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Woman is fetching water from a jug for a young boy.

Clean water is a given in most U.S. communities, where municipal treatment systems churn out gallon after gallon, day after day. Unfortunately, throughout the world, countless people go without access to clean water, which greatly affects quality of life, leaving many to suffer from severe illness as a result. To get a better understanding of […]

California considers raising the price of water due to the drought.

As California grapples with severe water shortages, state leadership is mulling controversial ways to reduce consumption. From an economist’s perspective, urban water shortages are generally self-inflicted wounds, resulting from waste and over-use. To curb this trend, many have suggested taxes and price increases, which are expected to persuade residents to use less water. Where’s All […]

Scientific findings suggest that Mars had a water supply.

A dusty, desolate place, Mars is as inhospitable as you’d imagine. According to new findings, however, that hasn’t always been the case. Recently, NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered an enormous crater on the red planet, which was once a huge lake of water that may have been able to support microbial life some millions of years ago. […]

Water Conservation | Pelican Water

Throughout the United States, diminishing water supplies are bringing increased restrictions from government officials, who aim to curb waste by writing out substantial fines. At the same time, municipal water has become more expensive, prompting many residents to look for ways to reduce consumption. If you would like to reduce your water usage without suffering […]

Incorporating mulch and drought tolerant plants keeps your lawn drought resistant.

Throughout the country, water scarcity has prompted government officials to impose strict rationing programs that can leave lawns and gardens looking ragged and brown. Sadly, this has left some landscaping fanatics feeling frustrated over the appearance of their homes. If you’ve been struggling to keep your lawn looking green in the face of unforgiving weather and […]