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Pelican Chlorine Shower Filter with Wand

Pelican Premium Shower Filter with 5-Foot Wand

Showering Reinvented
Model #: PSF-1W
Suggested Retail Price: $137.99
SALE PRICE:  $96.59

Item in-stock

Item in-stock

Remove over 96% of dangerous chemicals and contaminants such as chlorine and chloramines from your water.

One of the most important things we can do is protect ourselves from the immediate and long-term damaging effects dangerous chemicals such as chlorine in our water. Start today by enjoying the many health benefits, including softer hair and skin, with the Pelican Premium Shower Filter!
Benefits of the Pelican Shower Filter:
  • Filters Chlorine, Chloramines and other synthetic chemicals
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Reduces skin dryness, flakiness
  • Reduces fading of color treated hair
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors from your water
  • Transforms your shower into a spa experience!
  • Maintains shower pressure
  • Patented Design
  • Great for pets

Great features include:
  • Refreshing 'Ocean Breeze' scent bar for relaxing aromatherapy
  • Water-saving 2.0 GPM water flow
  • 5-foot tangle-free massaging shower wand
  • Unique 'up' design
  • Convenient clip for shower accessories
  • Filter lasts 15,000 gallons or 750 ten minute showers
    (average replacement every 9 months)
  • 'Quick Connect' for simple and easy filter change
  • Easy Installation

Damaging Effects of Chlorine  

So many people in the world today have no idea the damage caused by chlorine, chloramines and other disinfection by-products in their water to their hair and skin. One of the most important things we can do is protect ourselves from the damaging effects caused by these chemicals.

Chemicals in your water can cause skin and hair to become dry, itchy and damage your hair - stripping its natural oils leaving it dry, brittle and hard to manage. Not to mention that chemicals in your water can vaporize when your water heats up in the shower, allowing them to be inhaled with every breath.

Now, you can have softer healthier looking, shinier, and more manageable hair plus softer skin all from a spa like shower experience.

Total Annual $avings (With Pelican's 2.0 GPM Water-Saving Flow)  

  Water (gallons) Electric (kWh) Gas (therms) Savings
Electric Water Heater: 3,650 475 N/A $72
Gas Water Heater: 3,650 N/A 26 $46
Based on FEMP/DOE data and an average water rate of $4 per 1,000 gallons.

"People who care about showering without the damaging
effects of chlorine, choose Pelican!"

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Refreshing aromatherapy scent bar
Softer Skin and Hair
Premium handheld massage wand

System Includes back to top

Premium Shower Filter Handheld Massage Wand
More Info
Aromatherapy Scent Bar
More Info
Owner's Manual
View Manual
Money Back Guarantee Pelican Performance

"Installation was easy. Pelican provided me with everything I needed to get the job done!"

Disclaimer: The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. No medical claims are being made or implied.

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Product Features:
Other Brand
  96% Chlorine Reduction
Filters Chloramines
3-Stage Filtering
Only 2 Stages
Lab Tested to 30,000 Gallons
10,000 Gallons
Dual-Flow, Money-Saving Shower Head
Works With Shower Caddy
Accessories Clip
Easy Filter Change
Unique 'Up' Design
9-Month Average Filter Life
Only 6-Months

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Pelican Customer Reviews:

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Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 18,2014
No more salt or rental agreement!

We love our new water treatment! Thank you Pelican! We could not be happier with your service and products!

- Harold
Reseda, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 18,2014
Great water

We are extremely pleased with our system. Our son had eczema and after installing our system, it has completely gone away and our water feels even nicer on our skin. Would recommend this product to also make sure you have safe drinking water.

- Sue
Rossford, OH
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 16,2014
Premium countertop drinking water system

I received my countertop Walter filter two months ago. It was easy to install and it has exceed my expectations. I no longer have to endure the cities chlorinated tasting water in my food and drinks. Thanks to Pelican Water!

- Suzanne Broadwater
Port Orange, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 15,2014
very good exellent

very happy with water quality.--exellent system performs as advertised adding bleach every five weeks,,'have to check on that installed very easy iron filter, spin down ,,cotton ,,softner, whole house water fiter....great stuff,,I drink a lot more water now..... harold

- harold raupp
white lake, mich
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 15,2014
Very Happy!

