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In Pismo Beach, the California drought now has a direct effect on development. The city council declared a building moratorium in December of 2105. The three tiered moratorium is a response to reports the state may only be able to allocate 10 percent of normal water allocations to municipalities in 2016. Pismo Beach received 23 […]


Our 2nd place Pelican Water Scholarship Contest Winner—Joshua Kanagy eloquently and passionately composed an essay suggesting the slogan “Love Your Water”.His essay focused on the human elements of conservation and drove home the necessity of connection and empathy that companies like Pelican Water should strive for when encouraging conservation efforts. Joshua Kanagy hails from Virginia […]

California river lacks water due to drought

El Niño bringing relief, but not enough In December of 2015, the Californian Department of Water Resources predicted many of the state’s water agencies will only receive 10 percent of expected supplies in 2016, half what they received in 2015. The department also cautioned this prediction could change if el Niño brings heavy rain and […]


Corroded pipes release harmful levels of lead into public drinking water. Charges of willful negligence leveled at those in charge. The future health of growing children in doubt. It sounds like we’re talking about the water crisis affecting Flint, Michigan, but these ominous statements also apply to Sebring, Ohio. On 3 December, 2015, the Ohio […]


In the last week of 2015, heavy rainfall deluged most of Missouri and Illinois, causing floods across the two states. The Mississippi River, along with most waterways in the area, broke its banks, leaving some areas were under as much as four feet of water. At the time of this writing, the death toll for […]