Published: May 29, 2017

    5 Water-Conserving Appliances You Need in Your Home

    Water is our most precious resource, and many companies are stepping up to provide greener alternatives in an effort to reduce the amount of water we use every month. Water that is wasted during appliance use must be treated and processed before it can be used again, and many contaminants render some wastewater untreatable.

    Luckily for the consumer, conserving gallons of water per month and saving big on your monthly utility bill is as easy as swapping out your old appliances for more eco-friendly versions. It’s a win for you and for the environment! Check out our favorite water-conserving appliances below.

    Low-Flow Toilets

    According to Consumer Reports, 19% of our total household water usage comes from simply flushing the toilet. Fortunately, great strides in plumbing technology over the last decade have flooded the market with greener alternatives to older toilet models. The Toto Drake II CST454CEFG only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush and is WaterSense-certified. Plus, it’s one of the most powerful and efficient toilets available. Not bad for a low-flow model. Make the switch today to conserve your fair share of water.

    Shower Filters

    Pelican Water shower filters are designed to drastically reduce to chlorine, chloramine, and chemical content in your shower water to help keep your skin and hair healthy, vibrant, and soft. In addition, the showerhead comes with a dual-head system so you can conserve hundreds of gallons of water every month! Choose between a constant pressure mode for a standard shower experience, or switch to water conservation mode to save water while still benefitting from a healthier, safer shower.

    Advanced Dishwashers

    The average dishwasher uses more than 6 gallons of water per cycle. If you have a large family and cook at home often, that kind of water usage can quickly add up. Combat water waste by investing in a super-efficient Energy Star dishwasher. Their Beko DIT28430 model uses an impressively small amount of water per wash – just 2.4 gallons. Slashing your water use in half isn’t the only reason to celebrate – Energy Star dishwashers are known to be quieter than those of competing brands.

    Whole House Water Filters

    When we design our products at Pelican Water we make a concerted effort to efficiently treat your water while conserving as much as possible. Our whole house water filter systems generate zero wastewater, making them one of the most water-conscious options available to homeowners. The low maintenance requirements also contribute to the eco-friendly nature of a whole house water filter system. Plus, a filter delivers fresher, cleaner water to every tap in your home to complement any lifestyle.

    High-Efficiency Washing Machines

    Traditional washing machines use an alarming amount of water per washing cycle – sometimes as much as 45 gallons per load. Now, high-efficiency washing machines (both top-loading and front-loading) can cut that amount down to around 15 gallons per cycle. Talk about water conservation! One of the most frequently recommended high-efficiency washers is Samsung’s high efficiency top-loading washer, which can thoroughly clean your clothes in far less time than other washing machines.

    Outfit your home with these water-conserving appliances to protect the planet and save a fortune on your next utility bill.