Low-Maintenance Indoor House Plants

    Published: May 18, 2016

    5 Low-Maintenance Indoor House Plants

    For those of us with a green thumb, the widespread drought in California and other regions of the country have left us in a funk. As much of a knack as you may have for gardening, you have to admit that many household plants require plentiful water to maintain that vibrant green.

    Even without a drought, conserving water is an integral practice to maintaining our environment. Learning to conserve water and keep a lively household indeed definitely has a learning curve, but is far from impossible. Plenty of vegetation is hardy and needs little sustenance to thrive.

    We’ve already showed you how to drought-proof your lawn and keep it looking lush with minimal water. Now we’ll lay down the knowledge you need to grow beautiful indoor houseplants with little to no maintenance. Here are our go-to indoor houseplants:

    • Aloe – Yes, aloe! The spike-leaved plant that produces a soothing, calming gel used to treat cuts and sunburn is also a terrific houseplant for those looking to conserve water. The plant is naturally healing, and requires very little attention. Place it in a sunny, well-lit room and simply water it more than once every two weeks.
    • Heart Leaf Philodendron – This hanging houseplant can be placed in nearly any lighting conditions save direct sunlight, and grows incredibly quickly. Water it once a week and be inventive in its placement! Hanging philodendrons can be shaped to climb and twist along bookshelves, bannisters, and windowsills.
    • ZZ Plant – No, not the band. A ZZ Plant is the wondrously rare houseplant that thrives with less water. Much like cacti (minus the spikes and general unpleasantness), a ZZ Plant can grow lush and green even in little to no natural light. We’re serious – Only water it every two months or so and it will still be as lively as ever.
    • Snake Plant – The tall, rigid, swooping leaves of the Snake Plant lend their shape to its nickname, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. These plants hardly need any watering (maybe once a month or so) and can survive in dainty, small pots with little soil. It also survives in little light (but don’t keep it completely in the dark). Its shape makes it eye-catching and the perfect addition to any home.
    • Jade – The ultimate low-maintenance houseplant, Jade stores excess water in its robust leaves so it can survive for over a month without water. Pebble soil is just fine, and the adorable shape of the jade plant makes it a great choice for any end table, bookshelf, or coffee table. Jade thrives in light rooms and darker rooms equally well.

    Conserve water and keep your home full of life with any of these houseplants designed to thrive. Install a countertop filter to ensure you provide your plants with cleaner, safer water.