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Why You Shouldn't Drink That Bottled Water You Found in the Car

We’ve all been there – after a walk to the car in the scorching heat, you find a half-full water bottle rolling around on the floorboard. As you unscrew the cap and blast the AC you have a flittering thought: how long has this water bottle been here? But a moment later it passes as […]

Types of Water Filters and Systems

With so many types of water filters available, it’s easy to get confused. How does a tap filter differ from a countertop system? What’s the difference between POE and POU? Is one system better than another? At the moment, eight types of water filter dominate the market, and yes, some are definitely of higher quality […]

Well Water Problems

It’s a moment well water users dread—you turn on the tap and out gushes cloudy, discolored, or foul-smell water. Something’s wrong with the well. Fortunately, many common well water issues can be solved. Knowing how to identify the cause of well problems and their solutions allows you to take action quickly and restore your water […]

Are Reverse Osmosis Water Filers Bad for You?

Reverse osmosis, or simply RO, is a highly effective technique for removing contaminants from water. Unlike other filtration processes, however, RO has become the subject of a number of myths and misconceptions. Is RO water bad for you? Here we’ll set the record straight, to help you decide whether or not RO is the right […]

The Best Water Filtration System for Your Apartment

If you’re concerned with water quality, apartment living offers a unique set of challenges. Most landlords are leery of tenants making major changes to their property. You’re unlikely to get the go-ahead to install a whole house water filtration and water softening system, but you do have options if cleaner, safer water is a priority. […]