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bottled water consumption growth

It’s been a booming decade or two for bottled water. As health concerns concerning soda and carbonated beverages have steadily increased, Americans have turned to what they view as healthier alternatives to sweet, sugary drinks. According to a report recently released by Beverage Marketing, bottled water consumption grew by 120% from 2000 to 2015. In […]

deceptive journey of bottled water

We’re about to take a little road trip. Well, actually, we’re about to take a very long road trip, as we follow a plastic water bottle through its life cycle. Spoiler alert—it doesn’t end well for anyone other than the bottled water industry. Gulping Oil Our first stop will be at an oil well, a statement […]

US map with question mark

The second week of Water Quality month sees us shifting away from Water Scarcity. In order to keep our readers aware of the hidden dangers and possible contaminants in their drinking water, it’s time to discuss a complex topic that countless products claim to correct or alleviate. This week’s topic is “Hard Water.” What exactly […]

clearest water locations

Swimming and playing in clear, clean water is one of life’s great pleasures. When people think of ideal beach destinations, they visualize water so clear you can see to the bottom with crystal clarity. Unfortunately, pollution and runoff are making such places increasingly difficult to find. Still a few precious locations continue to boast clean, […]

united states water

August is National Water Quality month, and as part of our effort to educate the public about the multitude of issues facing America’s water quality we’ve decided to follow a specific theme each week to break down the central problems further. This week, we explore “Water Scarcity” and delve into the problems plaguing the West, […]