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Scariest Things Found in U.S. Water

Since it’s discovery the lead contamination of Flint, Michigan has drawn national headlines. As a country previously unaware of the deep-seated issues with its water infrastructure, America is rapidly discovering the risks and dangers of trusting pipelines and poor planning in the face of new threats to our health. Here are the scariest things found […]

michigan to enforce lead rules after flint crisis

The water crisis in Flint has lead to an elevated awareness of the potential harmful contaminants that could be lurking in our drinking water. The unprecedented levels of lead in the area’s tap water shocked the public and terrified local residents, many of whom have resorted to drinking bottled water or relocating. In the wake […]

harmful levels of lead in americas water systems

USA Today Network released the findings of a recent investigation that revealed Found in all 50 states, these water systems supply drinking water to homes, schools, daycares, and other vital public centers. At least 180 of these water systems did not report the potentially harmful levels of lead to the consumers at risk. During their […]

USA outline with faucet

A recent investigation by USA Today Network revealed what we at Pelican have sadly predicted for some time: Flint, Michigan is only one of thousands of communities affected by excessive lead levels in drinking water. You can check this interactive map provided by USA Today Using data from the last four years, the USA Today investigative […]


The drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has gained national attention as new details of the poor water quality coming from the Flint River continue to make headlines. The issues of water treatment and poor management have outraged citizens around the country as they rally behind the residents of Flint in their quest for safer, […]