New Years' Resolutions

    Published: December 28, 2016

    6 Easy-to-Achieve New Years’ Resolutions for a Healthier You

    As the New Year approaches countless hopefuls gear up for a life change with the motto “new year, new me.” Across the country families will resolve to lose weight, exercise more, or kick bad habits like drinking soda. Most resolutions involve the betterment of one’s health. These resolutions often prove difficult to keep: only 46% of people keep their resolution going six months into the year.

    Often, the issue is the magnitude of the resolution: if you set unrealistic goals it can be easy to falter. Instead of setting the bar too high, gear up for real change by making easy-to-achieve resolutions that will lead to a healthier you.New Years' Resolutions

    Keep a Food Journal

    Losing ten or twenty pounds is an arduous task. Even the most dedicated runner can hit speed bumps, and the failure to lose weight quickly can be discouraging. Instead of jumping on the treadmill for an hour a day, resolve to track your diet and intake with a food journal. Record everything you eat during each day and roughly how many calories it contains. This is an easy method of learning what foods in your diet are really contributing to weight gain.

    Pack a Fruit

    For workers who are constantly on the go, preparing homemade healthy meals every day can seem impossible. Instead of making such a drastic change to your daily routine, make the snacks and items you bring with you to the office healthier and better for you. Instead of bringing chips, crackers, or protein bars, pack a low-calorie fruit or vegetable for your morning snack. This simple change will help wean you off of high-calorie indulgences.

    Take a Break

    Actually going to the gym several times a week is impractical for full-time workers with children to raise and bills to pay. Where’s the time? But you can make time at work or at home to squeeze in some basic exercise during your daily routine. Sitting for prolonged periods is terrible for your health – at work, step away from your desk every hour to do some stretches or a quick walk. At home, do some lunges while on the phone, or get up from the couch and do some abdominal exercises while you watch television.

    Say No to Takeout

    You don’t have to be an extraordinary cook, or have hours of time to prepare the perfect meal. Simply avoid stopping somewhere to get takeout food, even when you’re tired after work. The high-sodium, low-nutrient meals from restaurants aren’t doing you any favors. Eat at home to fit in some fresh veggies and fruit in your diet on a more consistent basis. No need to get complicated!

    Stop Buying Plastic Bottles

    Simply passing on that bottle of soda or water from the vending machine will do wonders for the environment, and will help you save money. Packing filtered water in a reusable bottle reduces plastic waste and is much more affordable than shelling out two or three dollars per bottle. Plus, avoiding bottled sodas eliminates excess sugar and carbonation from your diet!

    Stay Hydrated

    Many Americans are chronically dehydrated. Ensure that you drink enough water by filling up a stainless steel bottle every day with water and refilling it at school or at work. Filtering your water removes contaminants and makes your water fresher and safer to drink, but you must also make an effort to bring water with you to regularly consume. Try to consume at least one glass (8 ounces) of water every two hours at minimum.

    These simple and straightforward resolutions are practical, attainable, and vital for improving your health. Choose one (or all!) of them and start your transformation into a healthier and happier you.