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Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 22,2015
Best shower water filter

We are extremely happy with your shower filter! Thank you Mr Knox for your prompt service.
- Terri
Redding, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 22,2015
The One

Had our PSE2000 five years now. Our house had not had a system before; it took about 3 years to fully clean our pipes of all the junk in them, but the PSE did the job. It works even better than advertised and is as easy to use as possible---just change the pre-filter on time and the media at the five year points. Great system and even with frequent house guests, we've never experienced a shortage of clean water. And, there's no need for faucet filters or any other but this whole-house setup. Patrick did a great job of helping me with the media change too!
- Bill Isenbarger
Montgomery, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 22,2015
Pelican/Mark review

First of all, I would like to thank Mark Hughes (extension 209) for his incredible help in letting me choose the right system for my home. I look forward to the shipment and set up. I appreciate the extra time that he spent with me going over the technical details of the softening technology and the benefits of the RO system. He helped me throughout the sale process and also worked out a great deal to enable me to buy an Advantage series PS80 and 6-stage RO filter. Great customer service, prompt response and hopefully the product will match the expectations of the performance guarantee.
- Sayantan
Richmond, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 21,2015
Really reduces Chlorine

We have had the whole house filter system for over 2 years. As we live in a hard water area, we have a sediment filter. It really makes a huge difference in the amount of chlorine in our water! I can smell and taste the difference. We have a pretty basic model, without water softening. The filter we have can be reused several times and is advertised to last for 4 years. Ours has lasted 2 years so far. They have great customer service. Extremely patient!
- Sylvia
Encinitas, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 21,2015
Customer Service

This review deals only with my recent telephonic purchase of a 600 series water filter.

After doing nearly a month of research, my wife and I have decided to purchase a Pelican 600 system. During this process, I've been dealing strictly with a sales rep named Michael L. in Florida. He is - in part - the reason I've decided to go with Pelican. He was able to answer all my questions, never put the hard sell on me and reassured me about the quality of their systems and the product's guarantee. My plumber will be installing the 600 in the next week or so. I'll post the outcome of the installation and condition of the water in about a month.
- Randy
Lincoln, Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 20,2015
customer service

Very helpful customer service knew what they were talking about and helped me with my issue.
- Allard van der Graaf
laguna Beach california
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 20,2015
excited about my purchase

Love purchasing our water filterization system With pelican's there very patriotic great customer service love there lifetime warranty compared to there competitors that won't come close to that type of warranty
- peter galles
prosper Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 18,2015
easy and water tastes great

I had a friend help me instal but in fact I could have easily done this by myself. The first flush and watching the black going out became a concern as I never thought it would end but sure enough it did and my whole house is glad for it. My shower nozzle is running better and I have more pressure at the kitchen sink for whatever reason . I like the water filtration system and would also like a name of a contact that I can talk to for other parts and questions. Thank you very much for the clean water . Where can I get my water analysed ??? Les Gordon
- Les Gordon
Buckeye AZ.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 17,2015

Mark Hughes was extremely helpful advising us which system would be best for our use. We enjoyed working with him. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.
- Ron & Carole
Palm City, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 17,2015
HI Patrick

HI Patrick,

The combo set works great- I have recommended it to 3 people and they ended up buying it too.
Gary Stevens ( one of your distributors here in Richmond, Texas) installed their system for them. I did it myself. The water taste great. I thought our tap water was good in our neighborhood however, once you got to used to this system the tap water taste so bad.

Nice hearing back from you.

- Angelito Fernando
Richmond, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 16,2015
Looking forward to it

Jason was very helpful and helped explain all the different parts of the system. I am looking forward to getting my system installed.
- Monte Soto
Cambria, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 12,2015
Thank You

Thank you Mr Knos x220 with your help with our Flouride concerns! We love our new filter!

Mac and Tippy
- Mac
Boise, ID
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 12,2015
just purchased

Just got the PSE200 and will install this week, but working with MATT was awesome. good guy to work with
- Georges
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 10,2015
Very Pleased

I installed it myself. Easy installation. I was totally amazed (and shocked) at how dirty the pre-filter was with orange dirt from our well water after 3 months. I unraveled the pre-filter (must have been a mile of string....seriously) and was very pleased to see that towards the center of the filter the string was still pure white....so, the pre-filter does an excellent job of removing dirt and contaminants from the water before it gets to the whole house carbon filter!

Our water is fresh and clean and odorless! :-)
- Denny
Ocala, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 10,2015
very pleased with product and was treated with sincere people like Jason and Trever

very pleased and suprised at the quality of my pse1800 water system. exccelent . would reccomend in to any one
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 10,2015
So far so good

I had a wonderful conversation with Michael and after speaking with him, purchased the water filter and softener system. He was just great on the phone and I appreciate his professionalism and humor. I am looking forward to getting the system and hope it is as wonderful as Mike was!
- Renae Jacobs
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 09,2015
Buying Experience

I have just purchased the PSE2000 system, so cannot comment on the product yet. However, the buying experience was quite easy and well handled. I had a few questions, which the sales rep Michael handled adeptly and with good knowledge. I will update the review after installation and a few weeks of use.
- Michael G.
Valley Center, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 08,2015

Very happy with my pelican system, good product and good customer service.
- Rich
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 08,2015
Whole House Water Conditioner

Product arrived in good condition and was installed in two hours total including flushing the existing water service.
- Carl McLain
Wichita, KS
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 08,2015
Love It

The Pelican Shower Filter is a wonderful thing to have. Since chlorine is removed, when we take showers we don't have to smell it in the water and it makes our skin feel better as well. We will be customers for life.

Margaret Mayfield
- Margaret Mayfield

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