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Drinking Water


I worked my way through college waiting tables at a reasonably swank restaurant. The tips were good enough to get me from one week to the next, with enough left over to keep me alarmingly caffeinated during finals. I did, however, see things that I’ve never forgotten. There’s a reason I usually refuse water when […]


Hard water, or water with a high accumulation of dissolved minerals, affects eighty-five percent of the United States. Usually the result of high levels of calcium and magnesium, hard water damages plumbing, eats away at clothing, and even causes health problems. The One-Time Ocean Hard water is a problem across the contiguous United States, but […]


  A poorly maintained private water well leaves you vulnerable to more than just poor water quality. Without regular oversight, well water can be contaminated with a wide range of substances, including heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and animal waste. Private wells are not subject to EPA regulations that protect—or attempt to protect—public water systems. Your […]

woman with 8 glasses of water

Water is essential for survival – a hydration level drop of just 1 to 2% leads to extreme fatigue, reduced exercise performance, and intense thirst. We all know the old adage: drink eight glasses of water a day. But is this scientifically sound? The bottled water industry sure wants you to think so: this year […]

cloudy water

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this sci-fi scenario: you go to the kitchen sink for a quick glass of water, turn on the tap, then stare in confusion and horror as your glass fills with cloudy or, dare I say, carbonated water. Then, as you’re trying to figure out what state to move to, […]