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Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softeners

Circulator Pump

Model #:  P-SDP
Suggested Retail Price:  $799.00
SALE PRICE:  $499.95

Item in-stock

ALPHA Circulator Pump with AUTOADAPT One Touch Operation and Line Cord

ALPHA is the latest and most innovative member of the Grundfos family of high-quality circulators. By incorporating a permanent magnet motor design, power consumption is now reduced by 50 Percent . ALPHA adapts to the seasonal demands of your system without sacrificing comfort.

With ALPHA, you can stop worrying about complicated pump settings. Simply install the pump and leave it in the factory setting, AUTOADAPTTM. ALPHA will automatically analyze the heating system, find the optimum setting and continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand. The result is optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption.

The factory setting, AUTOADAPT, analyses the heating system and automatically adjusts the pump setting to meet changes in heating demand. Ensuring lowest possible energy consumption, while maintaining maximum comfort levels.
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Pelican Customer Reviews: NaturSoft

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Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 16,2014
Excellent product and service

I ordered the salt-free water conditioner by telephone and received the shipment a few days later. Since installation three months ago, visible effects of scaling have been eliminated, my son reports 'no itchy skin' after showering and we are using less soap for laundry, showering, dishes, etc. There was one installation problem due to my lack of experience and an extra fitting was required. This was shipped to me in two days after a phone call to Patrick. We are very pleased with our Pelican Water Conditioner. Hello Pelican, good-bye 'slippery' water, salt and scale.

- Jacques Soucie
Newmarket, Ontario
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 13,2014

Although the NS3 has not been installed long, it seems to be working fine and very easy to install. Lot simpler than my old salt softner.

- David Conley
Union Springs, NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 13,2014
Easy to install

Installation was a breeze. The system works great with the joy of not adding salt like the other systems we have tried. I've recommended Pelican to several of my friends and business associates and will continue to do so.

- Larry Klosterman
Sandia, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 10,2014
OK so far

I was happy with the order experience and shipping time etc. The unit has been very satisfactory so far. Preforms as advertised. Dean

- Dean Hutchens
Yuma, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 09,2014
Great Product

We are so pleased with the Pelican Salt Free System.It takes up little space and best of all, doesn't require constant additions of salt pellets. What a pain that was! There's just one filter that needs to be changed every 6 months and takes only a couple of minutes to do. We are happy with the product and its great performance and recommend it without reservations.

- Freya Waynberg
Georgetown, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 06,2014
Enjoying my Pelican

I am thrilled to say my water is much softer, and clothes come out much cleaner!

- Karla Carrell
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 02,2014
Fine product

You never even know it's there! No fuss. No bother.

- James Robbins
Phoenix AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 31,2014
Great Product

Easy to install and we experienced immediate results. Thanks.

- Mike Gerhardt
Evans Mills, New York
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 28,2014
Verry good I love My Pelican

I installed the unit in November 2013. I have gone around three Time's to clean the faucets but found no deposits.

- Ernest Paul
Woodstock IL.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 24,2014
So far, great product.

New house installation. Out this way I've not heard of anyone with a similar unit so I have to explain the principles of use and always seem to get a perplexed response. Anyway, the unit is working great after several weeks of running and I expect it will continue to do so. Regards, Jerry C.

- Jerry Caricchio
Chillicothe, MO
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 23,2014
Great Product & Service

We have had are product almost two years, been great and very satisfied with its performance. Today I had to change the filter and ran into a gasket issue. Called The Toll Free number, for some possible assistance to find a local parts dealer. Surprisingly (for a Saturday), someone answered (Phil) and was able to help guide me to local compatible replacement parts through a big-box retailer as an emergency fix to get our water back in service in the house. We discussed a few other tips to help our product and I was back in service within the hour. I was very surprised, for a Saturday, to get such great service and help. You have a customer for life now. Actually thinking about an upgrade to my existing system this year.

- Gordon Jones
Henderson, NV
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 19,2014
Instant difference.

I did my research and when I found Pelican I knew that my search was over! The product, the price, excellent customer service by Steve, and the resulting improvement in my water quality all combined for the best water softener on the market!

- Carol Pease
Goleta, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 16,2014
Works as promised

We live in an area of very hard water in Michigan and without softening it the buildup of carbonate precipitates makes everything hard to clean. Yet I never liked my traditional water softener and the huge amounts of salt that it added to the groundwater through our septic system. We have had the Pelican system in place for 15 months now and, as promised, we no longer see the buildup we used to get. Of course there is salt left where water droplets evaporate, like a shower door, but there is much less and it is far easier to clean; a little vinegar works on its own where formerly we would have to use a strong acid product and a lot of elbow grease. So we are quite satisfied. We have not yet noticed any reduction in its performance.

- Steve Hamilton
Augusta, MI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 14,2014
great product

Worked as intended; no salt to mess with or regular flushes to do. There is fairly hard water here. Went from lots of film on the dishes and soap scum residue in the shower, to almost nothing. Shipping was fast and easy, package was complete with a large pre-filter. Would do business again.

- Paul
Putnam Valley, NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 13,2014
Very happy

We have installed and been using our new water system for over a month now. We are very happy with it, I am now able to use my dishwasher, and I have noticed a big difference with my hair and skin. I have recommended your product to all my friends and co-workers. Thank you!

- Raechelle
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 11,2014
saltless water softner

So nice taking a shower and not feeling I have soap left on me. Seeing we are seniors it is also a plus not to have to get bags of salt and lift them 3 or 4 times before they are actually used. Mark was a big help in explaining the system and sold us on it.

- RobertZottarelli
Las Vegas, NV
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 10,2014
Recommended product !

We were considering a salt system but not too happy with the environmental and the handling until we found the Pelican system. It took some reading to understand, some more reading to see that customers were happy to order it. I decided to install it myself and it was relatively easy. But the best was when we turned it on to see the rapid improvement all over the house. From the dishwasher (we stopped using salt), to all the surfaces to the shower feel. So really a great product and we recommend it ! ps : we use it in conjunction with an osmosis for drinking

- Eric Bouche
Pleasanton, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 08,2014
very pleased with product

Water here is some of the hardest I've experienced. The softner made a huge difference is just a couple weeks. My skin is healthier, there are fewer mineral spots on the counters, my faucets aren't building up deposits, the water is not that slimy feel from salt. I love that the system is maintenance free. I replace a coarse water filter every 9 to 12 months. These filters are much like the type under a sink (a bit larger) and cost ~$10 ea. There is no salt to maintain and put down the drain. My neighbor across put in some type of salt conditioner and pays something like 3g's just to keep it in salt. Installation was a little tricky, but not terrible. I was expecting metal fittings; it comes with plastic. Connecting plastic to copper water lines takes some effort. If you are not a fan of plumbing, hire someone to install it. I did not need to contact anyone regarding information, installation, or other. I had no experience other than a purchase and the great results. I would recommend this system to anyone.

- tim
highlands ranch, co
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 08,2014
Excellent result

We had serious issues and went through multiple dishwashers and washing machines, not to mention the calcium build up in shower heads, faucets, glass, etc. Since putting in the Pelican salt free system over a year ago, our appliances and system have been calcium free. Excellent results!

- Charlie Hoff
Doylestown, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 05,2014
Water review

The water system seems to be working fine and as expected.

- Brady Bezoski
Murray, UT
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 05,2014
make the investment

Two years ago my brother and I purchased two salt free NS3 water conditioners for our rental properties both of which are connected to the municipal or city water system. My brother and I wanted reduced water hardness, low system maintenance, appliance protection, plumbing protection, and sore back protection; i.e. not hauling and loading 40lb bags of salt periodically. We also did not want to contaminate the rental property's water system with salt, force the tenants to buy bottle water or a reversed osmosis system, and not be able to use the outside water spigots to water the lawn and maintain the landscape. After several months I asked my tenants if they noticed a difference in the water quality and they said no. I went home that day with the uncomfortable "taken to the cleaner's" feeling that maybe I had made a bad investment in the green, salt free water technology. Several months later it came time to change the unit's water filter and I was amazed at how much brown and reddish colored rust that was captured by the filter! Our properties are on municipal, county and state certified water and it is as not clean as one would want. In any case I thought, well, at least the water filter works. Some time later my tenant and I were talking and she mentioned that it is much easier to clean the bathroom now, the dishwasher cleans the dishes better, and her laundry feels cleaner. That comment made my day! This was the vindication that I needed to hear! I was very, very happy, and confident that I made a correct and worthwhile investment not only in the green water technology but also in the quality of the Pelican Water system! The system has been trouble free for over two years now. All we do is change the affordable, low cost filter. Pelican has excellent and friendly customer service and it is a pleasure working with them. I am planning on buying a third unit for another rental property as well as buying a fourth unit for my personal residence as part of an upcoming bathroom remodeling project. Thank you.

- ugo antenucci
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 04,2014
Quality filter and softener

I have purchased pelican water filters for my homes over the years but when I got the combo with the salt free softener it made a big difference in how the water felt and all the advantages that came with it. It was not cheap but it does a lot for your money.I convinced my brother to get one and he loves it too .great product !

- Arman
Granada hills , Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 03,2014
Great System

We installed a Pelican salt free system based on a water analysis of our well water. Since installation we have had NO problems with any mineral build ups or sediment anywhere in the home and the water is safe for our plants and drip line. Well worth the investment!

- Mike
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 27,2014

I am very happy with the overall experience. Especially the low maintenance without the use of salt

- Mark G Webb
Phoenix, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 26,2014
It works

It took us some time to get the softener installed because of the house, but we got it installed professionally by a plumber. We wanted to carefully see how are water was before we sent our review. So far we have noticed an improvement with the hard water. We don't have to clean our sinks and shower as often and my skin isn't dry like it was before the installation. Thank you for making a great product and I will continue to inspect other improvements in out appliances because of this softener.

- Robert Ort
Hackettstown NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 24,2014
As Advertised

We had been using a Culligan whole-house softener for our well for several years, but never cared for that slick feeling, like there was still soap on our skin. On the recommendation of a neighbor, we purchased the Pelican system. That slick feeling is gone and the normal scale and glass etching hasn't returned, either. I really like not having to load 40 lbs. of salt into the system every couple of months. Btw, I have a clean, used salt-based whole-house softener for cheap if you decide not to go with with the Pelican system. ;>)

- Jon Scarpelli
Sedalia, CO
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 22,2014
very pleased

I had a NaturSoft N3/N6 installed in December 2013. I have been more than pleased with the product and the significant improvement in the water flow and water quality in my home. There was a high level of calcification and sedimentation In the water from the direct line and the installation of the product has eliminated all the recurring problems I have had over several years with the water quality and flow.

- Rickie Seltzer
Gaithersburg, MD
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 21,2014
Excellant Product

Very satisfied with product. Would highly reccommend to anyone having water issues.

