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Drinking Water


As the temperatures rise, everyone looks forward to taking the plunge into a cool, refreshing pool. Swimming is a fun way to get exercise and beat the heat come summer. Immersing yourself in a pool of water seems like a no-brainer – water is the most important substance for our bodies. What possible health hazards […]

How Drinking Soda Affects Your Body

We all know that water should be our go-to choice of beverage, but with their high sugar content and syrupy-sweet taste, sodas often replace water as the preferred drink of many Americans. Prudent mothers and fathers are aware that sodas have the potential to add some extra pounds to their children and themselves – but […]

Flint-Like Problems in Virginia Wells

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan rages on under the scrutiny of the public eye after outcry over lead pollution and other issues was heard nationwide. Public officials have been quick to condemn the treatment of the water and the handling of the situation, but the path to cleaner water for the citizens of Flint […]


I worked my way through college waiting tables at a reasonably swank restaurant. The tips were good enough to get me from one week to the next, with enough left over to keep me alarmingly caffeinated during finals. I did, however, see things that I’ve never forgotten. There’s a reason I usually refuse water when […]


Hard water, or water with a high accumulation of dissolved minerals, affects eighty-five percent of the United States. Usually the result of high levels of calcium and magnesium, hard water damages plumbing, eats away at clothing, and even causes health problems. The One-Time Ocean Hard water is a problem across the contiguous United States, but […]