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Pelican Water has an unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction. To meet this high standard, we focus on delivering top-quality products that exceed expectations. At the same time, Pelican goes the extra mile by providing our customers with valuable incentives for spreading the word about our reliable, environmentally-friendly water filtration products. Money in Your Pocket When […]

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Hard water affects countless communities throughout the United States; however, it’s far worse in certain regions. To understand why, it’s important to know what causes hard water in the first place. What Is Hard Water? As water pushes through deposits of chalk, dolomite, limestone and calcium, it gathers up minerals that give it the so-called […]


It’s hard to imagine while a large portion of the East Coast digs out from major snowstorms, but spring is right around the corner—and so is the April 17, 2015 deadline for Pelican Water’s College Scholarship Contest. Held every six months, the Pelican Scholarship Contest supports the nation’s next generation of leaders. We’re looking for […]

San Diego skyline

With their state’s drought entering its fourth year, it’s easy for Californians to get discouraged and wonder just how much their water conservation steps are really helping. Is it really going to make a difference to municipal water supplies if you water the lawn or wash the car with the garden hose instead of using […]

dry landscape in california

Jay Famiglietti is concerned, and with good cause. The senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently announced that California has only one year’s worth of water left in its severely depleted reservoirs and groundwater supplies, with no end in sight to a drought that has already lasted over four years. According to […]