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clean beach during sunset

Scientists at Heal the Bay have released their annual Beach Report Card, which assigns grades ranging from an A to an F to all of California’s beaches based on weekly bacterial pollution levels just off the coast. Taking a dip in the ocean on an “F” beach can quickly lead to skin rashes, stomach flu, […]

corroded lead pipes

As the details of the water crisis in Flint, MI, continue to surface, a grim picture is painted of a negligent and irresponsible government finally facing the music of its poor management and planning. The problem is not easily remedied, and citizens are helpless as the water in the region is still by and large […]

USA outline with faucet

A recent investigation by USA Today Network revealed what we at Pelican have sadly predicted for some time: Flint, Michigan is only one of thousands of communities affected by excessive lead levels in drinking water. Using data from the last four years, the USA Today investigative team identified almost 2,000 water systems across all fifty […]


The weather phenomenon widely known as “El Niño” is well underway on the West Coast of the United States, and if sensational news outlets across the country are to be believed, it’s nearly fixed the drought in a few short months. But can slightly above-average rainfall and snowfall in isolated areas around California counteract years […]


Water is by far the world’s most precious resource. Here at Pelican Water we make it our mission to supply cleaner, safer filtered water at affordable prices to as many families as possible. It’s no secret that as the nations of the world continue to develop, the treatment and protection of water across the globe […]