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California considers raising the price of water due to the drought.

As California grapples with severe water shortages, state leadership is mulling controversial ways to reduce consumption. From an economist’s perspective, urban water shortages are generally self-inflicted wounds, resulting from waste and over-use. To curb this trend, many have suggested taxes and price increases, which are expected to persuade residents to use less water. Where’s All […]

Water shortages impact lawn care across the United States.

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Use?                                                   In some parts of the country, water shortages have led to major rationing programs, leaving many homeowners frustrated by their limited landscaping options. […]

Solution for California's Drought? | Pelican Water

Faced with shrinking local water supplies related to the historic California drought, Santa Barbara officials are looking to the ocean for salvation. In hopes of reactivating a dormant seawater desalination plant built in 1992, the city is prepared to invest $40 million. Unfortunately, this proposition is fraught with concerns related to both cost and feasibility. […]

Dirty Water Debate | Pelican Water

Over the past several months, residents of Flint, Michigan have endured disturbing water quality issues that have left them frustrated and angry. It all started shortly after the city – in an attempt to save money – stopped purchasing treated Lake Huron water from Detroit in favor of locally-treated water drawn from the Flint River. […]

Water Infrastructure | Pelican Water

Infrastructure is a hot topic in the US right now—or at least, it should be. The nation’s highways, public water systems, bridges, and other vital public works are deteriorating rapidly, and we’re not doing a sufficient job responding to what many see as a looming crisis. Perhaps it’s because, as comedian John Oliver put it, […]