- Frank Ratajczyk
Yuma Az
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 21,2014

Buying the water softener system and filters on-line ended up with my calling for assistance (because I'm not good with computers) but the experience was very easy. Best thing is, the Pelican system is great and has made my water drinkable, and has given me peace of mind that my appliances are being protected.

- Elizabeth
East Dubuque, IL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 20,2014
All is well

So far so good. Scheduled next week to change the filter for the first time. We did not try to install the unit ourselves - called a plumber - but he had no problem! Thanks Mark.

- Lois Farmer
Utopia, Texas 78884
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 18,2014
Good Service So Far

the system has been in for about one month and so farI'm very pleased with the performance.

- Joseph Dattoli
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 11,2014
Soft Water

I had this system installed in 11/08 and am very glad I did. No more hard water deposits. Helps relieve dry itchy skin. Softer hair after shampooing. The system is easy to use and the filters are easy to replace. No salt to replace. I would recommend this system to anyone who is thinking of installing a water softening system.

- Patricia McMillan
Independence, KY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 08,2014
Hard Water?

Not anymore! I purchased the NS6 system recently. We are on well water in central Oklahoma. We have been on this system without a water softener for 7 years. Needless to say, we had much calcium buildup around all the faucets and appliances. The system arrived in a big box and took about an hour or so to install. Installation went okay, but I had to retrofit many 1 inch pipes coming from our holding tank into the NS6. Our water quality has greatly improved and already have many neighbors asking about it! I love the fact that I don't have to constantly add salt or K tablets to the system. The only change I would make is to have the filter cartridge holding tank cast in clear plastic so that you can see if the sediment filter needs changing. Great product!

- Neil Clark
Edmond, OK
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 05,2014
Soft Water

We had just built a new home and wanted to have our appliances last, we decided to invest in a Pelican system. We have been ecstatic over the difference that soft water makes in showering, the dishwasher, and most of all, the washing machine. We have the entire home on soft water and we couldn't be happier. Well worth the investment.

- William Erdo
Caliente, Nevada
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 04,2014
Very good experience

Steve was very helpful when I was selecting a product. It arrived in a timely manner and our plumber was able to install it easily.

- Buryle Kilday
San Antonio, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 03,2014
Like the unit

We've had this unit operating for a year now in our new home. We moved from a home on the same water supply system that had real hardness problems with scale, etc. We have NONE now with the Pelican.

- Bob
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 01,2014

I researched water softeners as part of a kitchen remodel. We had hard water with a lot of mineral buildup in our bathrooms and appliances. I spent a lot of time researching water softeners and finally settled on Pelican. The company was excellent on answering questions and even recommended an additional filter because we were installing a gas tankless water heater. The tank and filters came quickly. I had some reservation about installation but the plumber I used did not have any problems installing it. I do not have any more mineral buildup in my roman tub and even though there is residue on my dish drain pan, it wipes away easily. The water is not slippery and I love that my skin does not have that dry white residue on it after showering. The plumber was amazed that there was very little mineral in our old hot water tank that he took out(the water softener was installed a couple of weeks before the water heater). I also loved that Pelican was a Florida company. Thank-you Pelican for a great product!

- Rhonda Grosskopf
Lake Worth
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 31,2014
better water

I purchased 2 units in the summer of 2013. I haven't any deposit build up and a simple rub with a soft cloth or swipe with a brush and everything is clean. With water as hard as ours, it's a small miracle. These units ended the excess water and salt sent to my septic. Thank you.

- c mcneal
Three Forks
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 28,2014
So far so good

We are owners of a rental property. We had a Pelican Water Softener installed at the rental property. We had the tenant update us on their experience after about a months use of the system. They were very positive. They can see and feel a big difference. Their dishes look much better and they can feel the difference during their showers. We didn't ask about water taste or if there is any difference in their laundry, but if there was a negative experience they would have mentioned it. We may be looking at installing a salt free water softener at another rental property this year.

- Dwaine Carlson
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 28,2014
Great Product

This is a great company with perfect products at reasonable prices. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. Had the system for a year now and it is working just fine;no more scale build up; and the water taste great.(I have a well water) Sincerely Stefan

- Stefan Asparuhov
Clovis, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 27,2014

Mark Hughes was very helpful in walking us thru this purchase. He was personable, professional and knowledgeable about your products. He educated us rather than pressured us...I very much appreciate that.

- Brete Thibeault
Big Timber Montana
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 26,2014
Best thing since sliced bread

I installed one 9 months ago and have been enjoying it since then. All my bathroom tanks are clean, no more scaleing in shower heads. I reccomeded this unit to two of my friends and they also bought the unit. They couldn't beleive the difference. Thanks again Pelican.

- Tom Capaldo
Southington, Ct
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 24,2014

No more buying water bottles for hiking or road trips. We fill our containers direct from the faucets in our home. The whole house filter cleans are water to the point that we no longer add anything to the dish washer or frig water system. Thanks for your excellent product.

- Ray S.
Surprise, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 23,2014
Great Product

It was easy to install. I thought for sure that it was going to leak, but it did not. It works great. I am Happy.

- David
Riverview, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 21,2014

customer service is excellent. the product is easy to install with the provided instructions. The unit appears to be well constructed and do a good job.

- Steve Ladd
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 21,2014
Love them

Bought first unit for Florida home was very happy and satisfied with it so, we purchased another for home in north

- Robert Zeman
Fontana, Wi
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 20,2014

I love my Pelican! The Pelicasn keeps everything clean. Water drops are easily whiped away without leaving spots. Filter is easy to reach for replacement when necessary. The Pelican will protect the plumbing for the "on demand" water heater and dishwasher. The toilet stays cleaner. Great for washing my Classic Car. Gone are the days of hard water stains. Water come out of the tap faster and tastes like spring water. So happy to have a salt-free system in my new house.

- Steve
Clearwater, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 20,2014
Low maintenance softener

After reading up on softeners, I was skeptical about all systems. I decided that the Pelican NS/6 was the best choice, but I did not expect too much. However,I am pleased with its performance. The water is soft and the scale build-up in the dishwasher has stopped. Clothes seem much cleaner and softer. The water tastes like distilled water from a bottle, so overall I feel it is a great system. I like the fact that it is almost maintenance free.

- Glen Fields
Dandridge Tn
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 16,2014
Pleasantly surprised

So let me try to clear a few things up. Firstly I am for the most part a skeptic and did a lot of research before purchasing a salt free system. It was difficult to find any real negative information. I also noticed that the reviews on Pelican's site were all positive. I found that odd and suspect. I live in the middle of North Carolina and from my understanding the Salt free system would work sufficiently. I installed the system myself. I found the directions to be clear and easy to follow. I also installed a whole house filter and a calcite tank. The calcite tank came loaded and was very heavy. I waited 2 months to write this review as I had to verify my findings. After installing the system my and my wife's hair reacted poorly for almost 8 weeks. It is just now getting used to the soft water and neutral acidity. My chest hair felt like a Brillo pad until recently. I think things are normalizing. Now to the real concern. The salt free system converts the minerals to another form and causes them not to permanently stick. The minerals are still there. I have no problem with my dishes after washed in the dishwasher and they look fine and are almost always spot free. As for the shower, the curtain liner still gets a build up of minerals and spots like as before. The difference now is that I can take and wash the liner in the washing machine and it comes out perfectly clean. The mineral deposits are gone! So overall I am happy and have achieved what I wanted. I was not interested in buying and hauling salt and it appears that I will not have to.

- Kurt Bower
Julian, NC
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 16,2014
Great Lime Reducer

We purchased the NaturSoft system because the lime content in our well water is off the chart. We did not want a product that added salt to the system. We have been very pleased with the reduced lime content as our dishes no longer come out of the dishwasher covered with a white film. We hope to add the whole house filter system to eliminate the problem completely in the near future and we will definitely purchase this system from Pelican.

- Karol Murks
High Point, NC
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 14,2014

the product is awesome , i use the product on my well water , what a big difference in the water , no more stains in the in shower or toilets

- david latozas
marion ct
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 11,2014
Excellent Product

Excellent product. Easily installed by owner (me) and worked as advertised. Been in use for 2 months now with no problems.

- David H. Thomas II
Camden, NC
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 31,2013

Great system wish I also got the carbon filter to go a long with my water softener. All in all I am happy with it so far.

- Anthony Good
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 26,2013
Very Pleased

We changed our water system out this summer and installed a sediment filter, a peroxide pump, a charcoal filter and a Pelican water conditioner. This replaced an aging water softener that we have had for about 10 years. Our well water is hard with iron as well as calcium so iron bacteria has always been a problem for us. The peroxide pump takes cares of the iron bacteria as well as the dissolved iron and the Pelican conditioner works very well at eliminating scale build up. In fact, after about 6 months of operation we see virtually no build up at all and out water tastes great. We are very pleased with the results.

- James Gregory
Canehill, AR
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 19,2013
A product worth the money

If your tired of hard water...seriously...get a Pelican...after installing ours the difference was amazing.Washing clothes..washing dishes...taking a shower..your hair feels different.Cleaning the shower doors is soooo easy..same with the toilets.The water deposits are gone.I can only praise Steve Engel..he explained the softner to me in detail..excellant PR..excellant service..and really works..installation was easy and NO salt to back-flushing and no electricity.

- Dave Tempel
Blue Springs Mo.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 16,2013

Softner works great and install was done in 4 hours by plumber. looking forward to more products from pelican

- Denny Watson
Ithaca MI.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 11,2013
Changed our Lives!!

We absolutely love our Pelican Water System. It has made such a difference in our daily living. Our sinks are shinier, don't have to buy special water for our coffee pot, etc.. Our hair & skin feels so much nicer and it is working great. We had no problem installing the system. Just changed the flter cartridge and had no trouble at all. What a great product & we highly reccomend it for sure.

- Joyce Moore
Marana, Arizona
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 09,2013
Very pleased

I immediately saw a significant improvement in my water.

- Rickie Seltzer
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 09,2013
What a Pleasant Surprise

We needed to replace our current Culligan system because of a malfuction in its operation. We decided, instead of a repair, to avoid the salt every month routine on our next softener and were we pleasantly surprised by how well your Peilican Natursoft product worked in providing soft water and "protecting our pipes and appliances;" thank you for a fine product.

- Jack Perez
Mc Calla, AL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 05,2013

The order was over two years ago and we are very satisfied with the product. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

- Warren Forrest
Columbia, MO
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 02,2013
Most pleased

Mark Hughes of Customer Service was most helpful, polite and informative. He was able to quickly recall my filter/softener system, and give guidance. Much appreciate this and Pelican's ability to keep my costs low.

- Mark
Eloy, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 30,2013
Excellent Product

Was shown this Product online by friend. Easy to install, both Filter and Softner. No electricity or salt needed. Wife states she notices a huge difference and is thrilled I put it in. Happy wife is a happy life! I would recomend to anybody.

