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dog in swimming pool

Americans sure do love our hot dogs. July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day, and while we love our favorite barbecue menu item cooked to a crisp we certainly don’t want our actual dogs hot at all. But with the sweltering heat and humidity of one of the hottest summers on record beating down on […]

family trip to the aquarium

With one of the hottest summers on record now upon us, families around the country are looking for fun activities everyone can enjoy while beating the heat. One summer-ready bucket-list trip is to visit an aquarium, where you and your family can learn about the delicate and beautiful underwater ecosystems of the world in the […]

map of alabama

The state of America’s water system has been shown again and again to be in crisis over the last couple of years. Now, another large water provider has revealed that the residents it serves could be exposed to incredibly dangerous chemicals simply by drinking their tap water. The West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority notified over […]

prepare for hurricane season

With June upon us, hurricane season is officially underway. From June to November residents all along America’s coast must prepare for the reality of a storm so they can have sufficient drinking water and other necessities. The likelihood of your home losing power and water during a hurricane is high – even if your area […]

US flag with water droplet

The 4th of July is here, and with it come the festive barbecues, splendid fireworks, and delicious grub that make Independence Day so iconic. On our favorite summer holiday we consume or use millions of gallons of water for refreshments, pool parties, and other activities. In celebration of July 4th, here are some of the […]