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bellagio water show

The Most Spectacular Water Shows Around the World The movement and sound of water has always fascinated people, from the way sunlight plays over a mountain stream to the fury of a winter ocean storm. Perhaps this is why we love fountains and water shows so much. The ability to shape soaring streams of water […]

traffic sign now leaving ontario

Just a few weeks ago we reported on Nestle’s purchase of a well in Ontario: the company outbid the local community in an effort to expand their enterprise in Canada where they currently can pump water from the ground at a rate of $3.71 per million liters of water. The government of the Township of […]

rain and nature

Acid rain is a general term used to describe any precipitation containing sulfuric or nitric acid. Caused primarily by human activity, acid rain can have a devastating effect on ecosystems by altering the pH of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Causes of Acid Rain A small amount of acid rain occurs naturally, originating in sources […]


Many consumers may believe, based on the flowing rivers in promotional images and logos, that Nestle’s bottled water products derive their water from locations where fresh water is abundant. As opposing forces clash in Ontario, Canada over the intended purchase of land and well water, however, it’s becoming clear that big water companies take water […]


When the sun is beating down and you want to cool off chances are you may bring your family to the local water park. The wave pools and slides are a terrific way to freshen up on a hot day, but there are several subtle dangers of water parks you may not be aware of. […]