Published: September 10, 2014

    15 Water Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    One of the fundamental necessities for all life, water plays a central role in our survival. Besides needing water to drink and grow food, we also need it to power and run our industries. Water also helps with hygiene, allowing us to eliminate waste and cleanse ourselves of potentially harmful germs. Surprisingly, however, despite its vital role in our lives, most of us know very little about water. If you think you know all there is about H2O, the following facts may surprise you:

    1. Water is more effective at dissolving substances than any other liquid, which is why it always carries some amount of minerals, chemicals, and nutrients within it.
    2. About 80 percent of a newborn’s bodyweight comes from water.
    3. Because the Earth is a closed system, it rarely gains or loses matter. This means we drink the same exact water consumed by dinosaurs millions of years ago.
    4. On Average, an evaporated water molecule spends 10 days in the air before falling as precipitation.
    5. Humans use about 30 percent of the planet’s water.
    6. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the sea level would rise 230 feet if all the Earth’s glaciers melted.
    7. Pure water (solely oxygen and hydrogen atoms) has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither basic nor acidic.
    8. By the time you feel a sense of thirst, you’ve already lost more than 1 percent of your body’s water. Dehydration can be fatal when 9-12% of body’s water is lost.
    9. 96.5% of the Earth’s water can be found in the oceans. The remaining 3.5% is freshwater.
    10. About 85 percent of U.S. residents get their water from public facilities, while the remaining 15 percent source their water from private wells.
    11. Hard water can fade clothing and make hair and skin feel dry.
    12. Traditional salt-based water softeners waste substantial amounts of water and can have a negative impact on plant and aquatic life. For this reason, many communities have begun banning them in favor of water softener alternatives with salt free technology.
    13. The world’s consumers spend over $100 billion on bottled water every year.
    14. In California, bottled water costs 0.90 cents a gallon, while tap water only costs about one tenth of a cent per gallon.
    15. According to a New York Times report, blind taste tests revealed that people actually preferred the taste of tap water over bottled water.