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High Efficiency Dishwasher

Americans value energy efficient appliances more than ever these days. By consuming less water and energy, these units put less stress on community resources, while allowing homeowners to save a few hard-earned dollars at the same time. Making the Switch Renovating your home with contemporary appliances may sound like a costly endeavor. In the long […]


Every day, Americans use 400 billion gallons of water. Of that, an estimated 12% goes toward the operation of structures and surrounding landscaping. Sadly, much of this water goes to waste, due to inefficient, antiquated equipment that indirectly harms the environment. If you’d like to lessen your impact on the planet, while saving a few […]


Once valued for their ability to eliminate the negative effects of hard water, salt-based water softeners are now under fire for negatively impacting the environment. If you’re still relying on one of these outdated devices, learn why an upgrade is in order. Widespread Contamination Although they effectively treat hard water, salt-based softeners also generate gallons […]


As California enters its fourth year of severe drought, it’s important to remember the state isn’t the only area suffering. The Colorado River Basin has been in drought conditions for the last fourteen years, and the strain is beginning to show at Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States. Lake Mead supplies water […]

world water day

Every year, the UN chooses a theme for World Water Day, which is celebrated internationally every March 22nd. This year, the 22nd World Water Day since the program began in 1993, the theme is Water and Sustainable Development. The goal is to prepare for how we, as an international community, will manage water in the […]