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I consider myself someone who cares about the environment and my health—after all, the two are connected. I shop locally for organic produce. I frequent the local farmers’ market, and I think about both what goes into my meals and how I prepare them. Like my mother before me, I soak and wash all my […]

top 5 water bottles on the market

How hydrated are you? Most Americans fall short of the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. In our fast-paced society, many people are constantly on the go, juggling work with family activities, extracurriculars, and social gatherings. To ensure you’re getting enough water while out and about, a refillable water bottle is the best option. […]

How Do Other Cultures View the Cleanliness of Water?

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet. Developed countries range greatly in the perceived cleanliness of the tap water available to the citizens that live there – in many countries, tap water is considered pristine, while in others there is a longstanding belief that the tap water is only safe for watering plants. […]

How Do You Use 100 Gallons of Water a Day

It may seem impossible, but it’s sadly true – according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American uses 100 gallons of water per day. That means a family of four goes through 400 gallons of water in 24 hours! With water becoming more and more precious, countless families are looking after our planet’s future […]


Whether you’re a home-brewing expert or a first-time dabbler in do-it-yourself beer, you’ll know that water is an integral part of the brewing process. You may not realize, however, how drastically different your final brew can taste based on the type of water you choose to use. Most people that set out to brew their […]