5 Reasons You Need A Shower Filter

5 Reasons Why You Need a Shower Filter

When families first consider filtering the water in their home, they tend to gravitate to the dangers of ingesting unfiltered water. Properly treating your drinking water is a crucial step to protect your family’s health, but it’s not the only source of chemicals, pollutants, and irritants. The water in your shower can cause plenty of problems if left unfiltered. Here are the top five reasons why you should ditch the chlorine and chemicals in your shower water forever:

Your Skin

As we just mentioned, the water that washes over you as you shower is probably high in chlorine content. As any professional swimmer can verify, water that has been treated with chlorine will naturally dry out your skin and cause agitation. Showering in water with concentrated amounts of chlorine can lead to dryness, redness, and flakiness, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Pelican Water low-flow shower filter reduces chlorine levels by 96% while also targeting chloramines and similar harsh chemicals. By removing these agents from your shower water the Pelican filter provides you with a relaxing, soothing, spa-like shower. In just weeks you’ll notice more hydrated, healthier skin. If you’re affected by dermatitis or other dermatological conditions a shower filter will help remedy dryness, swelling, and outbreaks.

Your Hair

The chlorine and chemicals present in your shower water can also cause your hair to dry out. Chlorine is a drying agent, and when you shower in chlorinated water regularly you can damage your hair, causing it to be limp and frizzy. Even worse, if you dye your hair the chlorine can actively remove the dye from your hair, particularly if you bathe in hot water.

The combination of hot water and chlorine lift the dye from the outer cuticle. In order to maintain your silky sheen and keep your color longer, consider installing a shower filter so your hair isn’t exposed to chlorine regularly.

Your Health

Chlorine and chloramine aren’t the only potential health hazards lurking in shower water. Chlorine can interact with organic materials to form several different by-products.

According to a 2010 report released by the President’s Cancer Panel, exposure to many of these common chemical by-products (including chloroforms, haloacetic acid, and trihalomethanes) can seriously increase your risk of cancer. The best way to combat this problem is to eliminate chlorine and other dangerous chemicals with a shower filter.

Your Wallet

Installing a shower filter can actually save your money on your monthly utility bill. The Pelican Water shower filter allows you to switch between a constant pressure mode and a water conservation mode with its dual-flow system. Utilize the water conservation mode to help the environment and cut down on costs!

In addition, the average shower filter lasts for 9 months before it needs to be replaced. With the minimal amount of maintenance required the Pelican Water shower filter is a wise investment that won’t break the bank.

Your Experience

Shower filters aren’t only essential for optimal health – they’ll also improve your overall shower experience. The 3-stage filter process removes unpleasant odors that are common with unfiltered water, so your shower smells terrific. Plus, the aromatic scent bar provides a relaxing, spa-like experience.