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What you need to know about caffeeine

Caffeine. Like sugar, it’s one of those substances that seems to exist in every product. For many people, life without that morning cup of joe is a struggle. If you’re only drinking the equivalent of a cup or two a day, you’re probably not endangering your health. The trouble is, many of us ingest excess […]

Benefits of filtered water

Filtering water before consumption has significant benefits, from protecting your health to making tap water taste much better At Pelican Water, we offer a range of water filtration systems to meet your needs, including economical and compact countertop filters, reverse osmosis and whole house filtration systems. Read on to find the five most important benefits […]


Water contamination is not a new issue – many Americans are aware of the chlorine and chloramines present in tap water and use filtration systems to purify their water. Restaurants and vendors also invest in top-of-the-line plumbing and filtration systems to ensure that the water they offer customers is refreshing, crisp, and most importantly, decontaminated. […]

What are the real facts on bottled water?

Bottled water manufacturers market their products as clean, convenient hydration. These claims have brought them billions in revenues, despite some unsettling realities that seem to escape public knowledge. If you regularly purchase bottled water, a Pelican home filtration system may make a lot more sense in the long run. The Facts About Bottled Water While […]

Water Damage in Ceiling

Buying a new house is an exciting experience, especially for first-time buyers who have finally achieved a lifelong dream. At the same time, new homes provide owners with certain challenges that leave many unprepared. Common Issues Like new cars, new homes often have a few bugs that need to be worked out. Built of thousands […]