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Starting in 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme set aside July 11th for people all around the world to observe World Population Day. What, exactly, is World Population Day? What should you and your family do to take part on July 11th? The “holiday” is not intended as an opportunity for […]

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The state of America’s water system has been shown again and again to be in crisis over the last couple of years. Now, another large water provider has revealed that the residents it serves could be exposed to incredibly dangerous chemicals simply by drinking their tap water. The West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority notified over […]

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Naturally, when anyone buys bottled water in a store from a big brand, you probably assume that the water is pure and contains only one ingredient: water. However, many mega-corporations insert chemicals into their bottled water, as the industry as a whole carries far fewer regulations than that of public tap water. Some store-bought bottled […]

The Conversation About Water We Should All Be Having with Our Kids

I’ve been increasingly concerned about lead and contaminants in my children’s drinking water, as I’d been following the Flint, Michigan water crisis long before the issue hit the mainstream news. My reading and research quickly led to the frightening conclusion Flint was anything but an isolated incident. Are my own children at risk? The frightening […]

Over 15 million US households rely on private wells for their drinking water. It’s important to remember the EPA’s regulations protecting public drinking water do not apply to private wells, so if you own a well you’re the one responsible for periodically checking the quality of your drinking water. Well Water Contaminants and Quality Issues […]