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The lingering California drought has been a disaster for most area residents and businesses, which have been forced to adhere to strict restrictions aimed at lowering consumption. On the other hand, it’s been a boon for state landscaping companies, who’ve seen a tremendous uptick in calls for remodeled front lawns. In an effort to urge […]


For countless people, summer brings thoughts of slip n’ slides, Jacuzzis, backyard pools and lush, green lawns. Unfortunately, throughout the country, dwindling water supplies are bringing increased restrictions that have put a damper on warm weather enthusiasm. If your community is facing a water shortage, the following conservation tips can help you reduce your consumption. […]


The environmental cost of disposable plastic bottles, the potential leaching of chemicals from plastic into water, the often dubious claims made concerning water sources, and the sheer price leave us thinking a water filtration system is a greener and more reliable source of purer, cleaner water. A recent bottled water recall has done little to […]


Once valued for their ability to eliminate the negative effects of hard water, salt-based water softeners are now under fire for negatively impacting the environment. If you’re still relying on one of these outdated devices, learn why an upgrade is in order. Widespread Contamination Although they effectively treat hard water, salt-based softeners also generate gallons […]


Rain gardens are ideal for preventing wet basements and muddy puddles. They’re also a great way to capture water, when drought conditions leave landscaping yellow and dry. If you’d like to create an efficient rain garden for your lawn, use the following basic guide: Step 1: Find a Location Place the garden a minimum of […]