- Doug Cowan
Hendersonville, TN
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 26,2013
NaturSoft NS3

We love this system. We already had great water from our 400ft well. The problem we were having was the calcium build up in our toilets, sinks, water and ice dispenser and dishwasher. Before the system we couldn't get the calcium to scrub off without an enormous amount of effort. After installing the system, the existing build-up is disapearing and we don't have to scrub as hard. Today we replaced the filter for the first time. The filter is catching all the grit.

- Gemini
Council, ID
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 26,2013
Better Water

Our water was very hard, calcium clogged my appliances and faucet screens. Now my hair is better, and sinks and bathtubs are way easier to clean.

- Kathleen Crownover
Stahlstown, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 21,2013
The Clear Difference

My wife and I recently elected to have our home repiped entirely, out with the old, in with the new copper. As part of it, and because of the incredibly hard water in South San Jose, we elected, upon consultation with our contractor, to order the Pelican salt-free softener. After more than a year of re-rinsing our dishes and scrubbing the walls and glass of our shower, we're finally not embarrassed about look of our glassware. Our shower is noticeably cleaner, our dishes only need one wash, and best of all, all we have to do is smile at the softener in its corner of the garage. There's been no leaks, no hiccups, no residue, just clean, lovely water on demand.

- Jason M Goldman-Hall
San Jose, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 19,2013
Great system

We installed the Ns3 a few months ago and it is performing exactly as specified. No more spotting on the dishes and we are saving money by not having to use all the additives to the dishwasher. This unit is also best for the environment because you don't use salt and therefore salt brine doesnt go down the sewer.

- Scott
Seaside CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 19,2013
Good First Impression!

I have only had the salt-free water system installed for a couple of months, but it is already evident that there is much less mineral build-up occuring! Thank You!

- Wendy DeMers
New Orleans
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 14,2013
No backbreaking salt bags

I installed this Unit by myself. The hardest part was getting the heavy old softener out. The Pelican hooked up with no problems. If your used to slimy feeling water, then you will find this unit's water will have Squeaky Clean effects on your hair, with no soap residue.It's great. After 4 months, I noticed my water pressure seems to be higher, as the pipes clean out and my back is also not sore from loading salt. Thanks for a great product. I recommend it.

- Dave Herbert
Sibley, Iowa
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 13,2013
Simply Loving It

I placed in four units now and my customers are very happy with the results, out of all the others out there this is the Best. Love the stainless tank, Steve at pelican Water is a real pleasure to work with and he knows his product. It's nice to know that what pelican Water claims is so true in deliverance to performance, and in these days that's a rare thing. Cost verses results Pelican Water is for us.

- Philip Myers PDM Plumbing Svc Inc
Cathedral City, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 07,2013
Good Product

Water softner does a good job for us. Replaced my old Rayne SALT System with Salt Free Pelican. Water does not have that "slimey feel" as with Salt unit. We are satisfied so far. Also the Pelican unit does not interfere with water pressure.

- Mark Granby
Los Angeles, CA.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 01,2013
Very Pleased

We were in need of a great water softner and that's exactly what we got with Pelican very fast shipment and easy to install works like a charm! Thank you, have already recommended to many of my friends!

- Kathleen
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 24,2013
A high quality product

After using my Pelican system over the past year I have no complaints. It is simple to maintain and the deposits do not build up on my fixtures like before. The deposits that do occur come right off too.

Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 23,2013

This has to be the best money I've spent. Took about 3 days to really appreciate this product. The thing that impressed me the most is when I took the covers off of the three toilet bowls. The tanks were absolutly clean. I can now drink out of my faucet and taking a shower is a pleasure. My friend also bought one who has well water and he can't beileve the difference. Well done Pelican.

- Tom Capaldo
Southington, Ct
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 17,2013
Wish I had gotten this sooner!

Hi Steve, The NS3 is doing everything as advertised. The water is soft and the filtering is working fine. I have recommended this same unit to my neighbor who also purchased and installed and has noticed the obvious differences. Great Product. It's a pleasure to enjoy water! Much thanks, John F.

- John Fascia
Hackettstown, NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 16,2013
Matt -Customer Service

What a great job your information and patience was so professional in my decision to go with the Pelican water system. I can't wait to get it installed and start having great water in my home.

- L.McClellan
New Braunfels,TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 10,2013
Great Experience

Mark was very knowledgeable of the products and gave me various options for consideration. He provided me with a thorough explanation of the water sample analysis and made recommendations accordingly. He asked appropriate questions regarding our household water usage and provided insight on appropriate maintenance of the system and flushing of the current water lines to clean out excess mineral deposits.

- Reggie Brisco
Sheridan, Tx
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 08,2013
Fantastic Service

We have enjoyed our salt-free Pelican water soft system for two years now and we no longer get the calcium buildup on the shower enclosure or pipes. I called Pelican seeking advise on how to change my pre-filter and Patrick in technical service was friendly, informative and most helpful. I appreciate the fantastic service that I received.

- James Irvine
Phoenix, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 07,2013
Excellent product

We wanted a salt free solution to our water scaling problem the Pelican technology is exactly what we were looking for. Very pleased with the quality and ease of installation of the system. Would certainly recommend to friends.

- Eric Morham
napa, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 07,2013
better water

I installed the unit about 2 weeks ago and water tastes better and is feeling softer.

- William Parson
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 07,2013
So far so good.

The product was easy to install. We notice a difference in the water but can't really tell you how....the water is not slick but feels good. The water tastes good and make clear clean coffee and tea. (My personal test is ice tea, there is no scum.)

- Stan Langel
Rudyard, MT
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 04,2013
very satisfied

This filter system has help with our water

- william dodge
baytown texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 03,2013
Salt not worth it.

I had been a life long "salt water softner user" until I purchased the "NaturSoft" product. The only thing I miss is the absence of the "slick feeling" you get when the salt in the traditional salt softener reacts with your soap. My husband hated that slick feel. I towel dry my sinks after each use and that inconvenience does not compare with the inconvenience of going to the store to purchase the salt and LUGGING the salt to the basement. I like the idea that I am no longer wasting water to regenerate a "salt water" softner. My pipes are not clogging with hard water deposits and my water iis soft. The NaturSoft was a WIn WIn for me.

Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 30,2013
Happy Customer

I had a lot of doubts about the performance of salt free softeners and put off going salt free for a year before buying the NS6. The Pelican system performs as promised and I am very satisfied. I am no longer paying a company to deliver two tanks to my home every month, and I am fully compliant with local laws regulating the installation of new salt systems. Now I'm saving $65.00 a month and not polluting local rivers with salt. Thank you Pelican!

- Shea Aubuchon
Saugus, California
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 28,2013
Smart Salms

We are pleased with our purchase. Patrick was informative and pleasant about product choice; C & D Express performed an excellent install. We are glad to know that filtered water now comes from every faucet in the house and the water tastes great. We look forward to more benefits especially the removal of scale from the inside of the pipes; benefits to household appliances and reduced mold in the toilet bowels. We will be in touch with any problems or questions down the road. Best wishes, M & M Salm

- Maryann & Marc Salm
The Villages FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 26,2013
Meeting expectations

We are pleased with our new water softener. It is working as advertised and saving us a lot of water over our previous product.

- Arthur Nelson
Carmel CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 26,2013
excellent customer service

Your customer service was very helpful in the installation of the softner, especially when modifying the existing hardware to accommodate Shark connectors.

- joe fistola
buffalo, NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 26,2013
Excellent product

Product works as advertised. Cleans out particles & eliminates rust stains from toilet & tub fixtures. This product is worth the upfront money. You will save in the long run on electricity charges & salt. I installed it myself in June of 2013. Easy to read instructions. Any problems arise, the tech department is ready to help. I am recommending this product to friends who want to replace their old system.

- Gary Roe
Miamisburg, OH
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 26,2013
Great product & service

Called to ask which size filters I needed for my NS3 - it was not clear on the website. Very pleasant & helpful person... Love your product!

- Amber Babcock
Conroe, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 18,2013
Works Great

The Pelican system works great. 2-3 days after installation we started noticing the difference in our water. Would definitely recommend this product.

- Rolf Maue
Linfield Pa
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 13,2013
Does the trick

Replacing a Culligan's system of monthly service and bills. Installation was not too difficult since the waterlines were already there. I don't know how it will hold up outside in the winter when temperatures dip into the teens and twenties. The water is not as slick and slithery as with Culligans softener. It feels like water and does not leave any mineral residues. Taps and shower stalls stay clean. I am happy with my choice.

- Bruno Messmer
Tucson AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 10,2013
Efficient and easy

I'm on a water well within twenty miles of the Texas coast...the water quality is quite poor. I could hardly believe what was in the prefilter at the first change. I've not tried others but am more than pleased with this Pelican NS3 system.

- Gerald Hanzik
Sweeny, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 06,2013
Woohoo! Great Product

I spent a year of research and evaluation deciding between salt or salt-free based water systems. And another 6 months deciding which salt-free company I could trust. For this investment, I wanted to make sure it was a wise and effective one. Salt-free was the answer for me. And Pelican got my business by a huge margin. I didn't want slimmy softened water or the continual maintenance which comes with salt based systems - lugging salt, system backflushs, etc. I'm on a septic system, so the additional water waste from the salt systems was a concern. I simply wanted to eliminate the effects of calcium rich water - faucett crust, clogged shower heads, shower door haze, etc. Fortunately, I didn't need to remove other contaminates from the water. If I ever do need to remove other stuff, I'm confident Pelican will have the system to solve the problem. The purchase and delivery were great. Customer reps were courteous and very knowledgeable. Able to answer all my questions - and I had a bunch. I'm an experienced DIYer and had to be comfortable with what I was getting into. It took me awhile to get to the installation. But when I did.....what a wonderful experience. The owners manual instructions were complete, thorough and easy to follow. The additional information in the manual provided outstanding before and after care information - what to expect, follow-up actions after install, etc. A very refreshing surprise. Some folks get wrapped up in salt-free system symantics - are they a water softener or a water conditioner. My advice, buy what you need and want. Be more concerned with what the system does, not what it's called. Salesman can tell you anything. Get the facts. Pelican has super customer service and an outstanding product.

- Bruce Brandstetter
Conifer, CO
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 01,2013
Great alternative

I have had my pelican system installed ( myself ) for 2 months now. Very happy with it. The water is much better tasting, softer and all around much better. It is much nicer than expected , works as advertised , and is a lot better than messing with salt bags and flushing system. I installed it myself in just a couple hours.

- Bsch
West Des Moines, IA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 28,2013
Against all advice

Everybody told us to get a salt or potassium softener, but you convinced us to take a chance. You have excellent staff, a good website, and decent pricing.

- Robert Michaels
Tempe, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 27,2013
Very nice product/great support.

We purchased this unit for our vacation home because we have heavy lime deposits in our well water at 280 ppm. The unit has been in for three and a half months and already we can notice the fixtures do not have the hard water deposits on them like we were used to seeing, our glasses look better after washing and the toilet tanks are looking much better. The installation process was pretty east, it took about three hours. I have recommended this product to many of our friends.

