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The Thanksgiving turkey is nothing without a slew of delicious side dishes. As any cook knows, however, side dishes can be almost as time-consuming to create as the turkey itself. Below are three simple Thanksgiving dishes that can be thrown together quickly so the cook has some time to visit with family and friends during […]


Thanksgiving is all about family and sharing. With the entire clan gathered under one roof, you can expect people to get hungry long before dinnertime. Keep them occupied with these tasty, easy-to-make appetizers. Marinated Olives Olives have a distinctive flavor you don’t want tainted by the odor or taste of tap water. When rinsing olives […]

Pelican Glass Table Water Bottles

According to CBS, as much as 75% of the American population is chronically dehydrated. Three-fourths of our citizens do not consume the minimum recommended 10 daily cups of water as prescribed by the Institute of Medicine. In fact, as NY Daily News reports, Americans purchase more sugary carbonated beverages than water each year. For your […]


According to the Sacramento’s ABC10 investigative news team, the city knowingly tested a new water treatment chemical for a year despite early indications the new treatment produced carcinogenic byproducts. The chemical test began in 2013, and revolved around the water treatment chemical aluminum chlorohydrate, or ACH. ACH was considered a more cost-effective treatment than the […]


How quickly can you access water at work? If the answer is anything other than “immediately,” your productivity and health could be at risk. Even mild dehydration produces a host of physical and mental effects that can make working difficult, if not dangerous. Here are five reasons why your boss might want to consider installing […]