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Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softeners

Circulator Pump

Model #:  P-SDP
Suggested Retail Price:  $799.00
SALE PRICE:  $499.95

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ALPHA Circulator Pump with AUTOADAPT One Touch Operation and Line Cord

ALPHA is the latest and most innovative member of the Grundfos family of high-quality circulators. By incorporating a permanent magnet motor design, power consumption is now reduced by 50 Percent . ALPHA adapts to the seasonal demands of your system without sacrificing comfort.

With ALPHA, you can stop worrying about complicated pump settings. Simply install the pump and leave it in the factory setting, AUTOADAPTTM. ALPHA will automatically analyze the heating system, find the optimum setting and continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand. The result is optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption.

The factory setting, AUTOADAPT, analyses the heating system and automatically adjusts the pump setting to meet changes in heating demand. Ensuring lowest possible energy consumption, while maintaining maximum comfort levels.
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Pelican Customer Reviews: NaturSoft

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Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 13,2014
It works.

We had some trepidation going in; the claims for the Pelican conditioner seemed too good to be true. But it's both good and true. The calcium deposits are a thing of the past, and without wasting tons of water on regeneration cycles or dumping tons of salt into the ecosystem. We also found your customer service rep, Matt, to be extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Kudos all around.

- Edgar Stone
Elk Grove, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 12,2014
loving it!

We have only had our water softener for a couple of months, but already we are noticing a big difference in how our skin feels, and our detergent usage. We have well water, which was tested as very good, except for the hardness level, and they recommended the system we now have. We were impressed with their honesty, as they could have insisted we would need something more expensive. We were skeptical about the salt-less system, but after viewing their informative videos that gave info. on both types, could make a decision right for our situation. The sales man was great, not pushy, and gave us space to make a decision. All in all, we will be happy to recommend Pelican Water Systems to any one who needs great water.

- Clif Hammock
Sandia, Tx.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 09,2014
No Water Spots

My new Pelican non-salt water softener has not been in for a whole week yet and I am already very impressed with it because leaves No Spots in my stainless steel kitchen sink! I had no idea that would be a perk! I am very pleased with it: No Salt! No Electricity, minimal maintenance. Great product!

- Marsha Koenig
The VIllages, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 21,2014
Great Product

I just recomended my fourth NS3 water softener to a friend. He is so happy with this unit as all the others friends are. Could not beleive the difference in the water. I have mine for two years now and still works like the same day I installed it. I have a black car that I couldn't wash at my house because it left white spots all over. Since I installed it, I can now wash my black Corvette at home. We are four happy customers from Pelican. NICE JOB

- Tom Capaldo
Southington, Cy.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 11,2014
Quality product

Thank you for an excellent water system! Your customer service representative Jeff did a fantastic job explaining your products for our needs. Thanks, John and Margie

- John
Venice, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 06,2014
Thumbs up for the NS6

We installed our NS6 about 60 days ago, give or take. We are on well water and had been replacing our tankless water heater about every 3 years. Our second tankless was already making grinding sounds and is not 3 yet. It started getting quieter in about 2 weeks, then grind a little but this morning and for several days it is silent. Plenty of hot water too. The wife is a faucet polisher....she stated she used CLR every 2 or three days.....she is down to every couple of weeks on the CLR treatment. She started talking positive about the softner after only two days...I have a story about my 1 quart mug that I will not tell, for brevity. My commode handle broke. When I took off the tank lid, everything below the water line was like new...the valve above the water level still had scale on it.....I CLR'd the top and now all like new..Have talked one neighbor into buying one... I continue to watch for signs that it is not working but we are getting more and more sure that it is working fine...Now; how long does it last? Thank you Patrick.

