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Beneath the average American town lies a dizzying array of interconnected waterways. Sewage systems gather wastewater, channel it to water treatment facilities, and release treated water. Freshwater enters water-treatment facilities from lakes, rivers and reservoirs, passing through a labyrinth of inter-connected pipes on its journey to homes and faucets. A third system of runoff pipes […]


Memorial Day is a solemn holiday—a day for remembering the brave men and women who gave their lives in the US armed forces. We hope you’ll take some time to remember those who sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy such holidays with those we love. At the same time, the day has become […]

Water Conservation | Pelican Water

Throughout the United States, diminishing water supplies are bringing increased restrictions from government officials, who aim to curb waste by writing out substantial fines. At the same time, municipal water has become more expensive, prompting many residents to look for ways to reduce consumption. If you would like to reduce your water usage without suffering […]

Solution for California's Drought? | Pelican Water

Faced with shrinking local water supplies related to the historic California drought, Santa Barbara officials are looking to the ocean for salvation. In hopes of reactivating a dormant seawater desalination plant built in 1992, the city is prepared to invest $40 million. Unfortunately, this proposition is fraught with concerns related to both cost and feasibility. […]

Harmful Salt-Based Water Softeners | Pelican Water

Once welcomed as effective solutions for hard water, salt-based water softeners have recently come under fire, due to the negative impact they have on the environment. If you’re still using one of these outdated units, here’s how an upgrade can help you save vital resources: Substantial Waste Although they effectively eliminate hard water, salt-based softeners […]