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The state of America’s water system has been shown again and again to be in crisis over the last couple of years. Now, another large water provider has revealed that the residents it serves could be exposed to incredibly dangerous chemicals simply by drinking their tap water. The West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority notified over […]

Make America's Water Great Again

Well, another week, another water crisis. As you may know, there have been several infrastructural problems and dangerous contaminations in our nationwide water system that have endangered the citizens of this fine country. And not just in Flint, Michigan, where the fallout from the water crises continues with no end in sight. All over the […]

How Do Other Cultures View the Cleanliness of Water?

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet. Developed countries range greatly in the perceived cleanliness of the tap water available to the citizens that live there – in many countries, tap water is considered pristine, while in others there is a longstanding belief that the tap water is only safe for watering plants. […]

michigan to enforce lead rules after flint crisis

The water crisis in Flint has lead to an elevated awareness of the potential harmful contaminants that could be lurking in our drinking water. The unprecedented levels of lead in the area’s tap water shocked the public and terrified local residents, many of whom have resorted to drinking bottled water or relocating. In the wake […]


The May 18th issue of USA Today featured a Gallup poll that compares our citizen’s concerns and fears related to many serious environmental issues compared to 1989-90. The poll, conducted from March 2nd to March 6th, polled a sample of Americans and asked if they worried “a great deal” about various natural and environmental concerns. […]