- Scott Bilgrien
Lebanon, WI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 27,2013
Soft water unit

The system was installed by a plumber and has been working very well. It has met my expectations and beyond.

- Steve Hanrahan
Port Orford OR
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 26,2013
The best

This is my second review. I installed it the 1st week of June. Noticed the difference in a couple of days. Had it for 3 months and wow!!!! I took my toilet tank covers off and the tanks are all clean. Could not beleive the results. Love to take showers. You feel so refreshed and I can actually drink the water. Thanks again Pelican.

- Tom Capaldo
Southington, Ct
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 21,2013
New home installation

We just recently install the new Pelican water system in our newly built home. As we are not fully in the home yet, it is hard to give a full review. So far, we haven't noticed water spots and the water seems to be softer than our previous home (on the same water company). Doing laundry is great too. Our plumber installed it and said it was easy to do!

- Janet Burks
Ellettsville, IN
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 21,2013
2 in the family

We bought one for our daughter's home in Cibolo, TX 2 yrs ago, and it was great, so we bought one last year for our home. It has made a huge difference in water quality in both homes. My daughter does not have to scale out her dishwasher anymore and her glasses come out chrystal clear, before you could hardly see through them. Both households use less soap, shampoo and detergents for cleaning and personal use. Here in Hot Springs we no longer have a white film on any and everything water might have touched or stood. Thank you for this great product. We just purchased extra filters to replace the ones that were in each unit. WOW, the old ones really looked gross. Sure glad that is not coming into our drinking and cleaning water any longer.

- Katherine Patten
Hot Springs, AR
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 11,2013
Life Altering Product!

We chose a Pelican water softener based on extensive research, and ordered one for our home on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have had problems with calcium build-up and bad-tasting water. Immediately after installation, our water became fresh to drink and there is no more calcium in our bathroom and kitchen fixtures, coffee maker, on sinks, and no more rings in the toilets to scrape off. Most importantly, we are all drinking alot more water, and feel better. Going to order a second unit for another house. Thank you for a product of extremely high quality that is simple to use and install!

- Nicole Goc
Clearwater Beach
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 03,2013
what a difference

We had the NS3 system installed about three months ago and what a huge difference it has made. The is no more scale build up, we use less detergent washing clothes, and the glassware come out so much nicer from the dishwasher. What a great product. We are completely satisfied with the results.

- patrick
wyckoff, NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 01,2013
Great Healthy Water

In December 2011 we had the Pelican Salt-Free Water Softener "NaturSoft NS3" installed in our home in Vermont. Before that we had a salt system to remove the hardness of the well water. The salt system was bad for our sceptic system since it frequently stirs the water in the sceptic tank and makes the filter clog in a few months. It is also environmentally wasteful because of the amount of water used. The "magic" of the Pelican technology is that it removes the hard water by the action of free-flowing calcium carbonate crystals that tend to also clean the pipes. In addition, the benefit of healthy minerals in the water is maintained rather than removed. Besides the 6-9 month change of the Pre-Filter Cartridge there have been no other maintenance issues. In summary, I can highly recommend the Pelican Water Softener!

- Abraham Oort
Hartland, VT
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 24,2013
Salt Free and Hard water FREE

Great item I am very pleased with it..Especially not having to deal with the salt bags...I highly recommend it!!!

- Duane A. Tipper
Highgate, Vermont
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 23,2013
Answered all my questions

I was hesitant to try this product until I spoke to the knowledgeable, patient and helpful customer service associate who actually spoke American!!! A BIG PLUS in my opinion. All my questions and concerns were answered in a professional manner and I felt comfortable placing an order. All the reviews I read also played a factor in my decision.

- Phyllis Walker
Sevierville, TN
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 20,2013

We have had or water softener for about a week and a half. So for we are very happy with it. My wife says that the towels are alot softer. That is all cotton material.

- John M. Felan
San Antonio, Tx
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 18,2013


- ram Trivedi
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 17,2013
Great product

We just moved to SW Florida and the water here is very hard. We had a water pipe under our home slab start leaking up through the concrete caused from a build up of lime and calcium. I knew nothing about water softeners and thus began my research. I checked out systems at the big box home improvement stores and then searched online to do a comparison. I have a bad back and did not want to have to deal with all the salt with a salt system. I then found the NS3 from Pelican online and after reading everything about it and watching the videos I ordered it. It arrived at my home in two days as I was very surprised how fast it got here. I know quite a bit about plumbing so after picking up just a few inexpensive items it took only about an hour and a half to install. We started noticing a big difference in our water in a couple of days, all the buildup on our faucets and shower heads started to disappear and our showers are much better as we now get suds from our soap. This technology is awesome, I'm now showing my neighbor the benefits of this system and I'm sure he will be purchasing one as well soon. Great job Pelican.

- Keith Ransom
Port Charlotte FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 15,2013

The thing I noticed the most was I wasn't getting the water spots on the sink and tub anymore and that the water had a better taste.

Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 13,2013
Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes was extremely helpful as I researched this product over a period of several months. As a chemist, I had questions regarding how the system worked, and as a consumer I wasn't sure how it might fit into our household because we do not have a traditional hot water heater, but instead have a Triangle Tube, and a holding tank. The other difficulty was finding a plumber familiar with the system who could install it for us. I had e-mailed a copy of your owners manual to two plumbers but none got back to me. However, Mark Hughes helped again by providing a list of plumbers in my area who had previously installed the unit, and one of them will install it next week. We have very hard water and are looking forward to the descaling feature of this system, while preserving the good flavor of our current water, and the minerals in the water.

- Duane Voss
Montville, NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 13,2013
So far, so good

Our Pelican water treatment system has been installed for two weeks. I have no complaints. The water seems have the same feel as rain water. There is a noticeable difference from our old water softener.

- Bill Aston
Coldspring, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 09,2013
Love your product

We have been using our new Pelican salt free water softner for about a month now and am very happy with the improvement in the quality of our water. I would definitely recommend this product.

- Victor Ruboyianes
Tucson, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 05,2013

My brothers installed the unit for me and said it was pretty straightforward. I watched them change the filter once, but haven't done it myself as of yet. I was impressed with how much the filter removed, and aprreciated the reminder. I love not having to buy salt or waiting for the system to run through cycles before drawing water. While my daughters would always tell me how they felt like they couldn't rinse off all the soap, I liked the silky feeling. I'll adjust as I feel it is better for me and the environment even though keeping the faucets shiney is a bit more difficult. So far so good.

- Mary E. Loeb
Birdsboro, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 02,2013
Major difference in water quality

We have owned a P600 whole house water filter for 3 years, experienced no trouble at all, have had excellent customer service all along but found the calcium in our water is high, making the glasses have a film. I have severe cardio disease and would never consider a water conditioner/softener that uses salt. Pelican's No-Salt water conditioner/softener is the perfect solution for me! The water is like bathing is spring water, taste is excellent, less soap to clean clothes, glasses perfectly clear, and our skin is not dry. Put together, the carbon filter and the no-salt conditioner are the best improvements we have made to our house. Excellent water is critical for optimum health. Thank you Pelican!!!

- Larry Parker
Roanonke, VA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 29,2013
Love Soft Water

We had the old water softner that you add salt to. Then we saw this. It's a great product. Notice rings in toilets going away too. Less hassle. Would buy again.

- Sherry Mothershead
Carson, Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 27,2013
Good choice

I did my research on water softeners. Pelican came out on top so I bought one. My best friend is a plumber and installed it in about an hour. It does everything they say it does. Love the showers. My friend who installed bought one also. Nice job Pelican, your product really works.

- Tom Capaldo
Southington, Ct
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 27,2013
salt free

Just love our salt free pelican filter. No buying salt, it is a hassle free softener. we change a small filter about every five months. great drinking water right out of the faucet.

- d k foster
tallahassee, florida
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 26,2013
Extremely Satisfied customer!

Thank you Pelican Water Systems my wife and I are Extremely satisfied customers with your saltless water softener system, it performs exactly like it says it will and our water is now perfect straight from our well! It installed easy enough and was delivered super fast. It has been in place for over 4 months now and we couldn't be happier Thank You again! We definitely will recommend to any of our friends and neighbors! The Johnsons

- Mr. & Mrs. Johnson
Naples, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 15,2013
Excellent water softener

We have had the water filtration system for a year now and have had no problems. The water throughout the house has normal flow and tastes great. Just have to change filter every 6 months. Don't lose the wrench that comes with it! Installing the system required a very handy person or plumber. Luckily, my son in law was able to do it! Great water for your skin too!

- Barbara Pacholec
St.petersburg, fl
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 11,2013
Completely Satisfied

Just to let you know that we are completely satisfied when we installed our Pelican NaturSoft NS3.We felt the difference of the water after couple of days.I would really recommend this product to all my family and friends.

- Honorio Jacalan
So. Plainfield New Jersey
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 22,2013
Pelican Water Softener

I am very happy with my water softener. The installation was a year ago and went very smoothly and left no mess. I have just changed my filter for the first time and that couldn't have been easier. I discovered I have a lot of rust in my water - unbelievable amount and I called Pelican to see if I should change the filter more often. Instantly was connected to Steve and got my answer (yes, every 9 months) so no waiting and shuffling through one phone menu after another. So I would have to say the customer service is top notch and personalized. This filter change is all I have to do. Big change in the water. Tastes better but more important (because you can buy water) is not having spots on my dishes and glasses or car. I can use less water in my laundry. My skin feels normal after a shower. I don't have to use a body lotion if I don't want to. That alone is a real plus. All in all, I'd say buy this product. Nothing could be easier to live with.

- Barbara Burton
Ocala, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 21,2013
Pleased so far

I've had the unit installed for two weeks now, and am very pleased with the results. The water tastes good, and there is noticeably much less spotting on everything from dishes to faucets and sinks.

- John Miller
Tempe, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 17,2013

I had the Peligan NS6 hooked up on Tuesday,05/14/13. I had hard water from my well and it was horrible taken a shower or a bath. Made my skin so dry. I thought it was snowing around me. No more dryness or rings inside my toilets. I have 4 of them. Now water tastes much better, and I can shower with comfort now, that I couldn't enjoy before. Its amazing how one can feel and tell the difference so quickly. I don't see the film on my glasses in dishwasher or my shower doors.. That's a plus. Great product. I had a pro hook it up for me. Much faster then I would have. I would recommend to all who have hard water. Well or city. 5 out of 5 rating. I'll get back to you if there's a change. I don't think so. But be sure you know if what I say fits your needs. So far Im hooked.

Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 16,2013
Great Product!

We ordered the salt-free NaturSoft system and had it installed about two months ago. I no longer have white buildup on my stainless steel kitchen sink! I do get some water spots, but they come off easily -- no more scrubbing. The glass shower doors get the usual dull build up of soap and water spots, but again no white scale buiild up that has to be chipped off. The shower doors now clean easily and quickly. The water tastes fine too.

