Published: August 28, 2017

    Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Coffee or Water?

    Okay, we know that you’re reading Pelican’s water blog, so you probably have a good idea of where we fall on this debate. But we also understand why so many workers turn to coffee throughout the day to keep them going: that burst of caffeine seems to wake you up, giving you the energy to focus. Right?

    Well, there may be more to the coffee craze than that. Contrary to what you may believe, the caffeine loaded into coffee does not grant you the ability to focus more on the task at hand. Caffeine (and therefore coffee) is a stimulant, and can convince you that the effect is helping you focus on the task at hand.

    However, drinking high doses of caffeine on a regular basis can actually impair your ability to finish your afternoon workload. Drinking soda, cocoa, or coffee regularly can cause poor memory and a lack of concentration, as well as poor digestion and anxiety attacks.

    So why do so many people rely on coffee to get them to 5 pm intact? There are actually better methods for making you feel more energized throughout the day than periodically ingesting high doses of caffeine.

    The number one cause of that afternoon lull in adults is actually dehydration. Most adults do not consume the recommended amount of water throughout the day, and by the time the afternoon rolls around their body is in dire need of water. To calculate how much water you should be drinking throughout the day, try our new hydration calculator.

    However, we’re not suggesting that you should simply drink one glass of water in the afternoon and expect to be completely revitalized. Instead, create a timetable of your workday and, based on your hydration calculator results, figure out how much water you should be drinking ever hour, or every two hours.

    If you remain consistent with your water consumption throughout the day, after about two weeks of adjustment without caffeine you’ll notice that you no longer are sluggish when the afternoon arrives. Staying hydrated from morning to night is one of the best ways to avoid the fog in your brain that settles when you’re dehydrated.

    However, maybe you can add some fruit, nuts, or a source of protein with your afternoon glass of water to stimulate your body and mind. Also keep in mind that staying hydrated alone isn’t enough – you must also make time to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Poor sleeping habits will cause you to struggle during a workday even if you’re hydrated.

    Other ways of increasing your energy in the afternoons include going for a walk outside during your lunch break and changing your environment halfway through the day. See if your manager will allow you to change workspaces or at least the angle of your desk around 1 pm to keep your visual stimuli fresh.

    Ditch the coffee and instead fill a stainless steel bottle with delicious filtered water for your afternoon drink. Call Pelican Water today to inquire about the best water filter system for your home to ensure the water you bring to work is as pure and refreshing as possible.