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boil water alert info

As the recent outbreak of water contaminations and crises across the country has demonstrated, our water infrastructure isn’t as reliable as once believed. Many municipalities are issuing frequent boil water alerts when contamination of the water supply is suspected. Bacterial or chemical contamination of your tap water can occur for a variety of reasons. The […]

famous bodies of water

There are thousands of lakes, rivers, bays, lagoons, and oceans around the globe. Each has a storied history, but a special few are so breathtaking or so historic that they demand to be seen up close. If you’re in an adventurous spirit this summer, make your way through Pelican Water’s bucket list of famous bodies […]

water based summer movies

The temperature is rising and school is out – summer is here, along with the opportunity to create some great memories with your family. Along with summer comes a seemingly endless selection of new Hollywood blockbuster movies and sequels. But why spend a fortune when you can enjoy a movie at home? One terrific and […]

glass bottles under heat

At Pelican Water, we’ve always advocated the use of glass bottles over plastic, and we’re very proud of our own Pelican Glass Water Bottles with their elegant necks and well-shaped bodies. We thought it would be interesting to explore the automated process a little. We were familiar with the image of the skilled glassblower, blowing […]

sous vide cooking

One of the hottest cooking techniques right now is sous vide, a method of cooking that’s actually been around since the 1970s. Sous vide is a French term meaning “under vacuum,” which describes the technique quite well. Food is vacuum sealed in plastic bags and cooked in a water bath. Because the water temperature is […]