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Drinking Water

San Diego skyline

With their state’s drought entering its fourth year, it’s easy for Californians to get discouraged and wonder just how much their water conservation steps are really helping. Is it really going to make a difference to municipal water supplies if you water the lawn or wash the car with the garden hose instead of using […]

women carrying water

Pelican Water remains committed to the idea that cleaner, safer water should be made available to everyone. You can’t maintain a vision like that without supporting equality and the public good—one reason we were happy to donate a whole house water filter system to the Michigan-based Our Home Transitional non-profit organization. The filtration system provides […]

world water day

Every year, the UN chooses a theme for World Water Day, which is celebrated internationally every March 22nd. This year, the 22nd World Water Day since the program began in 1993, the theme is Water and Sustainable Development. The goal is to prepare for how we, as an international community, will manage water in the […]

world water day

For the vast majority of Americans, sanitary water is an afterthought. On the other hand, for countless people throughout the world, clean, safe water is a luxury that’s beyond reach. To stimulate positive change, the United Nations General Assembly recognizes every March 22 as World Day for Water, during which people are invited to participate […]

Downtown Brentwood

As part of the City of Brentwood’s commitment to reduce chloride levels in wastewater, the city now offers a generous water softener financial incentive package for residents considering purchasing a non-salt or potassium-based water softening unit. The City of Brentwood, CA is offering $700 for existing salt-based softeners to be removed by prequalified plumbers and […]