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National Coffee Day is right around the corner. On September 29th java lovers around the world can celebrate knowing their love affair with a delicious morning jolt is being nationally recognized. Many classic coffee chains and hot spots will offer discounts and even free coffee, if you know where to go! Instead of running out […]


An emergency or natural disaster can occur at any time. Once a hurricane hits or your power goes out you won’t have time to prepare and collect what you’ll need to survive comfortably until the emergency ends. It’s vital to take time now to get your family equipped with the resources they’ll need in an […]

Protect Yourself from Chromium

Chromium-6. This chemical, also called hexavalent chromium, was made famous by the real life lawsuit lead by Erin Brockovich and the subsequent film adaptation about the high-profile case. The original lawsuit was filed against Pacific Gas & Electric, a utility that was poisoning local water supplies with this cancer-causing chemical. Unfortunately it seems that cases […]

clear ice

For my last birthday, a friend gave me one of those novelty ice molds. You know the ones—made of silicon they produce ice cubes in a variety of fun shapes. Mine is in the form of a well-known space smuggler after he wound up frozen in carbonite. Excited (I amuse easily, okay?) I poured water […]

making ice rink

Indoor ice rinks are marvels of engineering, offering pristine, clear ice surfaces not matter what the time of year. It takes ingenuity, some complicated engineering, and no little artistry to make and maintain an ice rink. Here’s a brief explanation of how ordinary water becomes the clear, cold surface where ice skaters perform breathtaking jumps […]