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Toxic Holiday Decoration

Standard holiday decorations are staples in most homes. Where’s the Christmas spirit without a tree, a wreath, stockings by the fire, and tons of lights? However, it’s best to do your research before pulling that dusty box of decorations out of the attic. Many mainstays of holiday cheer are made with toxic chemicals.

Thanksgiving Sides

When preparing for the annual Thanksgiving feast, it’s tempting to rely on staple dishes in your repertoire to make a reliably tasty meal. But your family is bound to tire of the same casseroles and side dishes if you eat the same things year after year.

Staying Green for the Holidays

The holidays at the end of the year are a magical time of celebration, love, and hope. As the eggnog flows and the fireplace crackles, families enjoy the simple things like decorating trees and listening to classic holiday music. But with the over-commercialization of the holidays millions of families will also shell out tons of […]


Preparing for a natural disaster may seem like an arduous process. Storing adequate water, food, and first aid supplies in smaller spaces like apartments and condos may seem difficult, it may seem like a use of space better left for “essentials.” But with the climate shifting and global warming continuing unabated, natural disasters like hurricanes […]

Ecofriendly Gift Ideas This Holiday

Picking out the perfect holiday gift can always prove challenging, especially for friends and family who aren’t as forthcoming about what they would like. Many Americans are realizing that excessive packaging, inflated costs, and general decadence abound during the holiday season, and many eco-conscious citizens ask to forgo gifts in favor of preserving the environment.