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Drinking Water

Funniest Water-Related Quotes

Water is the world’s most precious resource. It’s all around us, and our entire planet relies on water for the basic functions of life. We’re surrounded by it – it’s only natural that, eventually, comedians take pot shots at H2O in all its forms. At Pelican Water we take water cleanliness and the environment very […]

Scariest Things Found in U.S. Water

Since it’s discovery the lead contamination of Flint, Michigan has drawn national headlines. As a country previously unaware of the deep-seated issues with its water infrastructure, America is rapidly discovering the risks and dangers of trusting pipelines and poor planning in the face of new threats to our health. Here are the scariest things found […]

deceptive journey of bottled water

We’re about to take a little road trip. Well, actually, we’re about to take a very long road trip, as we follow a plastic water bottle through its life cycle. Spoiler alert—it doesn’t end well for anyone other than the bottled water industry. Gulping Oil Our first stop will be at an oil well, a statement […]

united states water

August is National Water Quality month, and as part of our effort to educate the public about the multitude of issues facing America’s water quality we’ve decided to follow a specific theme each week to break down the central problems further. This week, we explore “Water Scarcity” and delve into the problems plaguing the West, […]


Starting in 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme set aside July 11th for people all around the world to observe World Population Day. What, exactly, is World Population Day? What should you and your family do to take part on July 11th? The “holiday” is not intended as an opportunity for […]