Published: June 9, 2014

    11-Year Old Envisioned Water Purifier For Better World

    Courtesy of Google.

    Kids say the craziest things all the time. We have done tv shows dedicated to it and spent countless hours on YouTube watching them say and do funny things. Yet today what 11-year old Audrey Zhang of New York did was open the worlds eye’s to something that most adults just don’t get. Google ran their 7th annual Doodle 4 Google contest asking kids from grades K-12 to draw an venation that would make the world a better place. The person who was picked out of nearly 100,000 submissions was 11-year old Audrey Zhang of New York. So what did she envision would make the world a better place? A Water Purifier.

    Water is our most precious resource and what 11-year old Audrey realized is that not everyone has access to clean drinking water. We can all do our part in keeping our water clean and drinkable both at home and around the world. Support the efforts around the world to provide clean drinking water everywhere we can and protect our planet from pollution by eliminating bottled water and going green with a water purifier and filtration system.

    A single drinking water filter can save millions of plastic bottles from entering our ecosystem. Protecting our water ways and environment have never been more important. Clean drinking water is not available to everyone, so we must help protect what little clean water we have. Currently only around <1% of the earths water is available and drinkable, the rest is sea water or locked up in the polar ice caps. Perhaps one day Audrey’s dream of clean drinking water for everyone can come true and we can all start at home by eliminating the waste and pollution caused by bottled water and filter water using natural, non-wasting carbon filters.

    If 11-year old Audrey can get it, why can’t we?

    Checkout more information about the winner and their doodle at Google.com