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Drinking Water

Woman is fetching water from a jug for a young boy.

Clean water is a given in most U.S. communities, where municipal treatment systems churn out gallon after gallon, day after day. Unfortunately, throughout the world, countless people go without access to clean water, which greatly affects quality of life, leaving many to suffer from severe illness as a result. To get a better understanding of […]

California considers raising the price of water due to the drought.

As California grapples with severe water shortages, state leadership is mulling controversial ways to reduce consumption. From an economist’s perspective, urban water shortages are generally self-inflicted wounds, resulting from waste and over-use. To curb this trend, many have suggested taxes and price increases, which are expected to persuade residents to use less water. Where’s All […]


Approximately 60-70% of the US water supply includes added fluoride, a practice which began seventy years ago. The reasoning was that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, so in theory, adding the chemical to the water supply would improve the general public’s dental health. Now this was seventy years ago, right smack in the middle of […]


Next time you take a sip of unfiltered tap water, ask yourself whose medication you’re ingesting. With almost 70% of Americans on at least one type of prescription medication, water supplies increasingly test for trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, from over-the-counter painkillers to opiates and high blood pressure medications. Pharmaceuticals enter our water from several sources, […]

Water Pitcher Filters | Pelican Water

Water filter pitchers are very popular. Designed to sit in your refrigerator, pitchers feature a charcoal-based filter that’s supposed to remove metals and chlorine residue from tap water. Such pitchers are available in almost any grocery or big-box store in the country. Despite their popularity, these low-cost, brand-name water filter pitchers simply aren’t very effective—and […]