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Approximately 60-70% of the US water supply includes added fluoride, a practice which began seventy years ago. The reasoning was that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, so in theory, adding the chemical to the water supply would improve the general public’s dental health. Now this was seventy years ago, right smack in the middle of […]


Fresh produce in American grocery stores contains residual amounts of pesticides, which may include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and agricultural chemicals. Even organic food can harbor fertilizer residue, and both organic and nonorganic produce can be contaminated with microorganisms from soil or animal manure. The FDA, the EPA, and the US Department of Agriculture share responsibility […]

Water Heater Shield | Pelican Water

Water heaters are essential for modern homes; however, few people give much thought to maintaining their units to improve performance and prolong life. Enhanced with an advanced filtration system, Water Heater Shield can help your system meet its fullest potential, while protecting your manufacturer’s warranty. High-performing Solutions for Common Water Problems Since more than eight […]

Peter Souhleris, Flipping Boston

If you follow A&E’s hit show Flipping Boston, you know Peter Souhleris the detail-oriented member of the popular show’s two-man team. Peter is big on quality and speed, two vital ingredients when flipping houses in today’s volatile real estate market. The time period in which Peter and his business partner Dave Seymour buy, renovate, and […]

world water day

Every year, the UN chooses a theme for World Water Day, which is celebrated internationally every March 22nd. This year, the 22nd World Water Day since the program began in 1993, the theme is Water and Sustainable Development. The goal is to prepare for how we, as an international community, will manage water in the […]