Published: January 1, 2016

    Three Ways to Encourage Your Family to Live Healthy in 2016

    When a new year is upon us, many of us make promises to better ourselves. 2016 is finally here and with it a slew of New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym, give up soda, and live right. Nearly all resolutions focus on one thing: health. When you stop to think about it, few people stray into other realms of self-improvement when deciding what the year’s resolution will be. Career goals? Artistic endeavors? Traveling? Though these are also important goals, they are often overlooked because what we truly want is a long, healthy life during which we can achieve all of our other goals.

    But resolutions are notorious for disappearing come February. Gym memberships boom in January and then fall back to steady rates for a reason: Most people simply don’t have the follow-through. Here are three ways you can encourage your family to adopt a healthier lifestyle this year:

    1. Drink more water. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. If you’re not drinking at least 80 ounces of fresh water a day, you are likely dehydrated (although this depends on your body weight). Are your kids sticking to soda at the dinner table? Take away the sugar and limit drink options to encourage your family to drink more water. Buying a whole house filter from Pelican Water will ensure you have purer, cleaner water for your loved ones, but that isn’t enough. Keep glass bottles of water around the house so water access is easy. Visual reminders that kids and family members need to drink up are the best routes to long-term success.
    2. Buddy up. Committing your family to exercise more is a worthy endeavor. Exercise is hard work. Getting into the habit of exercising requires encouragement. I find that the best way to get my family into the idea of exercising is the buddy system. Never go alone: Jog around the neighborhood with your wife, take all of the kids swimming, or get a group membership and make gym visits a group activity. Getting into shape can be fun when you all do it together!
    3. Hold each other accountable. This is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the reason why most people are back to regularly eating unhealthy foods by month two of the New Year. Changing your habits can be difficult. There’s always going to be adjustments that are difficult or muscles that ache after finally exercising. How easy would it be to just skip one day at the gym? Three months later without a visit and you’ll realize how easy doing nothing can be. Keep your family members accountable. Make a chart. Check in on their progress to make sure they’re reaching their goals.

    Sticking to resolutions can be tough. As someone who took three years to stop eating candy, I know all too well. But following these steps and making healthier choices for your family leads to great payoffs in the long haul. Now throw out your old habits, drink some filtered water, and hit the gym!

    – Patrick Hollingsworth, Water Specialist at Pelican Water