Published: August 6, 2016

    6 Family Fun Activities to Try This American Family Day

    The first Sunday of August is American Family Day, when we celebrate family not by giving gifts, but by spending time together and appreciating each other. It’s an ideal time to take advantage of the summer weather and get outdoors, or to turn off the television and spend the day playing card or board games.

    There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate American Family Day, as long as you’re all together and enjoying yourself. If you need some ideas for the day, here’s a few the staff at Pelican Water particularly enjoy.

    Hit the Beach!

    Whether you’re swimming, fishing, playing beach volleyball, or building sandcastles, the beach is a great location for family activities. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, and enough filtered water to keep the whole family hydrated.


    A quick search online reveals hundreds of at-home science experiments to keep the family busy for a day. Choose experiments that yield quick results, and set a theme for the day’s scientific exploration. You can run a series of fun water experiments, investigate the local geology, learn more about weather patterns, or use a microscope to explore the tiny critters in local ponds and puddles.

    Play Ball Games

    It’s sometimes said that today’s children don’t understand the rules behind baseball, soccer, and other outdoor games because they spend so much time inside. Why not remedy that situation by teaching kids how to play traditional ball games? You can make a day of it out at the local park if you pack a picnic, and maybe get other families to join in as well.

    Make a Meal Together

    Whether you’re whipping up a batch of fresh-from-the-oven cookies or creating a romantic meal for two, cooking together brings families closer. It’s also a great way to teach children a few culinary skills while educating them on the importance of fresh cooking water, locally sourced foods, and the effect our food consumption has on the environment.


    Celebrating American Family Day usually means turning off the electronics and interacting with each other, which can be a challenge if you’re dealing with older children. If you have family members who would rather lose a limb than access to their cell phones, geocaching offers a chance to make their phones part of the day’s activities.

    Geocaching incorporates technology and hiking with the thrill of tracking down treasure only instead of a map you use your phone’s GPS system to track down a small hidden object. Check online for the rules and etiquette from geocaching, download a geocaching app, and fill a backpack with snacks and water for a fun day out.


    Working towards a common goal brings families closer together, and a family that volunteers can make a real difference in the world. With a wide range of volunteering opportunities, it’s easy to find a cause that’s right for your family, whether you’re helping out at the local animal shelter, cleaning a beach, or visiting the residents of an eldercare community.

    Have a Water War

    Head out to the dollar store and stock up on some water balloons, sponges, and buckets for a family water war. It’s a fun way to beat the heat, especially if you add in a wading pool.

    If you’re worried about water conservation or in a region of the country suffering from drought, go to a public water park instead. Most water parks now recycle their water, so the family can cool off and have fun without guilt.