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Brian O'Neill

Pelican Water received plenty of intriguing and inspiring submissions for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest. Among the numerous excellent entries, the impassioned and relatable action plan detailed by Brian O’Neill in his essay Creativity for Change earned a well-deserved 1st place prize. By emphasizing creativity and the natural human response to emotional messaging, Brian succinctly […]

Dylan Goodwin

Students around the country submitted numerous terrific essays for Pelican Water’s College Scholarship Contest, but we felt that Dylan Goodwin’s exhaustive research and focus on education in his scholarship essay truly deserved 2nd place. By tackling a litany of issues caused by bottled water and focusing on the hard data, Dylan’s cogent argument iterated that […]

Blaine Eubank

Among the many riveting entries we received in response to our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest, Blaine Eubank’s rousing essay evoked the most urgency. Her vivid imagery and compelling action plan stirred the heart as well as the mind. By framing the damage done by plastic bottled water in stark visuals, Blaine captured the emotional appeal […]


During the Fall 2015 Pelican Water College Scholarship Contest, some truly exemplary essays were submitted, but no response impressed us more than Wesley Zhang’s detailed and insightful campaign laid out in his essay Get Thirsty: Water Conservation and You. Through a thrilling mix of anecdotal immersion and researched precision Wesley outlines a marketing plan that […]


Our 2nd place Pelican Water Scholarship Contest Winner—Joshua Kanagy eloquently and passionately composed an essay suggesting the slogan “Love Your Water”.His essay focused on the human elements of conservation and drove home the necessity of connection and empathy that companies like Pelican Water should strive for when encouraging conservation efforts. Joshua Kanagy hails from Virginia […]