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Hard water, or water with a high accumulation of dissolved minerals, affects eighty-five percent of the United States. Usually the result of high levels of calcium and magnesium, hard water damages plumbing, eats away at clothing, and even causes health problems. The One-Time Ocean Hard water is a problem across the contiguous United States, but […]


The addition of fluoride into public drinking water has been a contentious issue ever since the practice began in the 1950s. On one side are a host of respected medical associations insisting the practice is safe and helps prevent widespread tooth decay. Opposing them are arguments that mass fluoridation is unethical, unhealthy, or unnecessary. What […]

eco friendly family activities

Earth Day is rapidly approaching – on April 22nd, global communities will come together to channel their energies toward conservation and environmental issues. On Earth Day organizations, families, and friends give their voice to environmental consciousness by leading by example. For you and your family, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to participate in several […]

water bottles

Ever since headlines of the lead contamination problem in Flint began circulating, countless thousands of citizens and corporations have shipped donations of bottled water to aid the local residents. The kind gestures could be viewed as a viable solution to come together as a country and send relief to a city in need. However, the […]

large water drums

We don’t like to think about it, but the reality of living nearly anywhere in America is that at some point, a natural disaster or weather emergency will strike. Whether a tornado, hurricane, landslide, or flood, any emergency situation could force your family into closed quarters in a moments notice. It’s always better to be […]