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In Pismo Beach, the California drought now has a direct effect on development. The city council declared a building moratorium in December of 2105. The three tiered moratorium is a response to reports the state may only be able to allocate 10 percent of normal water allocations to municipalities in 2016. Pismo Beach received 23 […]

California river lacks water due to drought

El Niño bringing relief, but not enough In December of 2015, the Californian Department of Water Resources predicted many of the state’s water agencies will only receive 10 percent of expected supplies in 2016, half what they received in 2015. The department also cautioned this prediction could change if el Niño brings heavy rain and […]


The current drought in California has continued unabated since the first substantial drop in precipitation in 2011. The lack of water is drying up the entire state and its effects are severe and well reported. California has instated water restrictions and reservoirs are drying up as the state fights to give its citizens access to […]


Leading scientific and policy experts convened at the California Drought and Water Policy Forum and the Legislative Roundtable On Rethinking California Water Policy to discuss the future of California’s water policies during the ongoing historic drought. General consensus was for sweeping regulatory changes and ongoing conservation efforts that don’t cut big businesses a break. On […]

California water restrictions

With a powerful El Niño expected to bring heavy precipitation to drought-stricken California, some wondered if the end of urban water restrictions was in sight. Such hopes, unfortunately, may be premature. In a November executive order, Governor Jerry Brown called for an extension of water restrictions until drought conditions improve. The new order keeps urban […]