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Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Summer provides ample opportunity for fun in the sun. At the same time, it’s also the prime season for heat exhaustion, especially in regions that have high humidity. To keep your child, and yourself, safe, here are some tips to detect and prevent this dangerous condition. What Is Heat Exhaustion? The result of your body overheating, […]

Is there a water shortage in the West?

Throughout the Western United States, communities are implementing strict regulations to cope with serious water shortages. While many blame droughts potentially stemming from climate change, some experts believe government policies are to blame. In fact, they say there’s already enough water to fill the needs of every western resident if practical steps are taken to […]

Drought Shaming

With even conservative estimates placing the remaining water in California’s reservoirs at one-year’s worth, the entire state is feeling the effects of drought and the resulting mandated cutbacks in usage ordered by Governor Brown in April. Home consumption has reduced considerably, with last month’s figures in Los Angeles County showing cutbacks exceeding the ideal reduction […]


Buying a house can be an overwhelming process. With so much on your mind, it’s always possible you’ll miss a problem with a new home that, over the years, could come back to haunt you. Water damage in particular can be a sign of serious structural issues. Here’s a few warning signs to watch for […]


Summer officially starts on June 21st, at which point we all start looking for ways to beat the heat. Below are some refreshing, healthy summer snacks that take little time to prepare and keep you cool on the hottest summer days. Frozen Watermelon This idea is so simple it borders on genius. Cut a seedless […]