Thank you Pelican! Your company passion truly shines through with excellent customer service and products. We love our new RO system! Thank you!

- Missak
Sherman Oaks, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 15,2014
Excellent Help

Mark Hughes helped answer some product questions and stepped me through the purchasing process of a Water System yesterday. He did a really excellent job.

- Graeme Jones
Tampa, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 14,2014
Top notch products from a top notch company

I originally purchased a Pelican water system for my house 7 years ago. Pelican Water was the only company to give me an honest assessment as to what I needed, it included the Iron/Manganese filter along with the PC600. Since then I have enjoyed life with clean and safe water. Throughout the years I've replaced parts of the system due to wear and tear, most recently the head on my Iron filter died from a power surge during a storm. Pelican (Trevor from support) pointed me in the best way to get the system running, replacing the head instead of selling me an entire new filter tank and head. Pelican support is GREAT to work with, always having the answers and making sure it is what is best for the customer. Thank you for all of your great products and services!

- Richard Jenssen
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 14,2014

Getting it installed in my complicated basement of my old house required the help of a plumber but it was worth it. We used to have to use vinegar in a jar in the dishwasher to keep a white coating from covering the dishes. Now the dishes come out spotless. I feel there will be so much less buildup in the dishwasher as well as the washing machine. Taste of water without chlorine and whatever white good was in there makes for perfect drinking water. Experienced no decrease of water pressure. Don't have to worry about boil bands when something goes wrong with city water. Sometimes we don't find out about it right away. No more buildup at the faucets and toilet tank. Excellent product. Reviewed every similar product out there and was glad I chose Pelican. Customer service is also a joy to work with as I was trying to decide which model to buy.

- Darren
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014
fast & helpful

I was tempted to buy the cheaper version of this bulb on Amazon but I'm glad I didn't as many of the reviews made it clear that "you get what you pay for". I also liked the videos on youtube that shows you how to do the intallation step by step. Fast delivery. Pelican does great1

- david
warrenton, va
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014
It is working

Dear Sirs, I have been using the system for the last four months, in my country, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf, and I am happy to say that it did work, despite the geographical location, and the difference in climate and water quality from that of the US. Thank you

- Ebrahim Lori
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014
Pelican tank system

We had 2 Pelican tanks installed in our home before we moved in. Our daughter & family had their system since 2005 and are very pleased with the results. We had 2 tanks installed in 2012. We and our younger daughter, her husband and our 9 year old grandaughter live with us and believe me, my son-in-laws, one a teacher. the other an attorney, research everything. Since we all ordered Pelican, I have to believe it is the best water filter system available, and customer service is excellent.

- Kathie Hagen
La Crescenta, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014
Ease of clean water

I love this system because I don't have to do anything but change the filters and enjoy clean water

- April
Circleville OH
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014
Happy Customer

Very pleased with my whole house filter system from Pelican and so happy to be rid of all those Poland Spring bottles. Not only too heavy for me as I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands but also a pain to recycle as they are large and fill up my recycling bin too quickly.

- Frances Dickman
Ridge, NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014

Very happy with the results, no more salt to buy! Thanks pelican!

- D.B.
Austin, Tx
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 11,2014

I was out of our home because of a tornado and during that time I had 4 skin infection. The carbon filtering and Uv filtering system was moved to a Rental house and I have been free of the rashes that led to skin infection. Twice it was in my blood stream. Thanks again. GARY

- gary register

Pelican Shower Filter Performance

Pelican Shower Filter Benefits Removes chlorine, a bleaching and drying agent. Eliminates unpleasant odors from your water. Negative ions and hyper-hydration and the body in fighting common skin conditions. Rejuvenates and moisturizes your skin. Softens hair and adds luster without chemicals. Keeps dyed hair color for longer. Reduces skin dryness, flakiness and rashes. Transforms your shower into a spa experience!

The Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the
reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory

View Testing Data

3-Stages of Water Filtration - Industry-leading technology with patented design

Stage 1 - Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media
Includes a patented blend of media used to filter chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water. Your hair and skin will enjoy the many benefits of dechlorinated water.
Stage 2 - GAC Carbon Media
Includes a special blend of steam activated carbon media. This media is designed to filter out chloramines and synthetic chemicals as well as unpleasant odors. Your water will now smell fresh and clean.
Stage 3 - Far Infrared Balls
Consists of Far-Infrared emitting volcanic media that induces reduced or negative ions into the water. This results in a lower surface tension in the water allowing for better hydration of hair and skin. Changing the surface tension in the water also makes the water feel softer on your hair and skin, leaving you with a feeling of having just left a spa.

"We love, love, love, our Pelican Shower Filter!"

The Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory.

Installation Instructions and Product Specs

Instructions / Owners Manual back to top
PSF-1 Premium Shower Filter (link opens in new window)
PSF-1 Premium Shower Filter (for print)

Specs and Product Information back to top
Installed Height:
(From top of filter to shower pipe)
6 1/4"
Width of Shower Filter Body: 3 7/8"
Eco-Friendly Water-Saving Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM
Operating Pressure:
80 PSI
Operating Temperature:
115 Degrees F
Performance Tested To:
30,000 Gallons
Every 9 Months or 15,000 Gallons (For 96% Chlorine Removal)


System Includes back to top
  • PSF-1 Pelican Premium Shower Filter
  • 5-Foot Tangle-Free Wand
  • (1x) Aromatherapy Scent Bar
  • Owners Manual / Installation Instructions

Manufacturer's Warranty Information back to top

Pelican 1-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Pelican Water ("Pelican") warrants to the end user ("customer") that the PSF-1 shower filter system will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1 year from date of delivery. No warranty is made with respect to defects or damaged due to neglect, misuse, alterations, accident, misapplication, physical damage, installation on water quality outside guidelines for system or damaged caused by fire, acts of God, or freezing. This warranty does not cover replacement filter cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Pelican shower filter system fit my existing shower pipe?
The standard shower pipe connection size in most homes is 1/2 inch, which means the Pelican shower filter system will fit most homes.

Q. How much space do I need above my shower pipe to fit the Pelican shower filter system?
The Pelican shower filter system needs minimum height above the shower pipe of 6 1/4 inches.

Q. Will the Pelican shower filter system reduce my water pressure?
No, the Pelican shower filter system is design to eliminate pressure drop to ensure maximum pressure.

Q. Does the Pelican shower filter system change my existing shower head height?
No, Pelican's patented filter up-design allows for your existing shower head height to remain the same.

Q. Can I use my own shower head or hand-held wand with your Pelican shower filter system?
Yes you can use your own shower head as long as the connection is a standard 1/2 inch. We do however recommend that you use the provided Pelican dual-flow shower head since it was designed to optimize the benefits and lifespan of your Pelican Shower Filter. Other shower heads might flow at a higher rate than 2.5 gallons per minute, reducing the life of the filter as well as slightly diminishing some of the filter's positive effects. Please keep in mind that shower heads with cut-off valves may damage the filter and void your warranty.

Q. How many showers can I take before I need to change the filter?
The average person takes one 10-minute shower per day. The recommended filter change is every 15,000 gallons.

- The water saving 2.0gpm setting you will get 750 10-minute showers or 500 15-minute showers.

Q. Does the Pelican shower filter system require a plumber to install?
The Pelican shower filter system is easy to install and does not require a plumber for installation. The Pelican shower filter systems come with a simple installation guide to walk you through each simple step. (Click to view manual)

Q. What is the flow rate for the PSF-1 shower filter with hand-held wand combo?
The PSF-1 with hand-held wand has a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate.

Q. Is the Pelican shower filter system designed for a constant pressure application?
No, leaving the Pelican shower filter system under constant pressure when not in use may result in damage caused to the unit. The Pelican shower filter system is designed to have water flowing through it when in use.

Q. Can I use a shower caddy along with the Pelican shower filter system?
Yes, with Pelican's patented filter up-design will allow you to use your existing shower caddy.

Q. Does Pelican offer an auto-ship program for replacement filters?
Yes, Pelican offers the Water Shield auto-ship program which automatically ships your new replacement filters at a specified time to ensure you are never without filtered water. Read more about the many benefits offered to our Water Shield members.

Water Shield Auto-Ship Program Includes Free Delivery Water Shield Program – Replacement Filters & Parts