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    Published: March 9, 2015

    5 Most Romantic Bodies of Water

    From enchanting ripples to mirror-like reflections, lakes showcase some of water’s most alluring characteristics. The world is peppered with a diverse range of huge freshwater expanses, small grass-lined ponds, and everything in between. That said, thanks to an ideal blend of location and climate, some bodies of water feature romantic qualities that can make your heart skip a beat.

    lake comoLAKE COMO – Lombardy, Italy
    Blessed with an exquisite microclimate, Lake Como is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, palm trees and beautiful rhododendrons flowers. It’s also conveniently centered amid villas and villages, which offer great food and sublime views.




    Lake Lucerne

    LAKE LUCERNE – Switzerland

    Since the mid-1800s, vintage steamboats have been plying these storied waters, which sit before a breathtaking panorama that spans from Mt. Rigi across the Alps to Mt. Pilatus. Situated in the lovely city of Lucerne, this lake features a 13th-century Chapel Bridge that makes an ideal spot for a romantic kiss.



    Lake TahoeLAKE TAHOE – California and Nevada

    With a perfect mix of location and beauty, this alpine lake sits amid a multi-season playground, featuring everything from water sports to casino gambling. It also offers crystal-clear waters and scenic mountain views that make it a wonderful backdrop for new and enduring love.



    Lake Louise, Banff National ParkLAKE LOUISE – Canada

    Set amid the snowy peaks and dense forests of Banff National Park, this breathtaking glacial lake is famous for its abundant wildflowers and postcard-perfect mountain views. It’s also famous for the nearby Fairmont Chateau hotel, an iconic lodging facility that’s romantic and historic.



    Just outside of Playa del Carmen, you’ll find a peaceful turquoise lagoon, surrounded by wetlands, reefs and beautiful migratory birds. Famous for its seven lovely shades of blue, this romantic body of water provides a tranquil oasis for lovers looking to escape the tourist frenzy.

    Pelican Water is dedicated to providing green, sustainable water solutions so that the generations to come can enjoy these spectacular lakes and the natural beauty that our world has to offer. What ever may feed your wander lust, make sure to stay hydrated throughout your travels!