- Wendy
La Habra Heights, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 15,2013
Great system

There is no substitute for the best! Love it.

- James Odell
Orofino, Idaho
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 09,2013
excellent service

Sales person was great. To date system working as advertised. Installation by plumber, (Franlin @ Vizzo out standing. I'm complete satisfied.

- Andy Peruzzi
Ventura, Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 02,2013

We are enjoying our water softner. Well worth the price!

- Lisa Foster
Raymond, IL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 01,2013
So far so good

We noticed a difference right away with the shower heads not building up calcium clogging the holes. My humidifier was also easier to clean than it was last year. We are happy with the performance so far. We have had it for about 6 months.

- Brian Calfee
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 29,2013
New house with Pelican system

We recently purchased a home where the previous owners had installed a whole house salt free NaturSoft system to protect the new tankless hot water systm they also installed. We were experiencing spoting problems on our stainless steel flatware and interior of the dishwash. A call to Pelican customer service walked me through the causes and suggested a solution. With in a week of installing the filter fix the problem was solved. I had never heard of a water softner system that was salt free, but now I am one of Pelican's biggest supporters.

- joe remmert
verona wi
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 23,2013
Works Great

I replaced another water filtration system with the NS6. The first observation is - no need to backwash - which is a great plus. Next, I noticed less minerals in our water, which I fully expected. And, what mineral are there, seem to not cling to surfaces as readily as they did prior to the NS6. All I need to do for maintenance is change the pre-filter. A good system

- Joseph Screnci
Colorado Springs, CO
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 22,2013
Beyond expectations

Easy to install. Works! The minerals form an easy to remove crystalline film. No lugging bags of salt, no unwanted salt formation, no electricity, no maintenance, small, worth every penny. The only difficulty is convincing other people.

- Joy Pulver
Falls Village, CT
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 16,2013
easy and effective

I have had my system for a few years now. I love the fact that the system is compact and easily maintained. We have very hard water here, so I wanted to protect all my plumbing and appliances. Changing the filter is easy and only done twice a year. Definitely an improvement in technology over the old water softener systems.

- John Coker
Sadieville, KY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 25,2013
Practical/clean, soft water

It took a while to get them installed only because I had 3 opinions telling me to get a new well. My well was so low volume that when the kitchen faucet was on, none of the other faucets worked. The water had a yellow tinge and a lot of silt. After sinking a new commercial well and bleeding the well till the mud ceased then sanitizing the well and house lines we were ready to turn the by pass switch so the water cruises through the carbon and saltless water filter as well as the silt filter. I have never been so happy- Got pressure- got clean, clear water with no silt that is soft creating luxurious baths of bubbles. Being a practical person we really appreciate not having to recycle every night like the old salt one use to do. Also love that salt water is no longer an environment issue since this softener is saltless and maintenance free for a few years.

- Lanita
rockypoint nc
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 21,2013

Very happy with your product! really nice & knowlegable on the phone! Seems like a very well run company! at least from my vantage point!

- Jonathan Denmark
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 19,2013
ease of installation

Found the soft water system very easy to install and am pleased with the results. Would recommend to anyone looking for a salt free system.

- Lauren Zucco
Sparta Wi
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 14,2013

I've had the Pelican softner since 2009 and the only maintenance that is required is replacing a small filter every 6 months that is attached in front of the main tank. We have very hard water and this filtering system does a great job in dissolving the minerals without the need of salt, flushing or anything else. It is also important to know that if you need to watch your sodium intake this is the system that is a must have.

- Larry Hilands
Boalsburg, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 06,2013
New Home Owner

I have been living and working in Columbia Mo for the last 4 a rental 1 year old home. I noticed that the water was extremely hard and there was mineral deposits on EVERYTHING. I am used to the "normal" water that we have in Kansas City, MO and was shocked by the difference. Nevertheless, we just bought a new home here in Columbia and before we move in I wanted to install a salt-free water softner system. I have only lived in the new house for 3 days, but I can tell it takes a lot less shampoo to wash my hair. Give me another 6 months and I will be able to give you a real review. I expect that things will only be better!

- Doug Webster
Columbia, Missouri
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 28,2013

We love it!! Our water tastes better and is better without using "salt".... I would recommend this to anyone using a salt water softner system, this is much better and no more lugging those big bags of salt is a plus and the feeling it leaves on your skin after a shower is much better than the traditional "salt" water softner feeling! have to experience this for yourself. Not to mention the quality!! Very satisfied customer!

- Sally
Stanton, MI 488888
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 27,2013
Softener/filter review

the difference in water quality was noticeable almost immediately. the water tastes better and when we bath we get many more suds with the soap. I was able to install the softener and filter myself in a couple of hours. david foppe

- David Foppe
Las Vegas, NV
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 20,2013
Very Pleased

We recently completed a new home and had the NS3 system installed. The system workes as advertized. We see no spotty buildup on our fixtures and quite telling. I wash my black car, and can take a bit longer to wipe down as I don't see the spotting that was prevalant in our piour house nearby.

- Bob
Vancouver, WA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 19,2013
New soft water again//


- James Irick
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 18,2013

Fairly easy to install. It just needs some mechanical experience with plumbing. So far, itt seems to be working. The only thing I notice is that the calcium deposits are disappearing.

- Ralph Dodge
Miami, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 12,2013

fantastic product, completely satisfied

- Ivan Noel
Martinsville, In.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 04,2013
Whole house system

Let me start by saying I'm a water drinker and I cherish good clean tasting water. I grew up with Hech Hechy water. When I moved to the Sacramento area I could not believe how bad the water was here. It was undrinkable. Every local grocery store has water filters with consumers hauling in thier carboys to fill up with water or they are buying cases of bottled water. After a little research online I installed a 3 stage whole house system from Pelican water systems. I couldn't believe how good the flavor and taste was, It was on unbelievable difference. The softner made some difference with the scale on our shower doors. Not perfect but we don't have to hall potasium or have any salt in our water either. The good news is our water heater dated 1987 is still kicking out good hot water and isn't all rusted after 25+ years. I'm also a local home inspector and I see water heaters fail after 8 - 10 years in this area because of our hard contaminated water. Recently our local municipality has decided that we need floride in our water to help poor children. After doing some research on the threat of to much floride (thyroid, alzheimers poor IQs in children) I have decide to add the Pelican Pro 6-stage RO system which will clean the floride out of my drinking water and put back in the good minerals. Thank you Pelican. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Gary Osuna Turn Key Home Inspections Elk Grove, CA

- Gary Osuna
Elk Grove, CA
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Feb 01,2013
great product!

Thanks to steve at pelican, this water softner is what i have been looking for. For years we had very hard water and nothing would work without the well running out of water. Steve set me up with a fine product that is working top notch and no waste water being dump into drain. Great product, I cant say enough!

- c bowman
carlinville ill
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Jan 30,2013
Most Excellent Products

we installed a full house filter and water softner (including sediment pre-filter) a little over 2 years ago to replace a salt-tank softner and an under-sink reverse osmosis kitchen filter. Time has proven that we made and excellent decision and an even better choice of filtration/softening. Our son, who visits us annually for his Florida fishing vacation still mentions how good it is to not feel as slimy as a catfish when he showers after a day on Charlotte Harbor. He literally hated the slippery sensation of the old water softner, and we weren't crazy about it either. He now lives, as have we in times past, in an area with hard water. Again, we both enjoy and appreciate what your Pelican Filter and Softner system has done to improve our water. We had assumed our city water was as good as would be possible for SW Floirda, until started living with Pelican filtered water. Just the concentration of sediment snared by the pre-filter is a real eye-opener and we ti think we used to bath and drink that stuff. Thank You Pelican Filters and Softners for a most excellent, effective and efficient system.

- Gene Benuzzi
Port Charlotte, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 25,2013
Salt Free Water Softner

We recently purchased the NS3 salt free water softner and filter system. The shipment arrived promptly as promised. I followed the instruction manual and installed the water softner system myself with no issues. The wife and I have used the softner now for about one month. We immediately noticed a better taste to the water and have now noticed a change in the amout of shampoo and soap we use. My wife tells me that there is very little change to the clotheswasher detergent she uses. This is probably due to the changes made by the detergent manufacturers to their products for low suds. We are very pleased with the product and the results received. Thank You

- D. Gordon Hayden
American Fork, Utah
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Jan 24,2013
Even happier, 2 months later

I was a bit skeptical that this water softener could do all it says, but it DOES. Wiping the crystalline minerals off pots is a snap. I made a desktop humidifier out a a stainless 1 quart pot and an old fashioned immersion heater (like for boiling a mug of water) and I am watching the minerals grow and grow into big white clumps, but they do not calcify - amazing. I am SO GLAD I paid the price for this kind, and I am usually very frugal. It's worth 10, 20, 100 times a $500 one.

- Joy Pulver
Falls Village, CT
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Jan 17,2013
How to change prefilter

Excellent job communicating to me and explaining things to me. Helping to understand what I have. Thanks for the great job and being so pleasant.

- james chow
redington shores, florida
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Jan 17,2013
Great if I move I will purchase again

This is a great softer. I can not have a lot of salt in my diet. I went on the Internet found Pelican softners, read all about their product, watched their videos. I was very impressed and ordered one. This is the best item I have bought. Had it installed by a plumber friend of mine. I am happier than a small child at Christmas. Great coffee, great shower tasts like bottled water, very great in the clothes washer I highly recommend this softener it is the greatest

- James Booth
Rifle CO.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 11,2013
Great Water Softner

We have it installed and up and running with our water. For the first time in 6 years we have been able to drink tap water. I've noticed a difference in my skin as to not being so dry. We have only had it in a week, but so far it's great.. Thank you

- Gary Obermire
Rio Rico
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 08,2013
Water System

We have had our new system installed for about a month now and I can start to see some improvements in our water flow rate.Our glasses are looking cleaner out of the dish washer and starting to see some of the scale build up around the shower head disapear.Our water was not real hard to start with so I really can't feel a difference in the water yet. I do see a difference in the soap and shampoo latering though.Overall i am very please with the rpoduct so far and look forward to seeing more benefits to come.

- Neil Hoggard
Fort Mill SC
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 31,2012
Happy customer

We have owned our water softener for about 5 years . What I've noticed our faucets don't seen to get plugged up with calcium. All of the people who work at Pelican have been well trained,their answers are clear and through. I would recommend their systems.

- Doug
La Verne
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 20,2012
love this softner

Had a salt softner in our home for years. Started having issues with it, so I contacted Pelican. Mark was a great help and very knowledgeable about his products. Installed the new system and couldn't be happier with the results. Now we're drinking salt free water which taste 100 times better.Also had an odor issue at a tenant's location with their new water heater. Contacted Mark, he recommended installing a new anode rod, and low and behold, it cured the odor issue. Give this guy a raise... Thanks Mark for all your help

- mike boritz
dover pa
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Dec 20,2012
Pelican Water System.

