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Drinking Water

A Woman Suffering From Dehydration

We all need a minimum amount of water to survive; however, this isn’t necessarily enough to keep us feeling our best. If you’ve been skimping on hydration, here are some potential effects it could have on your physical well-being. Why We Need Water Water plays an essential role in countless chemical functions that allow our […]

Babies Playing In The Water

New mothers go to great lengths to protect their babies from potential harm. From BPA-free glass bottles to all-natural clothing fibers and everything in between, moms are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of chemicals in and around their homes. Unfortunately, many remain unaware of the possible dangers from one big chemical found […]

Refreshing Summer Drinks with Filtered Water

By eliminating common contaminants and chemicals, Pelican whole house water filters deliver substantial benefits to health-conscious people who want cleaner, better tasting water. At the same time, because they drastically improve the flavor of water, Pelican filters also provide better-tasting teas, lemonades, and punches. If you’re looking for some unique beverages to help quench your […]

Water Plays a Role in Dieting

Water plays a critical role in our health by allowing our bodies to function at optimal levels. At the same time, it can also be a catalyst for weight loss, especially when used as an alternative for sugary beverages. Promoting Weight Loss Water is a vital necessity for every single cell, organ and tissue in […]


Fourth of July gatherings are characterized by tables of barbecue, corn on the cob, and plate after plate of specialty dishes. Just as important, however, are the beverages, which quench our thirst on a hot day of fun in the sun. The following recipes will help you transform your Pelican filtered water into unforgettable beverages […]