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Fourth of July gatherings are characterized by tables of barbecue, corn on the cob, and plate after plate of specialty dishes. Just as important, however, are the beverages, which quench our thirst on a hot day of fun in the sun. The following recipes will help you transform your Pelican filtered water into unforgettable beverages […]


Floods leave communities decimated by causing everything from structural damage to septic problems. While it may seem counterintuitive, they also create potable water shortages for residents and emergency workers. In a striking example of corporate responsibility, an Anheuser-Busch brewery recently came to the aid of flooded communities by producing water instead of beer. 50,000 Cans […]


No school, nice weather, vacations, sports, camp, long summer evenings—if you’re an active kid summer’s a blast. Children, however, dehydrate faster than adults, which combines with their high activity levels to put them at greater risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The best way to avoid these potentially dangerous conditions is to maintain proper […]


The environmental cost of disposable plastic bottles, the potential leaching of chemicals from plastic into water, the often dubious claims made concerning water sources, and the sheer price leave us thinking a water filtration system is a greener and more reliable source of purer, cleaner water. A recent bottled water recall has done little to […]


Summer officially starts on June 21st, at which point we all start looking for ways to beat the heat. Below are some refreshing, healthy summer snacks that take little time to prepare and keep you cool on the hottest summer days. Frozen Watermelon This idea is so simple it borders on genius. Cut a seedless […]