We have had the Pelican NS3 for over 2 years. It works beautifully with no problems whatever. And the advantage of having a system that takes no additional water and electricity for maintenance is a big plus for us. We just change filters, and the machine puts out very clean water. We couldn't be happier with our water system. Gene and Maria Hose

- Gene Hose
Apopka, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 13,2012

i think i am the 1st in the gilbert az area to have a pelican. i do keep a USED brown and dirty prefilter handy to show neighbors just one of the things their old and out dated salt softners is missing. beside no maintanance and softer and CLEANER water.

- james d thomas
gilbert, AZ
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Dec 13,2012
Better Water is Here

Water is pretty good here, but Pelican made it better. The installation was done by a professional, but I probably could have done it. I waited for almost a month for him to get to it, but it was worth it to have a good hand do the work. Everything went as planned, and we're online now. I would recommend this system to anyone. Patrick was really helpful. Thanks to all at Pelican. Great product! DH

- Dennis Hill
Waco, Texas
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Dec 07,2012
Thumbs up

Just had it installed 2 weeks ago. Water looks good and I am confident that it will preserve my appliances and plumbing. I am glad to be without the salt, a factor when you have high blood pressure. Changing filters is a lot easier than bringing home bags of salt.

- Fran Maroney
North Plainfield NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 03,2012
Customer Service

Steve went out of his way to process our purchase today. We appreciate that type of service and now from our friends recommendation that we should be very happy with our water softner. We look forward to receiving it in such a prompt manner with no shipping charges.

- Granville Robbins
Webster Florida
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 29,2012

I found Pelican on a bizrate comparison and read the rave reviews from buyers, and bought a softener pretty quickly (I usually take much longer to make a major purchase). The site is easy to navigate, and questions I had were answered quickly too.

- Joy Pulver
Falls Village, CT
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 16,2012
Relief from clogged shower heads

My wife and I had the Natursoft NS3 water softener system installed almost three years ago. Initially we were a bit skeptical that this or any system could do what it claimed. And that was that the system could soften our water using zero salt, zero electricity and the water wouldn't feel slimy. Well all of the claims are 100% accurate. We have a well and it is deep into limestone so our water tested as very hard water. We used to have to soak our shower heads and faucet heads in CLR once a month. After the initial break in we havenít had to soak anything in the three years since the installation. The plumber that installed the system was astonished to find that he didnít need to run a drain during the install and he only charged us $300. He told us that other systems were more difficult and time consuming to install. As such he typically charged over $1,000 unless there were difficulties installing the drain and then the cost went up from there. The only maintenance cost to us has been for the changing of the 10Micron filter on the system and we replace that appx every 9 months or so. If you have hard water problems this system is hands down the very best at solving hard water issues at a minimal cost with almost no maintenance. Oh and for those that really hate slimy soft water (like I do), donít fear. We canít tell the difference in the water and neither do our house guests.

- Ken Wiese
Del Rio, Texas
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 12,2012
First impression

First day Ph was 6.8 and two days later was 7.4. Scrubbed down toilets to remove green stain and haven't seen any indication of it's return. Water has been softened and you can see it in the bubble effect of the water with combination of soap suds. units seem to be working well by their selves without any interruption

- James Mc Euen
Merlin, OR
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Oct 22,2012
Surprisingly satisfied

We heard about your product a while back and since we have had a salt softener we thought this sounded much better and we are so far very satisfied.

- Ralph Hergenrader
Marana, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 09,2012

The quickness of ordering and the delivery was exceptional. My discussions with the salesperson, Mike was very informative and no high pressure to close the deal. He was more concerned with my specific needs and was very understanding to what I was trying to accomplish. The system was installed on Friday, and I have already begun seeing results with particules breaking away from the pipes when running bath water, illustrating that it is doing what it was claimed to do. I am pleased thus far and have shared with many others the great find to "no salt" alternatives and water that will not destroy pipes, water heater and appliances!

- Cindy Swan
Moscow Mills, MO
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Oct 08,2012

Since I have installed the Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softner, it has cleaned out all the pipes in our house of build up and softened the water. I have not had to lift a heavy bag of Salt, nor used any electricity to keep it operating smoothly. It also does not have run off dirty water with salt into the soil. There by I am not creating soil that will keep plants etc from dying. It also saves me money by not using any electricity. Thanks to Pelican Natursoft.

- Harry Guyton
Yuma, Arizona
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 28,2012
Top Professionalizm

I started with my first calls and there were many,,,with Brittany, I informed her of the TECQ State evaluation of water and how to get a copy so that I do not waste my money on something that will not clean up this awful water. I started with the NS-3. Since I am amazed at this performance, I have subsequentyly spoken to Patrick and Scott, who I spent my life in sales, all do an outstanding telephone presence....SInce no one even plumbers have heard of these devices considering we have horrible brown water here......Patrick agreed since there is no presence here I will scatter your name to professionals and bulletin boards...Maybe I should use my garage under the house as a staging area......that is where your filters are.......

- Marge Chaires
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 27,2012
Correction of shipping error.

I appreciated the quick resolution of a shipping glitch on my order. Overnight service was over and above my expectations. Mistakes happen - this super kind of service doesn't always. Way to go Scott! Thanks again.

- Roy (Ed) Life
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 26,2012
Even better than expected

The city we live in delivers some of the hardest water in the USA. We didn't want the salt exchange and monthly payments forever. We sought after alternatives and found Pelican. My husband (a PhD engineer) did research on our water hardness and some chemistry calculations on the solubility of calcium carbonate and water to figure out how much the Pelican softener could soften our water. The calculations came out to be at worst softening by 75%. After he installed it (tip: highly recommend Shark Bite connections for connecting copper to PVC - no soldering required) we were shocked at how soft the water was. It feels extremely soft, about 95% softer - comparable to salt softened water! I could feel the difference the first time I washed my hands. Friends say it feels like nice hotel water. We have softer laundry, sink water marks aren't crusty anymore, hard white calcium junk on faucets aren't forming anymore. We are so much more pleased with it than we ever thought we would be. Thanks Pelican!

- Chris
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 23,2012
It Works

I've had my softener for four months and love it. Shower, laundry, dishes all look great. It's amazing how this device needs no input of power, salt. It just keeps doing it's thing day after day. Well worth the money.

- Robert
Salinas, Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 12,2012
Terrific Water System

I am so happy I purchased our NS-3 water filter system 2 years ago. There is absolutly no muss, no fuss and best of all it really performs great! It's all it advertises itself to be. The water is soft, no spots, and needs no salt! The maintenance is zip! I just change the filter once each year. It takes only 5 minutes and no special tools or knowledge required. Two of my neighbors have also bought the NS-3 system and love it! Its so sleek and tidy it fits perfectly, out of the way, in my garage. It just quietly sits there and does its thing without any noise. I fully recommend this system.

- Thomas Clause
Palm Springs, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 17,2012
water softner

Great product and very little work needed to maintain. Filter change and its all done. Water quality improvement was noticed sooner than even the company stated. All water deposits have been removed in the dish washer and off pots and pans. No salt, no electric hook up needed. I self installed the unit and would without hesitation purchase another in another home. I would higly suggest you look into this product beforer buying a cheeper salt required unit from your local home improvement store....they are cheeper but the benifits of this unit are well worth this has done for the home....

- Kevin
Richmond, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 10,2012
New customer Love it!

It was a very easy installation and I like the quality of the water better now that it does not feel slippery. The water does not get that odor from sitting to long in the salt tub. Love it

- J Pettitt
Rochester, MI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 27,2012
Soft water

Excellent product/service. Had professional plumbers install unit. They were familiar with this type sofetener. Installation went smooth, all necessary parts were supplied. I called Pelican to see if they were as helpful and friendly as they advertised. Exceeded expectations. Highly recommend, and the soft water is great!!

- Robert
Salinas, Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 06,2012
Excellent product

Twenty plus years using change-out monthly soft water service with large national water treatment company. Now I have no more wet, messy garage floor every time tank was changed PLUS no more salt corrosion on shower doors, faucets, etc. Natursoft gives better quality water without environmental damage from salt....a win-win.

- Don Lee
Encinitas, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 22,2012
Excellent Service

Thank you for the exceptionally professional person who answered all my questions and took my order.

- Harold Segal
San Diego Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
May 04,2012
Love the Pelican!

Works great. Does everything we expected.

- Tim Williams
Gig Harbor, WA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 14,2012
NaturSoft NS/NS6

I am very satisfied with the Pelican water softener. It's been working great with no problems.

- Robert E. Wilcox
Schoharie, NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 14,2012

The NaturSoft unit has worked quite well. The time involved in descaling the shower/bath walls and floor was surprisely fast (a month or so). We also get that nice squeaky clean feeling after taking a shower, close washing has improved, etc. What we like the best is: NO SALT!

- Mark Tremblay
Wall Township, NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 09,2012
Super product, Super Service

this was the best desicison so far. The priduct is excellent, the service is even better. Installled in 2008, never had a problem until the small crack in the post heater filter housing started leaking the water. It took just a phone call and new housing is on the way!!! SMOOOOOOOTH. Highly recommend!!!

- Boris
San Jose
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 01,2012
Patricks help

we're very happy with our Pelican. I had a problem-my fault- in replacing a filter and called for help. Patrick very patiently walked me through to fix it. Thanks again.

- Dave Marty
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 26,2012
My Pelican

I replaced a salt water softner system with an NS6 at my lake house at Reynolds Plantation, Greene County,GA. The water there comes from wells and is moderately hard (29 gpg). the NS6 was shipped promptly, and I had it installed last week by a licensed plumber. The water tastes better and does not feel sliprey in the shower. Time will tell if the system stops scaling of pipes, appliances, etc.

- Warren
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 20,2012
Pelican Water Softener

I have several Pelican water softeners in my houses. They work great with no messy salt required

- B Jacobson
Laughlin, Nevada
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 14,2012
Steve was excellent

Steve was excellent. He helped me find the best product to fit my needs and was very knowledgable about all the products. I appreciated the professional service I received.

- Greg Koch
Mohnton, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 12,2012
The NaturSoft

I had this system installed in 2008. Before the installation, we used to have to clean the faucets and drains weekly due to sediment build-up! Since this installation, we have NOT had to clean sediment from the faucets or drains! The system works just like it was advertised! Both my wife and I are extremely happy and glad we purchased our system! It has greatly reduced deposits!

- F Seymour
Marrero, Louisiana
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 15,2012
Thank you

Ms. Carcamo answered the critical questions I had with the product that allowed me to make an informed and confident buying decision. The marketing department priced the product during the New Years Sale so that the product was an affordable investment. Investment was the key word - the product is an investment not a cost. Thank you.