- Robert Waggoner
Clyde, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 04,2014
Better Water

Noticed better tasting , no discoloration or stains any more in sinks toilets washer. i would like to know if the medium in the system will need to be changed and how will i know when that should happen. We love it . thanks Dennis Williams

- Dennis Williams
White Hall 21161
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 02,2014
Pelican Water Filter

Having the NatureSoft NS3/NS6 has been the best investment I have ever made. Our condo association has well water. I am very pleased to know the money I am saving, not only in the preservation of my new washer, dryer, dishwasher, and shower heads, etc., but the very small amounts of detergents, soap, shampoo, etc., that is needed to clean. No more rings inside toilets, nor calcium nor other mineral deposits, anyplace. And less time having to scrub the deposits as before, leaves me with a lot more time for more important things to do.

- Joanne Rupar
Sheboygan, WI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 30,2014
Impeccable Service

I am very impress with the level of service and knowledge, as well as the willingness to spend time answering all my questions with such valuable information. I appreciate knowing that it is not necessary to have a plumber reinstall the carbon media which will save hundreds of dollars. Thank you once again.

- J. Morrison
redondo beach,CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 27,2014
Amazing Product and Service

I recently discovered that the water in my house is extremely hard and was the cause of significant damage to appliances as well as staining of fixtures, basins, and dishes. I contacted Pelican Water and spoke with Patrick who helped me understand everything I needed to know about hard water and how the NaturSoft system works. After researching different types of water softeners I came to the conclusion that the NaturSoft best fit what I wanted. I wanted a system that softened my water without adding salt or potassium to the water, that required limited ongoing maintenance and expense (only requires a pre-filter change every 6-9 months), that left beneficial minerals in the water, that did not waste water, and that helps reverse the damage caused by hard water. I installed the NaturSoft and immediately noticed that the sink basins I had to regularly clean with vinegar and baking soda to remove hard water stains actually stay clean now! Within a few days of installing the NaturSoft I could see a significant amount of scale buildup dissolving in my dishwasher and the buildup continues to dissolve as time goes on. The water in my house feels and tastes the same as it did before installing the NaturSoft yet I no longer have a problem with mineral scale. It is also worth noting that I have no previous plumbing experience and the NaturSoft was simple and inexpensive to install myself. I had to do some online research to understand how the plumbing in my house works but after I read and learned a bit I was able to get the NaturSoft working without any problems; it took me less than two hours to install the NaturSoft which I think is pretty good for a first-time plumber. Thank you Pelican for helping me solve a big problem simply and affordably! A special thanks to Patrick for answering so many questions, being so responsive, and for all of your help.

- Tim Hull
Portland, OR
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 09,2014
Very knowledgeable tech

I'm very confident purchasing your company's product. It's partly due to the technician's ability to answer in depth questions.

- christine mih
san diego, california
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2014
It is working

Dear Sirs, I have been using the system for the last four months, in my country, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf, and I am happy to say that it did work, despite the geographical location, and the difference in climate and water quality from that of the US. Thank you

- Ebrahim Lori
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 09,2014
Very Happy!

Thank you Pelican for resolving our hard water issues! Awesome product and service!!

- Leslie
South Dakota
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 01,2014

Patrick was very helpful in my ordering process of your system. We haven't used your product before and Patrick made it easy to go through. Thanks you for all of your help.

- Adam Reid
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 30,2014
Great product and service

We have had the whole house water filter for over a year and it is amazing to see the filters when they are changed. Makes a big difference with the system. Glad we have it.

- Carol Wilson

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Learn about the benefits and advantages of owning the Pelican Combo Series. The EPA says it is up to you to filter your water in your home. Adding a filter to your home is the first line of defense against harmful chemicals and byproducts. The Pelican Natursoft system offers a green alternative to water softening that will protect your biggest investment: your home, from scale and the damaging effects of hard water.


Installation Diagrams and Guides

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  • Measures system changes automatically
  • Maximizes energy savings

Technical Data:

  • Flow Range: 0 to 21 GPM
  • Head Range: 0 to 19 Feet
  • Motor: 1X115V
  • Min. Fluid Temperature: 36°F (2°C)
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 230°F (110°C)
  • Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Watts: 5-45W
  • Amps: 0.65A

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