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florida sinkhole

Citizens in Central Florida are gravely concerned after a sinkhole caused more than 250 million gallons of toxic waste to leak into a fresh water aquifer in Polk County, Florida, which is used as the primary source of drinking water for the state. Among the harmful contaminants in the wastewater is phosphogypsum, a radioactive substance […]

nestle water lawsuit

A quick refresher: multiple environmental groups filed lawsuits against Nestle for continuously withdrawing millions of gallons a year from Strawberry Creek in San Bernardino National Forest with a permit that expired in 1988, or over 25 years ago. When the news first broke in 2015 Nestle defended its right to syphon and remove local resources […]

united states water

August is National Water Quality month, and as part of our effort to educate the public about the multitude of issues facing America’s water quality we’ve decided to follow a specific theme each week to break down the central problems further. This week, we explore “Water Scarcity” and delve into the problems plaguing the West, […]

map of alabama

The state of America’s water system has been shown again and again to be in crisis over the last couple of years. Now, another large water provider has revealed that the residents it serves could be exposed to incredibly dangerous chemicals simply by drinking their tap water. The West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority notified over […]

Make America's Water Great Again

Well, another week, another water crisis. As you may know, there have been several infrastructural problems and dangerous contaminations in our nationwide water system that have endangered the citizens of this fine country. And not just in Flint, Michigan, where the fallout from the water crises continues with no end in sight. All over the […]