- U Antenucci
Endicott, New York
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Feb 08,2012
Customer Service at its best

I am writing this only a day after receipt of my NS3 so I really can't comment yet on its effectiveness. I do however have a story to tell that will highlight Pelican's customer service. It is fortunate that one only gets the opportunity to judge quality customer service when something goes wrong. In this case, Pelican sent me a carbon filter instead of a water softener, and I didn't realize it until after I had spent several hundred dollars getting it installed. I was upset as anyone would be but we're all human, and obviously this was an honest mistake that I'm sure has happened to any of us at some point in our lives. With that said, Pelican handled the situation beyond my expectations. I was fortunate enough that the dimensions of both units were identical including the location of the inlets/outlets so the swap was easy. Still, Pelican shipped by overnight early morning delivery a new unit and spent some time guiding me through the swap. They probably over apologized and told me they would send me a gift card for a dinner for two which I had not requested. They also made arrangement to have UPS pickup the wrong unit. They must have had clear notes as well, because each time I called, they were aware of what had happened and each CS rep apologized before I got a chance to let me know why I was calling. Customer satisfaction goes beyond the effectiveness of a product, service is just as important, at least to me and while I cannot comment yet on first part, I can certainly give the latter part 5 stars.

- Philippe
Southington, CT
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 10,2012
Simpler Cleaning

Now in my third week of using the water softener, I am noticing a significant difference in how easy it is to clean the showers and bathroom. I really like the way the water feels when I wash my hands and take showers. so far it is a purchase that I am very happy with.

- Jon Shadowens
Peoria, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 07,2012
customer service

Steve was very helpful in assisting me in selecting the right system for the house. He not only used the test results, but the well depth, pump size, and soil conditions to formulate the best solution for our needs. Good on ya Steve. The price was right and the system was delivered as promised; on time and no damage.

- Mike Outten
charlotte, nc
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jan 01,2012
Love It!

We are very happy with our NatureSoft system. We love the fact that we are not adding additional salt into the environment. Our skin and hair look great! And our dishes come out sparkling clean. No more water streaks! In addition, we have discovered that the Pelican Water System company provides great customer service. When it was time to change our filter, we received an email to remind us! When we called Patrick to make sure we were changing the filter correctly, he walked us through it! Thanks Pelican!

- Wendy
Long Beach CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Dec 24,2011

We are on a well water system and wanted to make sure that the NS3 systerm would work properly based on our water chemistry and system configuration. We contacted customer service and were very satisfied with the service we received. Your representative was professional and answered all of our questions in clearly understood terms. They had us perform additional water testing and concluded that we needed to add a calcite filtering component in order for the softener to have optimal performance. We are grateful for their assistance and would encourage any prospective customer to contact your office for assistance prior to their purchase. Thank you.

- John P Briggs
Central Point
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Nov 30,2011


Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 21,2011
Excellent Service

On calling in I thought that noone would be able to help me as I purchased the product over a year ago, had no receipt or serial number. Fortunately Patrick investigated and found me with the incorrect name spelling, got me registered and had replacement filters on the way while I was still madly searching through last year's tax documents to find receipts. Thank you Patrick.

- Rose Littley
ogden, ut
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 18,2011
Kudos to Steve in sales

Steve in sales was very helpful and patient in the processing of this order

- walter idol
dandridge, TN
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 07,2011

After several discussions with Brandy and I getting the link to my water provider's results to the State(I recently moved to a horrible water county) I came to get this unit., I wanted to make sure I was not wasting my money again so did alot of research. 1. 1st test was smokey wine glasses and use of dishwsher that did not do any cleaning. The dishwasher shined, and not a spot nor film on any glasses. I did bite the bullet and buy your suggested 3-1 Mega Capsules. 2. Harsh, heavy ring in the toilet....after just one week of water passing through it has totally diminished it. I can probably do the rest with a pumice stone. Staying home full time now, you clean more and it was a total waste of time....This product has enhanced my quality of life tremendously,. Surprisingly, with this County's bad water no plumber up here ha heard of this unit, only water softener (which are useless) Maybe your Marketing Dept. needs to infiltrate Polk County, Tx.

Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 04,2011
Very Satisfied

We're very satisfied with our salt free water softener that we purchased last Aug.We had our water retested after 6 weeks and we had gotten great results

- Cresilda M
Milford, NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 27,2011
Water softener

Thank you for the great service,product arrived as scheduled and was in great shape. Water softener seems to be working great as you promised. Thanks

- mike pasztor
helena montana
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 19,2011
product evaluation

I have had the NS6 for nine months. I have noticed that my kitchen faucet does not have a build-up of crust at the base of the faucet. Also, my grout in the shower stall is gradually losing the build-up of calcium and the true color is coming thru again. I am extremely satisfied with this product.

- donald howe
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 07,2011
NaturSoft system

We have owned our NaturSoft system for two and half years and are very pleased with the product. It is a big improvement our previous salt system. Yorba Linda is noted for its very hard water - high calcium content.

- Fred W.
Yorba Linda, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 23,2011

Very helpful and well knowledgeable about the product.

- Juyon kim
Bossier city
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 20,2011
After 2 yrs of use...

The equipment has been working without any trouble for about two years. Contacted Cust Services to ask if some maintenance should be done. 1) Quick/effective response. 2) Clear indication of no service needed for the equipment other than to replace the sediment pre-filter every 6-8 month. Sa, happy there is no need for extra work to keep this water treatment running.

- M Lombard
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 06,2011
Wonderful Product

I easily installed the water softener following the provided instructions, and it went to work right away cleaning up the calcium in my home's pipes and water heaters. Within days the calcium level dropped noticeably, and within a week, once the scale came off the elements, the water from my hot water heaters actually increased by 5 - 10 degrees. Also noticed that within a week it took less soap and within two weeks the water softener had completed cleaning my plumbing and was working great. Great product at a fair price !!

- Lynn Whittington
Granbury, TX
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 02,2011
Sales order

I just spoke with Frank who was able to answer all my questions and did a greta job. I had been researching the salt free water softeners this week and had narrowed it down to the Natursoft and the Filtersorb SP3. While talking with Frank, I decided to go ahead and purchase the NS3 unit.

- Doug Compton
Glen Carbon, IL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 26,2011
excellent product


- j.c. butler
bristow, va
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 24,2011
No Salt!!

This product softens water without salt and it really works!! The Pelican N-3 came with everything necessary to install - no runs to the hardware store. Manuals are very clear and straight forward. The customer service is excellent - thank you Frank! The bottom line - I am extremely happy.

- Randy
Marana, AZ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 24,2011
Prompt service and friendly customer service

Thank you for the quick service in sending me my filters...the prompt service and friendly people that i have talked too is awesome.. I shall recommend this product to anyone who ask me. Thank you so much Libby Smith

- Elizabeth Smith
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 23,2011


- John Villani1
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 20,2011

Patrick answered my Q's with Professionalism and courteously.. If Pelican products are as good as the employees.. You will get a lot of recommendations from me to friends and family..

- Gary Prosser
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 15,2011

My husband and I were skeptical but wanted to do away with all the heavy bags of salt that he would have to lug downstairs. At first we thought it wasn't working but in a about a month the white scale on all my black appliances such as my coffee pot, water/ice despenser, the white scale is nowhere to be found now and even though you don't get the slick soapy feel when you shower, you know the water is free of lime and scale, plus no lugging those bags around, just change your filter. WE LOVE IT!

- Vivian
Orfordville, WI
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 12,2011
Sortware Development Manager

I love my unit and the lady that just took my order for filters is a definite compliment to your company and product.

- Larry Hilands
Boalsburg, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 09,2011
My pelican system

We live in a community that has very hard water and many minerals in our water supply. My daughter bought one of your filtration systems and is highly satisfied with it. When we wanted to put a filtration and softener system in our house we naturally checked out your systems and purchased both the filtration and softening systems. We are very pleased with both and the service from your company when we need more filters. I would recommend them to others.

- Patricia Leonard
Mahesh , NJ
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 08,2011
It Works So Well!

We installed the natursoft system on our well water system a few years ago. we no longer have calcium buildup on our garden drippers, showerheads, faucets, etc. it works so well that, in our current expansion of our water system to two separate pressure tanks, we are including a second natursoft system, which i just ordered. When we ordered the first system you told us about LemiShine. we tried it and now use it all the time...not only does it keep glasses from getting cloudy, it clears them up too. amazing stuff.

- Carl Heiles
Martinez, California
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 08,2011

Thanks so much for providing such great service to your customers. Patrick helped me order the correct filter for my unit. Our softener is working well for us. I knew immediately that I needed a filter change by how my skin felt. Thank you also for advising me that I could call for help anytime! Your product and service is outstanding. Brenda Frank

- Brenda Frank
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 08,2011
system review

This system has performed essentially the same as our salt added system. It sure beats bringing in 4 to 5 40 lb bags of salt per month. Rick Halloran

- Rick Halloran
livingston montana
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 03,2011
Its Great

We have had the system for over two weeks and so far it's been great. Just a little water spotting on our SS sink. It's great not to add salt and no more backwashing.No more wasting water. We have a well so water is precious

- Richard Colegrove
Lima, NY
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jun 20,2011
Very Pleased!

I have had my Pelican Water Softener for several months now, and am very pleased. It was amazing to see how much buildup came out of the pipes. As I am a single older woman, I really appreciate not having to purchase, lift, and carry forty pound bags of salt as I had to do to replenish my old softener. I also referred this product to my contractor who installed it, and his brother also bought one. I would recommend this product to anyone.

- Shirley Dale
Virgina Beach, VA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 21,2011
Needless to say, we love our Pelican salt free water softener

Needless to say, we love our Pelican water softener. The water is very hard here in Palm Springs, CA and we were faced with the sodium based systems which are expensive to purchase, and expensive to operate. However, that is not the main reason we chose the Pelican. Reading the literature convinced us that we could enjoy the benefits of soft water, without having to face the increase in Sodium in our consumed water. Our new home has been kept pristine using the Pelican, and we just purchased another for a rental property that we recently acquired. Two of my neighbors have followed our lead in this and I expect more in the future. Bravo on an excellent product.

- Charles Irwin
Palm Springs, Ca
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 27,2010
Best Money I Ever Spent

I installed my new no salt softener two months ago and it was the best money I have ever spent. Our clothes feel like they have fabric softener in them but we do not use it. We can make our coffee with tap water instead of buying bottled water. At first our water had a smell to it but after two months the water is perfect.We have no mineral buildup of any kind. The water feels soft when we shower. Thank you for a great product. I will have saved over $800.00 a year in salt and softener rental. Thanks again James and Dee DeYoung.

- James DeYoung
Tucson, Arizona
Customer Review By Gary D.
Aug 02,2010
Love the product!!!!!!!!!

