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Pelican Whole House Installation Kit | Pelican Water

A Pelican Whole House Water Filtration System provides a wealth of benefits that leave our customers smiling. Among the most popular, however, is the simple installation process that puts cleaner, safer drinking water within easy reach. Intuitive, Fast Setup Installing long-lasting, effective home improvement equipment can be intimidating; however, Pelican instruction manuals make it easier […]

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held across America, attracting 20 million Americans to rallies and demonstrations for a healthy, sustainable environment. In many ways the first Earth Day brought the environment into the public eye—prior to that day, environmental awareness received little media attention. Over two billion people across 192 nations […]

Quantity and Quality of Water for Your Pets | Pelican Water

Like humans, animals need a certain amount of water to keep their bodies functioning at optimal levels. That said, not all maintain the same needs. If you’ve been wondering if your pet is getting enough fluid, understand the basics of pet hydration. Size and Species While cats and dogs both require minimum amounts of daily […]

Pelican for Parents | Pelican Water

As they explore their surroundings and discover the breathtaking scope of the world, children begin asking a number of questions that can challenge their parents. While some ask about the color of the sky or the origins of their siblings, others are fascinated by geological questions centering on the nature of water. Oceans, Lakes and […]

Hard Water - Pelican Water

Hard water affects countless communities throughout the United States; however, it’s far worse in certain regions. To understand why, it’s important to know what causes hard water in the first place. What Is Hard Water? As water pushes through deposits of chalk, dolomite, limestone and calcium, it gathers up minerals that give it the so-called […]