine doesn’t cancel out the high percentage of water in hot tea. Tea lacks the heavy dose of dairy and sugar present in coffee, especially if consumed plain. Try some herbal chamomile tea this season while reading your next favorite novel curled up on the couch.

    Warm Cider – The only thing better than chilled apple cider is hot apple cider! The water content for apples is usually around 84 percent. Even with added holiday spices a cup of warm cider will still provide rejuvenating hydration. Not to mention that it’s delicious!

    Entertain guests and ensure everyone is getting their daily dose of water with this simple and delectable spiced cider recipe from Better Crocker.

    Broth – Okay, a helping of your favorite soup, like chicken broth, may not seem like a “drink” to you. But consider replacing one of your afternoon snacks or your pick-me-up cappuccino with a steaming single-serving bowl of broth or veggie soup.

    Note that the creamy variants are too high in dairy and other components to fully service your hydration needs, but a cup of chicken broth contains a high percentage of water. If you stick to a vegetable broth the water content will probably increase, as veggies are mostly water on their own.

    Even if you’re boiling your water for your next cup of tea or cider, sticking with water filtered by one of Pelican Water’s comprehensive filtration systems will reduce contaminants and ensure your drink is as refreshing and pure as possible. Find out what system is best for your needs by calling (877) 842 1635.