Purchased the Salt free water softener on 7/23/10. Product arrived on 7/27/10. Install was really easy after I figured out where I wanted to install the unit. My house was a reposed house that we just purchased and was pre-plumbed for a water softener; however I had to remove the existing by-pass valve for the previous water softener which took some time. I went to Home Depot and bought the "Tiger Shark" connectors for connecting the copper tubing to the Pelican softener, I think even with measuring and cutting the copper pipe only took me about an hour and ten minutes or so to install the unit. This unit is pretty simple to install, instructions were straight forward and simple to follow. The softener has been working great, and even just after a week or so we can already feel the difference in showers and baths, water comes out of the tap clear as a bell and taste great, Indiana water is pretty hard. I think mine measured around 18 GPG. I plan on within the next week, to drain the water heater as suggested to help prevent the few spots still on some of the glasses from the dish washer, nothing major though. It is 10 times better after install than what it was before I installed the Pelican Softener. Best of all we love the "NO-SALT" concept. Love the product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Gary D.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 16,2009

I had a NaturSoft NS-3 installed last November to replace an existing salt-based exchanged tank softener from one of the major soft water companies. We had used this service for over 30 years but grew tired of poor customer service, wet garage floor on tank exchange day and knowledge that all that sodium was not good for anything nor our health. I am amazed at the taste, feel and lack of waterspots on shower doors etc. with the Pelican system. I heartily recommend the Natursoft system to anyone experiencing the kind of hard water we have in the Southwest.

- Don Lee
Encinitas, California
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 11,2009

I have no complaints for this system. Its great that you have no salt. Nothing to maintain. Works wounders. I had no pressure drop. People need to understand that there will still be water spots, But how this system works is it keeps the spots from glueing/sticking to surface. So they just wipe away, with nothing left behind. Top it off, all my old spots are washing away. A+++++

- Marco Noia
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 26,2009

I live in the mountains of Colorado. My well is 500 ft. deep in solid lava (there was a huge volcano here). The water is wonderful tasting--almost sweet--but full of all kinds of minerals, which I noticed were building up on my plumbing fixtures, drains, and humidifier. I had an electric tankless hotwater heater installed last year ($10/mo electricity versus $75/mo propane heated tank), and it required that I get a filter or the 10-year guarantee on it would be voided. I certainly did not want to strip this water of all minerals, just the ones making the build-up. After researching on-line, I decided on the Pelican NS-3. I am SO THANKFUL that I did! It requires no maintenance other than a filter replacement about twice a year. My neighbors went with a salt-type softener and they are constantly buying bags of salt and the husband has to lift them (my dog and I aren't strong enough). My plants are doing great and so am I - no worries about additional salt in the water with my high blood pressure. The water still tastes great, but the built-up mineral rings in the toilets, the humidifier, and the fixtures are gone! About the 3rd week after the filter was installed, I noticed chunks of white minerals coming out of the faucets. Less soap is required in the washer and diswasher. I have a photo of my set up if you'd like to see it. The plumber who installed it (my dog and I didn't try), checked back several times as to how it was working for me, and he's now recommending electric tankless hotwater heaters and your filter to others. Thank you for a great product!!

- Carol Todd
Guffey, Colorado
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 03,2009
We love it!!

We installed our Nature Soft system ealier this week. We love it! I am so glad we went with your system rather than a salt-type. The water is great without the slimey feel. The plumber who installed it was complimentary about the quality of materials and design. Thanks

- Steve Lindquist
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 03,2009
Feels Great

Hello and I just want to Thank You for all your answers to my questions and very fast shipping. I got my Water Softener last week(the NS-6) and just finished installing it this weekend. The water now feels great (just like an expensive hotel) when I shower. Plus, the NS-6 was extremely easy to install.

- Jonathan Danon
Rockaway, New Jersey
Customer Review By Tony
Jun 02,2009
Pleased with the results

One year ago I purchased a Pelican Water Softener and have been very pleased with the results! For years my wife and I had been using a salt type water softener and found it to be a nuisance to constantly have to buy heavy bags of salt andf lift and load them into the softener tank. I'm a senior citizen and have difficulty handling anything over 20 lbs. From time to time we'd get a "salt bridge" in the tank which resulted in partially softened water. Also we found that during a shower, while we could get ample suds to wash, it was difficult to rinse these suds off without experiencing a "slimy" feeling on the skin. Also our drinking water tastes better now. A few days after the purchase I received the well packaged components by UPS and installed the system in the garage. I've included several photos showing the location on the wall near the incoming water supply. I chose to use copper tubing and sweat fittings. The prefilters are very easy to change and I do this every three months. In conclusion, we are quite pleased with the decision we made and have recommended it to our friends and family.

- Tony
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Apr 07,2009
Build-up Completely Gone...

We purchased a Pelican Natursoft NS-3 Salt Free Softener in Feb 2009 and within a week, the calcium carbonate buildup on our dishwasher heating element was completely gone. The water is softer, but not too soft. We live in Kokomo, IN where the city-supplied water hardness is about 20. - Lee

- Lee Boger
Kokomo, Indiana
Customer Review By A Kelcher
Jan 18,2009
It works so well.....

This unit works exactly as advertised. Beware once you install it takes several weeks, in my case 2 months, to fully purge the scale and calcium deposites out. It works so well it released 2 years of calcium build up in all my copper pipes including my expensive tankless water heater. My stainless steel dishwasher was once covered with a milky thick calcium deposit. It took several months over time to self clean the walls. It continues to get cleaner all on its own. I reccomend however a post hot water filter to catch all this calcium debri being released, it is a lot and sometimes a detriment to water fixtures with integral filters. They will clog up during the first several weeks. After that its clean. Remmember it does not remove calcium it just keeps it in suspension preventing buildup over time. Great product because of what I just said plus there are no consumables or electricity used. I recommend this to anyone who likes the hard water feel and a software effect on pipes.

- A Kelcher
Customer Review By Andrie P
Jan 13,2009
System Is Unbelievable

It has been almost three months since we had this system installed in our 3-yr old house. This system is unbelievable...maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, no more scale build-up anywhere, cleaner and softer clothes, more managable hair per my wife's and daughters' observations, and most of all, your customer service is top-of-the-shelf A1! - Andrie P.

- Andrie P
Customer Review By Garrett L.
Nov 20,2008

We have been using our Pelican water softener for about a month.The softener made a huge difference in our water quality.We had moderately hard water 120ppm. As they state in their advertising, we saw an immediate difference in our water.No more spots on our dishes, no spots in shower, no spots on car after washing. This product really works and is worth the money. Easy to install. BUY IT!!

- Garrett L.
Customer Review By Art D.
Oct 22,2008
Best thing I have purchased for my house...

this was the best thing i have purchased for my house.i should have done this sooner.

- Art D.
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Aug 04,2008
Pelican Salt-Free Water Softener

One year ago I purchased a Pelican Water Softener and have been very pleased with the results! For years my wife and I had been using a salt type water softener and found it to be a nuisance to constantly have to buy heavy bags of salt andf lift and load them into the softener tank. I'm a senior citizen and have difficulty handling anything over 20 lbs. From time to time we'd get a "salt bridge" in the tank which resulted in partially softened water. Also we found that during a shower, while we could get ample suds to wash, it was difficult to rinse these suds off without experiencing a "slimy" feeling on the skin. Also our drinking water tastes better now. A few days after the purchase I received the well packaged components by UPS and installed the system in the garage. I've included several photos showing the location on the wall near the incoming water supply. I chose to use copper tubing and sweat fittings. The prefilters are very easy to change and I do this every three months. In conclusion, we are quite pleased with the decision we made and have recommended it to our friends and family.

- Charles Mortensen
Safety Harbor, Florida
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Jul 18,2008

Over the last 15 years I have bought 3 salt based water softners. At 3-5 years they become pretty much non-functioning for different reason. The last one I had unplugged and bypassed for 2-years. I just gave up on it. I research the Peilican NaturSoft and even though it cost more the thought of not dealing with salt and the wasted water used by salt based systems made this system pretty much cost effective. I bought it, installed it myself, and then looked to see if I noticed a difference. I have been impressed how effective the system has been. Noticed the difference right away. Now I have soft water, waste no water for recharging, and use no power. I do not fully understand nanotechnology but I know it works. I highly recommend this trouble free system and recommend it to friends.

- Keith Jones
Fruit Cove, FL
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Mar 01,2008
Thanks for your assistance

Earlier today I spoke with Richie, in your customer service department. I was looking to order more o-rings for my NS-3 water softener, installed in March of 2008. My problem was that when I went to change the pre-filter, the o-ring in the pre-filter housing seemed to have stretched, and did not fit in the groove as it should - it seemed to be about a half inch too large in circumference. Richie was patient and suggested putting the old o-ring in the refrigerator to see if it would shrink enough to fit, until the o-rings I ordered arrived. I put the o-ring in the freezer for about 10 minutes and it WORKED!!! It did shrink enough to just fit into the groove of the pre-filter housine. Thank goodness, for I had to shut off the water line that supplies my house, and without the pre-filter installed, no house water! Richie even went the extra mile, called me back and told me he has gotten permission to overnight express the o-rings I purchased. I am grateful. On another note, last week I was leaving my local HomeDepot, and saw an older gentleman pushing a cart with 8 40-pounds bags of salt stacked on it. I truly felt for him, since that was me less than 2 years ago (before my double knee replacements). I spoke with him, a Mr. Margent, and asked if he knew about the NaturSoft softening system that didn't use salt, rather used nano-technology. He never heard of it and was very interested, since he had back surgery and had trouble carrying the bags of salt. I got his email address and sent him your website, as well as another that compares pros & cons of different ways to soften water of which your system is highly rated. I also gave him the distributor for this area, D&J Construction out of Woodbridge in case he wanted to investigate further. In economic times like these, companies like yours, who have employees like Richie that care about their customers, make a big difference to people like me who are much more particular about how they spend their money. Your product is so cost-effective that people have to be nuts not to replace their salt based water softeners with the NaturSoft system. I really wish your company did more publicizing, so folks are aware of an alternative to the traditional salt-based water softening systems.

- Jan P
Union, NJ
Customer Review By John D.
Nov 06,2007
Immense Improvement.....Very Satisfied...

Received the system in two days and two days later I had it installed. Installation was very easy and the directions easy to follow. All I had to buy was a couple of fittings and a 10' section of PVC pipe which was less than $10.00. We have noticed an immense improvement and are very satisfied with our, "virtually maintenance free system". Once again Thanks!

- John D.
Customer Review By David & Connie Ader
Nov 06,2007
Love the salt free softener

Received the system in two days and two days later I had it installed. Installation was very easy and the directions easy to follow. All I had to buy was a couple of fittings and a 10' section of PVC pipe which was less than $10.00. We have noticed an immense improvement and are very satisfied with our, "virtually maintenance free system". Once again Thanks!

- David & Connie Ader

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  • Measures system changes automatically
  • Maximizes energy savings

Technical Data:

  • Flow Range: 0 to 21 GPM
  • Head Range: 0 to 19 Feet
  • Motor: 1X115V
  • Min. Fluid Temperature: 36°F (2°C)
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 230°F (110°C)
  • Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Watts: 5-45W
  • Amps: 0.65A

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