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Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 18,2014
is great

Over all does as advertised, better tasting,
softer, less scale, so is doing as advertised.
NOTE; the installation by Jim's Plumbing here in Pahrump was great ++,
R. E. Pike

- R. E. Pike
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 17,2014
Great Hair!

Been struggling with my water for years and how it affects my hair. Just installed the shower filter (super easy by the way), and couldn't wait to try it. So took my second shower of the day and OMG! My hair is behaving its naturally curly self! I'm soooo happy.

Great purchase for curly girls everywhere! :-)

- Laura Childs
Laurel, Md
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 16,2014
very good

Great advice from Mark H installation was easy

- Bob
New York
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 15,2014
Great product

Best purification system ! Really does the job & does not change the taste or smell. Very little maintenance. Highly recommend this product.

- Scott
New Braunfels TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 15,2014

Since we had this unit we have really enjoyed it. Our water feel and smell so much BETTER. Even when we have guest over they always asking about the system

- Stanley Adams
Humble, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 15,2014

We just ordered our second filter. Love the difference in the way my skin and hair feel. Skin is not dry anymore and my hair is shinier. My husbsnds back would get so dry it was breaking out, but not now. Love this filter. Great customer service too.

- Regina
Kansas City, KS
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
Very pleased

Excellent product, my life has changed: H2O now is soft and we can drink right off the faucet.

- Jutta Baumgarten
Deland, Fl
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
Professional and welcomed service.

So about a year after moving to the country in Virginia, I was about to do a major kitchen remodel. But before I was going to drop $2,000 dollars on new appliances I wanted to make sure the water quality was not going to degrade my new appliances faster than normal. With my well water being slightly acidic I needed a way to raise the pH and Pelican was happy to help.

They spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me to determine what products would suit my needs best. By the end of my phone call I had a new carbon filter and a calcite tank ordered and would arrive in about a week.

It's been 4 months since I installed the products and our water quality is much better. Our water tastes great right from the tap, our skin and hair fell much better after a shower, and our laundry feels better to the touch.

To sum up: Great products, great customer service, and better quality of water. When friends ask I'll be sending their business to Pelican.

- George
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
Great product with great service

I have been communicating with Matt on the subject products and the service from Matt is excellent. He attended to and solved my enquiries promptly and without delay. I am happy with Matt's service.

- Peggy
Hong Kong
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014

Beyond pleased with product

- Patti
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
Pelican shower filters

I struggle with dry hair dry skin when I moved to Texas. My hair felt like a Brillo pad and I always had an uncontrollable itch. I later realized it was hard water that was causing the problem. I purchased the Pelican shower system and noticed a change. Als I need to mention the excellent customer service provided. I received my product quickly.
Thanks Pelican.

- Ce Ce
Texas City, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
my skin is much softer

excellent product

- diane kirchner
tomball, tx
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
Matt - most helpful

To Whom it may concern:
Matt has been very helpful as we have been evaluating our changing needs while wanting to keep Pelican as our supplier for our water system needs. We had been purchasing bulbs yearly but now have determined we don't need to, as the amount of water used averages to usually less than 300 gallons a day. When we do need anything associated with our Trojan Max be assured we will be calling on Pelican as you have always served us well and as Matt has continued to work out how Pelican might best meet our needs.
Linda Campanella

- Linda Campanella
Mahopac NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 14,2014
Excellent Customer Service

Fantastic experience with Jeff Knox, the experience at pelican with Jeff influences me to acknowledge other customers toward making sure they are educated on the fantastic service and excellent product pelican offers.

- Donn Hoganson
Otisville, MI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 11,2014
Quality product

Thank you for an excellent water system! Your customer service representative Jeff did a fantastic job explaining your products for our needs. Thanks, John and Margie

- John
Venice, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 09,2014
very happy with system

Very happy with my Pelican whole house saltless water conditioning system. So far it's been easy to maintain and you get all your questions answered from Pelican. It was easy for me to install and change pre filters. Our results with our well water system were worth it. Looking forward fir many trouble free years of service.

- Rober Cammack
Willis, Tx
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 09,2014
Excellent Product

Your filter was fairly easy to install. I simply followed the step by step instructions. Since I installed this unit outside, I took the additional step to create a roof over the unit to help shield the unit itself from direct sunlight. This should also prevent the effects of ultra violet rays on the control valve portions of umit.
This filter has made a world of difference. I suffer from a skin condition called ATopic dermatitus and am allergic to all urea formaldihyde products (Chlorine). I now have been able to actually shower without breaking out in a rash.
Thank you for selling a product that performs as advertised.

- Philip Pelletier
Sebastian, Florida
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 08,2014
Overall System

Wow... What a great system! Our son had Chronic Lyme Disease, and we is very sensitive to what goes into his body. We all love the peace of mind knowing that we are even showering in helathy water. Plus, we live on a golf course, and we see the proof in the smell, taste and appearance of our water when compared to that of our neighbors.

- Holly
Ashland, WI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 07,2014
Max Pelican/Max Satisfaction

I am the owner of a three part Pelican Whole House system (sediment, carbon, and NS-20) and a three part Pelican Pro-5 system (cartridge, tank, and faucet). This is MAXimum Pelican. My MAXimum satisfaction started with Patrick and ended with Trevor. With the help of Patrick, I got the right size unit for my small condominium for myself and my wife. With the help of Trevor, I got both systems to work without problems or leaks. Thanks to them and Pelican. Don Lisenby, Happy Customer

- Don Lisenby
Casselberry, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 07,2014
Awesome Support

I have been speaking with Mark about the systems and he was very knowledgeable and had the answers for all my questions. I just ordered my system PC1000 and Mark made the process very easy. Customer service awesome, technical service awesome. Thank you for everything. Kent

- Kent Gavlik
San Tan Valley, AZ
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